Brian Bonar explains changes in ITEC business strategy

It has been a year of change at Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC) an industry leader for color management software and their CEO Brian Bonar. Recently Bonar explained the changes in ITEC’s business strategy over the past 12 months including how recent acquisitions are being integrated into the company.

The major transformation has been a movement from a manufacturer and a developer to more of a service provider and marketing organization. Bonar has been able to grow the market for their imaging products and services. The company has grown through some of their strategic acquisitions that ITEC has been able to continually experience growth over the past year. Brian Bonar has been the leader in this move and the future looks bright as they continue to expand in their services and product offerings.

The major beneficiaries of the expanded service offerings are medium to small sized businesses that ITEC can provide administrative services to help them run more efficiently and to allow ITEC to grow more rapidly. Bonar believes that helping potential and existing customers.

They are striving to provide a connection between the administrative services and office systems solutions. In order to provide the best opportunities Bonar is running a strategic acquisitions program in hiring personnel and employing qualified people to fill these newly created roles and provide superior service.

A potentially lucrative acquisition for ITEC was the White Pages director, professional employer organization known as SourceOne, Inc. It is thought that this company provides payroll and human resources services to small to medium sized businesses. This could add as much as $40 million improvement in overall revenue over the course of the current fiscal year. With this growth it allows ITEC to serve a large customer base by leveraging their office services and product.

The future of ITEC is looking very bright as they have been able to gather an extremely competent and talented support and sales people to increase their access to a new load of customers that will have a need to use their infrastructure to add significant value to the small and medium businesses they service. Larger suppliers lose the personal connections necessary to provide the type of customer service that allows a business to remain loyal, grow and build a relationship with a supplier. Brian Bonar is looking to establish that sort of business service for all ITEC clients.

Headquartered in San Diego, California ITEC was founded in 1982 and has been continually growing through the years distributing imaging products to many different markets all over the country and the world. They developed a seamless network of office solutions including copiers, printers and software options that are bundled together to solve service problems.

Beneful Creates a Dog Food Specifically For Small Dogs

Did you know that Beneful’s Dry Dog Food Incredibites specifically serves the meal requirements of small dogs? Today, as Baby Boomers enter their retirement years, millions of Americans share their lives with toy dog breeds. These petite pets easily meet most apartment and condominium community weight and height restrictions.

Although tiny in size, the pets in this category share the same rugged basic nutritional needs as their larger canine counterparts. They still require carefully balanced meals rich in crude protein and nutritious ingredients. Your small dog, although very cute, retains a natural gusto for eating.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites

Beneful assists owners of small dogs by offering several flavors of Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites. These convenient meals furnish even the tiniest of toy dogs the full bodied nutrition they require to maintain a happy, comfortable lifestyle. Pet owners can find this product in either beef or chicken flavors.

Your small dog will enjoy dining on these flavors. You’ll appreciate the compact size of the Incredibite products, since they store easily and do not require a lot of effort to transport or utilize.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites, Too!

You’ll want to take home some Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites also to give your small dog menu variety. Available in beef, chicken or salmon primary flavors, these blends include a medley of tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. They store conveniently in easily refrigerated compact tubs.

Tiny teacup pets delight people. These effervescent little dogs frequently possess very strong personalities. They always enjoy distinctive temperaments.

You’ll want to pamper your small pooch by providing healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals specially designed by Beneful. Dogs bring so much joy to the daily lives of people. Caring for them provides a great way for people to enjoy a meaningful past time. You consider your small dog an important part of your household. So does!

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Using Wikipedia To Join the Digital Age

The internet has changed the world and it’s a big part of everyday life. It has changed the fundamental way we do most things. From communication to entertainment, and even financial transactions, it can all be done through the internet. In the comfort of home no less. Progress can be a wonderful thing sometimes. 

Out of the countless innovations brought on by the internet, there is arguably none more well known than the website Wikipedia. There are articles for a ton of topics, and it’s translated into many different languages. That makes it global. Who hasn’t been caught in a Wiki Hole, clicking from topic to topic, soaking up as much information as their heart desired? 

When doing research papers and essays for school, the one thing teachers stressed was not using Wikipedia as a reference source. It was pretty hard not to take a glance at a Wikipedia article, just to have a starting off point. For one university the use of Wikipedia is not only being encouraged but is now a part of the grading process. The University of Sydney, in Australia, actually has some of their students creating articles and making Wikipedia edits as a part of their coursework. This has actually been found to produce a better quality of work from students, especially since what they put up can be viewed by anyone interested in looking, not just their professor.

Wikipedia is great for research of any kind. A lot of times when using Google one of the first search results is a Wikipedia link. Businesses are starting to understand that. Wikipedia articles for all manner of companies both big and small are starting to pop up, meaning if you don’t know what you’re doing it may be best to hire a Wiki writer to do the work for you. No matter how much content the page has, it will give a basic run down of what that company is all about. Sometimes they even show stock prices. One company, Get Your Wiki, is offering their Wikipedia writing services, which entail creating, monitoring, and maintaining Wikipedia articles for their clients, who can be businesses, non-profits, and even individuals. They have a staff of Wikipedia editors for hire that has already created multiple articles, so they guarantee article approval and protection from malicious Wikipedia editors. Sounds like a good deal for those trying to join the digital age.

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