Geoff Cone is a New Zealand Expert

There are many things that Geoff Cone has done to help people but one of the biggest things is the advice that he has given to people about where they can move to avoid the high taxes. He has a list of many different countries that are able to satisfy the tax-free requirements and he helps people decide which one would be best for them.

There are many countries on the list, but New Zealand is not one of them. Since it does not have extremely low taxes or does not have a tax-free attitude, the country is unlikely to ever be able to make the no tax list. While it is a great country to live in, this is not one of the benefits that people will get when they make the choice to move to New Zealand. There are many ways in which they will be able to get what they need from the country, but a lack of taxes is not one of them.

Geoff Cone has worked hard to make sure that people know what they can and cannot do when they are in New Zealand. Not only is he an expert on all things New Zealand, this is where he originally came from and where he still considers his home, although he no longer lives there because he lives in a tax haven since he has a lot of capital that could be heavily taxed if he continued to live in New Zealand.

When it comes to New Zealand, there are some things that people can benefit from. One of those is tax transparency. The country has promised that they will be transparent with the taxes that they are going to put on people, what the taxes are going to go towards and how they will be used in the country. They have also promised to work with other countries on their taxes. They publish the list of taxes that they have for other countries that speak English to be able to peruse if they have any questions about the taxes that are in New Zealand.

Geoff Cone knows that there are many benefits to living in New Zealand as well as living in tax havens. He works as a global attorney to make sure that he is able to provide people with the information that they need when it comes to the way that things are done. He wants everyone who has a lot of capital to be able to get the best tax breaks possible. That usually involves him suggesting that the people who are wanting to move to a different area move to somewhere that they can make sure that there are no taxes.

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Getting New FreedomPop Phone Service Is Easier Than Ever

A lot of reviews will speak about the company FreedomPop, so anyone who’s looking for cell phone service and more should read a FreedomPop review. The purpose of reading a review is to get an understanding about the pricing structure as well as the products offered by FreedomPop. One of the newest introductions to FreedomPop is the GSM sim card that makes it possible for those with a GSM phone to use their phone on the FreedomPop network. Up until the past year, FreedomPop would only allow CDMA phones from Sprint to be used on their network, but now they have expanded to GSM phones.

There is a very big reason why GSM phones have become so much more popular than CDMA phones, it’s because they are able to be used in many different territories and countries across the world. FreedomPop even offers a sim card that is international as well, allowing for roaming in other countries but without the roaming charges. The ability to make phone calls while in 25 different countries separates FreedomPop from other carriers, especially since the user of the sim card will pay regular prices to FreedomPop for the service.

Order the sim card based on an email address that is used to sign up for the service, and the sim card will be shipped out promptly to the address of the new customer. Even those who already have an account with FreedomPop can get a sim card to start a new service or several other services for family members.

The cost of the sim card is around $4.99 but can go lower, all depending on the website a person chooses to get them card from. Since different websites are selling the sim cards, some sites may offer free gifts or promotions along with getting the sim card, so the purchaser won’t only be getting a sim card but something extra for free. Once a sim card is received, insert it into an unlocked GSM enabled phone to start using the service. A service plan must also be chosen to activate the sim card, which can be done by going to the FreedomPop website or into a retail location.

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New Brunswick Devco In Middle Of Heldrich Hotel Financial Snafu

The Heldrich Hotel, which was built by New Jersey-based New Brunswick Construction Company, is on the brink. Since the hotel opened its doors in 2007, it has been underperforming, and the Middlesex County Improvement Authority (MCIA) has had problems making good on the $20 million loan secured through the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA).

The 2005 loan to the MCIA has been in arears for 5 years. The last $1 million payment also defaulted recently.

And according to, the recent loan defaults have put the issue of private companies taking public tax dollars for construction has come under fire.

Christopher Paladino, CEO of CRDA says the monies will be paid back, however, it will take a little bit of time.

The Heldrich experiment hasn’t quite panned out as planned. The 257-room hotel was expected to be a smashing success. Quite the opposite has happened. The hotel has been operating in the hole almost since its opening. So cash-strapped, the hotel has been forced to dip into funds slated for basic things to continue operations.

“Sadly, many of the bondholders haven’t been paid in years,” said Paladino.

After the Atlantic County Improvement Authority (ACIA) issued $120 in bonds for improvement to Stockton University, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had seen enough. Last May he signed a bill forbidding non-profits and other businesses from receiving additional funds while in default.

CRDC Executive Director John Palmieri says he is optimistic about the future and believes that the economy will soon improve and the loan repaid.

Devco is a private non-profit that has done much to improve several New Jersey communities. The company is currently performing upgrades at Rutgers University thanks to funds from a number of local, federal and state resources.

Successful high-impact projects have put the company on the map and contributed to its massive success.


Securus Helps to Ease the Everyday Struggle of Prison

I know that a lot of people suffer behind bars. Jail is not a great place to be and it should be this way. However, that does not mean that people should have to suffer for their wrong doing all of the time. Securus is a company that provides inmates with the ability to communicate with their loved ones on the outside.


I can tell you that being locked up really tries a person. Without having a good support system in place it can be very difficult to endure. Many people deal with problems in a different way and some of them are not always good. One way that inmates can help to find some solace and peace behind bars is by using the Securus Video Visitation App.


This app helps inmates to keep in touch with their families. This is an important part of the reformation process for inmates. Being able to communicate with children, spouses and other family members helps to bring some normalcy and stability into the lives of inmates. It also helps them to maintain a sense of balance and purpose.


Inmates need a helping hand. They are in a very tough place in their lives. I am not just speaking on jail – I’m talking about their whole entire lives in genera. Yes, they might have made the wrong decisions that put them behind bars but that does not mean that they do not deserve any compassion or mercy.


It is tough trying balance punishment with fair treatment for prisoners. There is no getting around this fact. I just know that all people need compassion whether they admit it or not. Securus uses their Video Visitation technology to ensure that prisoners can have some type of hope while they serve their time.


Personally, I believe that Securus should be commended for the work they do for prisoners behind bars. Their efforts have helped to change a lot of lives and to keep people heading in the right direction once they leave prison. In my opinion that is a really good accomplishment. You can find out more about Securus by linking to their site.

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A Look Into The History And Successes Of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services, which has been operational since 1963, is among companies in the U.S. that have maintained persistent high-quality service delivery. They have over the years perfected the art of offering global-scale logistics and technical services that cover different specialties.

In the more than four decades IAP Worldwide Services has been in the industry, the company has worked on improving its infrastructure and expanding its addressable market, something that has led to mergers and acquisitions along the way.

IAP Worldwide Services works with professionals in virtually every technical field to ensure any kind of emergency or service is catered for adequately. Below is an outlook of some of the services they offer and the achievements the company has registered over the years.

Health and emergency services
As highlighted on their online portal, IAP Worldwide Services has been working with communities and building a system that allows them to offer full life support services that enhance the safety of employees while offering comfort.

The company works with a full-time staff team that offers around the clock security services and parking for guests. They also manage physical access control systems, fire protection, wellness facilities and emergency response services. IAP provides engineering, scientific, health and administrative solutions to both private and public health institutions within the U.S.

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Power field and utilities
Following the massive experience they hold, IAP Worldwide Services offers reliable power installation and operations maintenance services. They provide the installation of electrical systems and generation of power. IAP Worldwide Services also offers wastewater treatment and trash removal services, which lead up to the recycling cycle organized by the company on behalf of their clients.

Network and communications
Apart from offering services to civilians and companies, IAP works with the government by offering network and communication services. They ensure every mission is coordinated well and any imaginable complications are covered in time. The process of network provision includes the design, construction and management to enhance sustainability of the operations, all these processes using modern technology.

Along the way, IAP has engaged in measures necessary to enhance the growth of the company. One of the recent moves to acquire DRS Technologies saw the company increase its addressable market, as highlighted on a PR Newswire online article. This is an attempt that will enhance the operations of the company and equip them better for logistics and aviation support services.

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