Brian Bonar Rewarded For His Quality Work

Brian Bonar is someone that has been working in professional management experience in regards to the financial sector for almost three decades. That is a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of long nights. Not only he has he done the work, but he has done quality work as well.

He is a firm believer if you are going to do something, it is best to do it the right way. There is no other way to do it. That is why he is a worthy winner when it comes to the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance for his work as Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Overall, only two men and two women receive this award each year, so he is in rarefied air.

In order for him to have gotten this far, he has to have the brains to back up the work he has put in time after time after time. He has a Ph.D. and those also require a lot of commitment as far as education. He has always preached education and thinks it is very important and goes a long way towards the future of someone. A degree speaks volumes and people tend to pay attention to that. After all, this award does look at academic achievements.

It also looks at leadership abilities as well. Brian Bonar is a fantastic leader that everyone loves to work for at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has been in that position for a decade and he has done a lot of great work to help grow the company. Read more: Brian Bonar’s Pics, Phone, Email, Address, Public Records

In addition to that, he takes pride in grooming other employees and getting them ready for the future. He wants to do as this long as possible, but he likes to pass along his almost three decades worth of experience onto others that are willing to listen. According to Bloomberg, when Brian Bonar speaks, people tend to listen, take notes, and remember it.

His company works as a way to help other companies run smoothly when talking about the company’s employees.

It is proven that employees work their best when they know they are taken care of and have everything set up for them and they are protected.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez brings his business acumen into Venezuelan politics

In a recent article on RUNRUN.ES, Jose Manuel Gonzalez argues that politics in the hands of politics alone is a recipe for disaster. First, Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez refers his experience in public and private service as the perfect balance necessary for a person interested in holding a civil service job.

Mr. Gonzalez is a renowned businessman with extensive interest in agricultural products and markets. Since joining politics, he has chaired FEDECAMARAS and is currently a member of the Guarico state assembly. He is currently a candidate for the gubernatorial seat for the Guarico state.

Speaking on matters of development, Manuel lamented the challenges facing the country. He argues that even when the country lacks the necessary income to trade sufficiently with partners, part of the blame goes into poorly constituted policies. While it has been important to tap on to foreign investments, overemphasis on them can slow local capacities. He noted that most local producers lack the requisite material and technical ability to produce, a factor that hinders economic growth.

Since agriculture is the backbone of the Venezuelan economy, only policies focused on the needs of players in the sector and their proper implementation can give the country the security and the freedom to even trade outside its boundaries.He opined that leaders with such visions were badly needed.

Concerning nomination for the gubernatorial seats, Manuel noted that focusing on empty rhetoric at the expense of proven development track record continues to deny the electorate, good leaders. He lamented that even the worst of leaders could hire the best speech writers to hoodwink the electorate.

Empty charisma with promises of a perfect world stands to nothing if the leaders lack the strategy to get around doing things. A leader, therefore, must show capability beyond the obvious oratory charisma.Leaders ought to show respect for fundamental human dignity. People lacking in this department cannot be trusted to impart the same values on the electorate.

Finally, Mr. Gonzalez was vocal when he lamented about the model of democracy. In a flawed nomination process, the best candidate may lose out to an average candidate. This would be a travesty.


Soros Strategy of Defending Ukraine against Russian Assault

In an essay he wrote for The New York Review of Books, Soros introduces us to the recent crisis that the EU has faced. The challenges comprise of the euro financial problem, the rise of refugees in Europe, Greece’s bankruptcy, and the UK exit from EU. The Ukrainian issue has been depicted as an external problem.

Soros is quick to note that the most critical issue facing Ukraine and that requires immediate attention, is the threat posed by the Russian aggression. The assault by Russia is aimed at destabilizing Ukraine, a country he terms as the most valuable asset to Europe. The reason for his assertions is that failure by the EU to help Ukraine could pose a danger to Europe. This is because there is a probability of the country turning back to its old self. Solving the Ukraine’s issue could bring unity and solidarity among the EU member states as it was in the early days.

Soros, a well-known philanthropist, says that he has an intimate knowledge of Ukraine as he has foundations that aim at bringing out the best out of the country. According to him, democracy and security are vital in bolstering investment in the country. Despite Russia facing economic sanctions from the Western powers, he feels that is not enough. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has a successful way of defending himself against these sanctions.

Therefore, for the EU to succeed, in addition to these sanctions, he devised what he called “a winning strategy for Ukraine” which he submitted to several authorities across Europe. This winning strategy, Soros says, advocates for sufficient financial support to Ukraine involving large scale budgetary support and political risk insurance. He adds that the two measures, backed with the introduction of political and economic reforms, would turn Ukraine into an investment harbor.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

With the sanctions and adequate assistance from the EU, “new Ukraine” as he puts it, could prove to be a working plan against Russia. He cites the Minsk agreement as an important tool for making significant progress, even though Ukraine cannot prevail militarily against the mighty Russians. Therefore, it will not be possible to regain Ukraine’s territorial integrity in the short term. Soros admits that attaining some degree of political and military stability will be one the objectives of the winning strategy.

In his article published in The New York Review of Books, Soros is optimistic because young volunteers have joined in the struggle to defend Ukraine. Most of the volunteers are people who studied abroad and refused to join government due to the endemic corruption. Some of these corrupt leaders still hold government and judicial offices.

George Soros feels that this is where the EU should come in and assist the young radical reformers by providing financial and technical assistance. He, however, cautions that provision of financial support and the maintenance of cease fire should be reconciled together to avoid conflicts. He welcomes the Ukrainian allies to do whatever it takes to help Ukraine. The success of the country is vital in bringing unity among the EU member states.

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