People Are Looking for Bargain Priced Antique Collectibles

The Antique Spectacular Vintage Market in Cedar Falls, Iowa was buzzing with people that were searching for bargain antique collectibles. The show is held yearly over a three day period. The annual event was packed with bargain priced antiques that ranged from the traditional furniture to more exotic items. For example, antique signs, pottery, textiles, license plates, and art. People flock to the annual event because they like the wide variety of antique goods that are available at the annual event. Vendors at the annual event were very excited to see the crowds. They noticed that the crowds included people of every age. The young to old were enjoying antique shopping. Many vendors predicted that antiques had a great future.

Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is one antique specialist on Amazon that would certainly agree that there is a bright future ahead for antique collectors and those that sell antiques. Michael Zomber’s expertise is with antique arms. He is also a collector and author on the subject. The antique expert is not new to the antique world. He started collecting antique arms and armor over forty years ago.

Micheal Zomber is an author, collector, philanthropist, film maker with a vision that includes sharing his expertise with the world. Zomber’s hope is to preserve history for the future generations to enjoy and to share their passion for the past.


Sam Tabar Supports Women in Africa

Sam Tabar is a well capital strategist and a prominent attorney. He is very popular in the United States, and mostly, he is based in the New York City. Recently, Sam Tabar introduced a new company in his investment portfolio. The new company is a startup institution that is based in America, but it is doing a great job for the international community.

The new company that Sam Tabar is considering to help is known as THINX. This company is known for making fashionable and stylish women underwear, and through its sells, it supports women menstruation and incontinence. When a client buys a pair of this under garments from the start-up company, then this client is able to support a woman in Africa with a packet of reusable cloth sanitary pads. The pads are delivered to the African continent through an organization known as AFRIpads.

According to reports from Africa, many girls and women miss their important activities every month due to the lack of sanitary pads. The most affected areas are the school going children and the women who have to work. With the help of the startup company, women will have better opportunities to stay in school and also make a living at their places of work without having to worry about their periods. THINX started the project through a Kick starter campaign, and since it has done so well, it is currently offering its customers five different designs of fashionable underwear.

According to him, this whole business idea will help the Americans to consider the global issues affecting other people and also give back to the international community through their simple purchases. THINX is helping many people in making a difference in the products they are offering.

Sam Tabar is in a good position to change the lives of many people in Africa since he understands the investment market very well. With his help, the company will achieve more success and even do much better. He has a lot of experience in investment matters, having worked for several companies in the past. He is also very knowledgeable in legal activities, and this gives him an upper hand when looking for opportunities. Most companies from different parts of the world always want to work with him. He has traveled in several countries, and this has enabled him to learn more languages in order to interact with the new communities.  His official website has further information.

Fabletics Increases the Number of Stores

There are a lot of clothing brands on the market today. Some have been around for years. Others like the Fabletics brand have just started to flourish. This was an online venture that has become one of the most exciting brands of the era. The young generation of adults that are into yoga and jogging are hyped about this brand.

The Fabletics brand has become the hottest thing in the social media world. This has become the type of company that a lot of people look for when they want to get clothes that make a statement. This workout gear is composed of colorful outfits that allow people to coordinate their accessories and their shoes when they work out.

There is a lot of social media about this company and the way that it is transforming the way that consumers perceive workout gear. More than a 100 stores will be in place in another 5 years and this shows that there is a lot of buzz about this company and the direction that it is going in. The great number of stores represents a whole new world of customers that are coming into view. Kate Hudson has done a great job of getting people to notice this site, but now she is equipped to take this to another level. It has become her dream to see this brand flourish, and the new stores are definitely showing that she has a lot more in store.

When consumers visit the website they will see Hudson right away. She is the one that people recognize when they check out the site. People that are following Fabletics will see the new active wear line that Kate is presenting. They will also get a chance to see Kate’s picks on this website. She is really ingrained in the website, and that is what has made it a success. It will be very interesting to see how she will transition into the physical stores to draw this same type of appeal.

Consumers that have been in these stores are seeing Kate Hudson posters. That is something that makes you mindful of the brand and the person that is modeling the clothing. People have fallen in love with these stylish combinations, and everyone needs to pay attention to what this company is doing in the fitness world.

Fabletics is the new trendy site that pushes fitness clothing to a new level, and the popularity of Fabletics has led to more physical stores.

VIDEO: Thor Halvorssen Fights Dictators And The Reductive Host Of Fox News Interview

Thor Halvorssen shoots straight. All the man has ever cared about his equality and justice. The greatest obstacle to worldwide equality and justice, in Thor Halvorssen’s eyes, is centralized authoritarian power. He founded the Human Rights Foundation to fight the unilateral power of dictators throughout the world, and he is inspired by the actions of his own family.

Both of his parents were politically active and his father was captured by the socialist dictator of Venezuela, jailed, tortured and kept unjustly until humanitarian groups worked for his release. His mother was famously shot at a political protest voicing her opinion. This family history inspires Thor in his inexhaustible quest for justice around the world.

It was strange to see Thor Halvorssen on Fox news recently for a three minute interview about socialism. It didn’t even look like Thor Halvorssen knew that the interview would be about socialism. The interview went awkwardly as Fox News tried to pander to viewers by slamming socialism as evil, as an engine that automatically violates human rights. But according to this Huffington Post article, Thor Halvorssen does not care about political affiliations. All he cares about is justice.

He quickly retorts, saying that socialism, especially the democratic socialism that Bernie Sanders touts, is not evil. It is not something that violates human rights on its own. It is a form of government that can be driven for the good of all people or can be used as a weapon to commit humanitarian crimes. The Fox News anchor wasn’t having it.

Even the normally cool and collected Thor Halvorssen has a breaking point. He reached his at about the two-minute mark when he revealed his support for Bernie Sanders, saying he gave $2700 through the Bernie Sanders website. If Fox News was going to be reductive about socialism, he had to prove a quick and vital point — that even he, a world-famous human rights activist, supports the Democratic Socialist senator from Vermont. Fox News viewers must have come away confused. Follow Thor on Twitter to keep up with his involvement with the campaign for Human Rights.

Pet Nutrition: Beyond Taste And Appeal! New Innovations Attract Greater Sales Turnover!


The market for premium pet food is constantly changing as producers focus on innovating recipes. Freshpet, Inc. a new Bethlehem, Pennsylvania factory ran by its chief executive, Richard Thompson uses freshly harvested ingredients in every recipe. It’s the first to launch pet food that’s industrially refrigerated, a DailyHearld article reads. This strategy puts it among industry’s top players for pet food innovation. Traditional brands have long been formulating premium kibble without sacrificing nutrition. Blue Buffalo and Freshpet have managed to formulate recipes with a great consciousness of pet nutrition.

Meanwhile, key players like Nestle Purina with its Beneful innovations remain competitive. With lucrative acquisitions and innovations, it still prepares nutritious, wholesome kibble for all pets. In fact, it recently bought the industry’s first ever certified pet food supplier of organic recipes, Merrick Pet Care. With this alliance, Purina promises to bring a new speciality Beneful line. Furthermore, the pet food innovator had just released its scrumptious backcountry selection, including Pacific Catch and Game Bird a couple months before the acquisition.

Colgate-Palmolive, another pet food industry heavyweight is focusing on weight management. Its speciality pet food line promotes an impressive selection of recipes to help dogs maintain the correct weight. Surely, its success depends heavily on canines’ breed, age and other factors. Today, premium pet food sales have increased by about 45% since 2009. With the industry’s top performing brands promoting the “eat-like-your-owner” strategy for every pet food line; it’s no wonder they’re keeping ahead. Mars Petcare newly formulated farm-to-table recipes include a rich harvest of frozen dried cranberries and blueberries for pets.

Nestle Purina introduced Beneful, a producer of pet foods in 2001. It’s a specialist of dog treats and dry/wet recipes. Annually, Beneful turnover $1.5+ billion in revenue. Marketline Research highlighted that Nestle Purina openly recognizes Beneful among its best creations historically. Initially, Beneful focused on food appeal and pet nutrition, with hopes of originating recipes that wasn’t just about taste. With wholesome varieties that met pet nutrition standards and appetite, Beneful soon gained global recognition.

In 2006, it funded a $36 million renovation for its St. Joseph production facility in Missouri. It was already turning over $300 million yearly according to financial reports. Prior to this intervention, Beneful released its Healthy Harvest line in 2005. A year later, it introduced its Prepared Meals selection which includes eight awesome flavors. IncrediBites, another fascinating recipe line, which mimicked human food became a hit after its launch in 2010. Prior to this intervention, Beneful received the Pack-Expo-Selects award in 2007 for packaging innovations. Today, Beneful competes against the industry’s top-ranked pet food brands with revolutionary recipes.


Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Advisors to Donate $3 Million to Wounded Vets

On March 9, Forefront Capital Advisors it was forming a partnership with the Easter Seals Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, and that includes donating $3 million to the center.

Forefront Capital Advisors founder and CEO Brad Reifler explained they chose the Dixon Center because of its worth with veterans. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 16 percent of current combat veterans are seriously wounded. Brad Reifler says he Dixon Center provides workforce training and advice to military members before they leave the service. They have educated veterans on getting a job, helped with caretakers of the wounded and formed partnerships with corporations.

The Dixon Center works with over 185,000 veterans a year where they actually live. They work through affiliates to reach as many veterans and families of the fallen as possible. They put the stress on helping veterans return to civilian life able to live happy and productive lives. They aim to change the conversation to focus on how veterans can realize their potential. To do that, they need guidance getting back to work, with education and with healthcare.

Reifler pointed out the partnership made good business sense because veterans needed financial stability to continue to contribute to their communities. The Dixon Center was founded in 2012 in partnership with the Easter Seals, an established charity. Since then, they have channeled $26 million in nonprofit investment in communities. They have interacted with 3,000 businesses ranging from small business owners to the CEOs of international corporations to enlist their support for hiring veterans. They have worked with 500 health providers to provide services to veterans. They range from small community clinics to large hospitals. indicates that Reifler founded Forefront Capital is May 2009. He started his first business, Reifler Trading Company, in the early 1980s. It grew to become one of the largest independent business active in research and the dissemination of futures and global derivatives. In 2000, he sold it to Refco, the largest futures trader in the world. He had already founded Pali Capital, making money through packaging and selling profit strategies based on hedge funds.

Reifler serves as a director on the board of Sino Mercury Company. He has been public about his opinion that Bitcoin is risky for investors. He has said that, as an investment advisor, it’s his duty to advise instestors to avoid risky investments, and that includes Bitcoin.  Follow Brad on Twitter for another look into his career.