Rocketship Education is a program that has been able to come up with schools whose aim is to provide quality education to those children who come from low income families in areas such San Jose. The institution works with already established community based organizations, willing parents and the tutors to ensure that children coming from needy backgrounds are able to access education from the point of entry all the way to college. It has been in existence since 2007 and so far it has a total of twenty five public charter schools .All this has been under the able leadership of the chief executive officer Mr. Preston Smith.


There are several unique traits that the school possesses and one of them is that the parents get to participate in the recruitment of the teachers .This is key because it helps the parents to exactly know the person who will be spending time with their children. The recruitment team is composed of families that the parents agree on and they are trained on how to conduct interviews and the aim being to get the best teacher(s) from the applicants. Rocketship is known for using the blended learning approach which involves the traditional teaching methods as well as technology and these results in reduced administration costs.


Parental involvement goes beyond recruitment as parents are encouraged to be part of the ongoing school development projects such as new facilities that are being built. Both current and prospective parents are allowed to tour the buildings and give feedback to the administration as this makes them feel part of the school and its happenings.


Rocketship Education is known to uphold four general core values namely: respect, responsibility, empathy and persistence. In addition each school has to add a fifth value that is unique to its environment and vision depending on the location. The students are expected to uphold on these values while in school and even later in life as they join the larger community.


The school aims at modelling a whole individual one who will not only excel in school but also later in life and that is why they place a lot of emphasis on character development. Given the background of the students the curriculum is developed in such a way that it majors on social emotional skills that will help the students fit well into the society.

Andrew Rolfe Is Committed To The Success Of The Ubuntu Fund

The Ubuntu Fund was founded in 1999. Over the year, the entity has been utilizing its resources to provide thousands of needy children with their basic needs. The Fund has a noble program that guarantees that the educational and health needs of each needy student are met from when they enroll in the institution until when they start their professional life. When they were establishing the Fund, the founders of the same did not realize that children could not pursue their education because of HIV and hunger. When they came to this realization, they expanded their offing to include home stability and nutrition.

Recently, the Ubuntu Fund organized for a funds drive in London. Invited guests were the only people who were allowed to the event. The 300 guests were treated to sumptuous meals and lots of entertainment. The management of the Ubuntu Fund was optimistic that the attendees would raise more than £600,000. At the end of the event, they found that they had exceeded their original target by more than £3,000.

At the end of the dinner, Sinesipho Rabidyani was invited to speak to the audience. In her classy navy dress, she took to the podium. Sinesipho posited that when she was young, she was greatly affected by her father’s drinking problem. When the other children were looking forward to going to their respective homes after school, Rabidyani wished to stay at school because she hated her father’s mistreatment. The determined young girl studied hard and excelled in her studies. This way, she became one of the beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Fund’s scholarship. In addition, she was provided with mentorship and psychosocial support. She attributed her success to her mentors and the entire fraternity of the Ubuntu Fund. Notably, Jacob Lief, one of the founders of the Fund, was in attendance.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew is the chairperson of the Ubuntu Educational Find. The graduate of economics, politics and philosophy pursued his studies at the University of Oxford and Harvard Business School. The holder of a master’s degree worked as the president of the Gap. He was in charge of the company’s international division.

In addition, Rolfe worked for Pret A. Manger as the chief executive officer and chairman of the board. He oversaw the company’s operations in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York and the United Kingdom. Andrew Rolfe was also the chief executive officer of Booker Foodservice.


Securus Technologies: A Leader in Innovation and Technology

Securus technologies is a prison based company that is located in Dallas, United States of America. It was established back in 1986 and had branch offices in Texas and Atlanta as well. The company boasts of employing at least 1,000 subordinated whose contracts exceed 2,600. These workers serve in different correctional centers around the United States and Canada. In 2016, Securus had invested more than $600 million in technology. Their achievements include at least 140 patents and three years of acquisitions.


In 2004, when T-Netix and Evercom companies merged at the time when they were the big fish in the market. Securus got a chance in 2007 when it acquired the international brand leader in systems of offender management. The company succeeded in the eradication of contraband phones. In 2006, they received a boost after more than five correctional centers approved them.


In 2016 July, Securus partnered with the Harris Corporation to develop the cell defender technology. This year, the company introduced a wireless containment solution whose main aim was to bar contraband phones from connecting to any networks. This company has been involved in setting up video calls centers in prison where inmates can now communicate with their loved ones. Also, Securus engineered the introduction of biometric identification of prisoners.


Securus has majored mainly in providing communication, tracking services, and government information management. It has been recognized as a leader in bringing to market different innovations and being responsive in customer care. Securus has always focused on fulfilling correctional facilities needs in technology and this, in turn, has enforced laws to the community as a whole.


Securus huge steps of success have been defined by the six awards they have received from customer sales and service world awards. The company has gained international recognition for mainly supporting customer care services. The company has brought out the real meaning of civil and criminal justice solutions for technology.

Viable Facts about Julia Jackson

Born in 1988, in San Francisco, California, Julia Jackson’s parents are Barbara Banks and the late Jess Jackson, the founder and owner of Jackson Family Wines. One of their wines is the popular Cabernet Sauvignon from Helena Dakota.

After earning her education, Jackson has been a proprietor of her family’s business. She works with the international sales team of her family’s business to introduce their wines globally to a new generation of wine tasters. This has been going on since September 2010.


Before this role, she earned a certificate in general management in 2010 from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art from the Scripps College in 2010.

Sometimes, Jackson will visit and talk on behalf of Jackson Family Wines and the wine industry as a whole. She stated in a recent article that Cabernet is best for Sonoma, even though Sonoma is known for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. She also stated in one of her visits, like her recent visit to Illinois, that she is involved in a non-profit organization called the Cambria Seeds of Empowerment in which she also found in 2014. This is a program that praises warrior women who’ve overcame life’s struggles and are inspiring others to do the same in their communities. This program also gives a yearly cash grant worth $100,000 to nonprofits which are embodying equality, spirit, and community which are all the pillars of the program.

The Important Part Of Alfonso Angoitia For Grupo Televisa’s Growth

Mexico is a very robust economy nowadays, and they are growing incredibly fast as a nation that is entering the developed sector of country separation.

Mexico has a community that is very centered around the national media, and Mexicans really consume the media that is produced in their territory, being its online content, television programs, newspapers, journals, magazines, and other sorts of media. As a proud community of the local culture, Mexico has grown an impressive media structure with some of the most well-developed brands in the department in the world.

Grupo Televisa is an example that comes to mind. It has conquered the television media of Mexico a long time ago and still maintains their very strong position as the most watched news channel in the world. The director and Executive Vice President of the team, Alfonso de Angoitia, stated that the predominance of the Grupo Televisa is due to its high-quality news development and a highly journalistic approach to the daily lives of the Mexican community.

The businessman was born in 1962, and he was always really passionate about the channel, being the most prominent source of news and interaction for all types of families in the country. Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega then was able to join the group after many successful interviews and connections with the team, in 1997, as a participant of the board of Grupo Televisa.

Alfonso Angoitia has acquired powerful knowledge of many types of media during his years with Grupo Televisa, which has rewarded him with another opportunity to work for the communities of Mexico. On April 20, 2009, he received the invite to join the Board of Directors of Grupo Modelo SAB. The professional is not only linked to the media department, as he is also prominent in finances and investment, which can be seen by his participation as a member of the board of executives of the Mexican Stock Exchange.

Back to his position in Grupo Televisa: During his first few years with the group, Alfonso was also a personal partner of some of the most influential personalities of the industry, more noticeably also being the personal attorney of the CEO of Grupo Televisa, Emilio Azcárraga.

Nowadays, the group and the customer base acknowledges that a big chunk of the success of the brand is due to the dedication of Alfonso Angoitia.

Dr. Clokie: Understanding Regenerative Medicine

Within the different classes of medicine, there are a wide variety of categories and sub-categories to choose from. One of the most interesting is the science of bone regeneration. Dr. Cameron Clokie is an advanced specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery. He is currently the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc.

Here, he specializes in research on musculoskeletal reconstruction, as well as the science of maintaining our framework of being. Often times we tend to worry deeply about the different ailments within our organs, overlooking the importance of maintaining our musculoskeletal health.

Dr. Clokie was a Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Toronto University and has held a rather impressive resume. He has served as a professional counsel on many advisory boards, as well as given advice to companies in order to ensure a more positive impact on the patients they serve.

Bein an expert in the field of regenerative medicine, he comes out on top as one of the leading Doctors with a passion for making degenerative diseases manageable and perhaps even obsolete in some respects. His formidable research has paved the way for advancement and ingenuity through his knowledge of regenerative treatment of bones. Read more: Our Team – Induce Biologics and Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

With all of the difficult diseases in existence, it is difficult to keep up sometimes; especially with something as debilitating as a musculoskeletal disorder. Our bone structures tend to be an overlooked area of medicine and fall short it seems to the prominent variety of cancers in medicine.

The very essence of our existence depends upon a healthy and functioning musculoskeletal system and Dr. Clokie recognizes this with his research being a prominent part of the field to improve patients lives.

Cameron Clokie has established himself as a helpful practitioner in the Oral and Maxillofacial surgery techniques as well, being sought after for his abilities and relevant experience. He is a teacher and an entrepreneur possessing reliable counsel in many different disciplines.

As a holder of 25 US and international existing and/or pending patents, we see his reliability shine as he is currently very active in sharpening our understanding of regenerative treatment and cures.

Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

How George Soros Returned to the Political Landscape

George Soros is one of the most impressive investors that the United States has ever seen and he is completely a self made businessman. Soros was born and raised in Hungary before he was forced to flee his home country during the Nazi occupation. Soros would move to London where he would work his way through school, studying at the London School of Economics while moonlighting as a porter and a waiter. After earning his degree Soros would set sail to America where he would eventually start the Soros Hedge Fund and become one of the most prolific businessmen that the United States has ever seen. Due to his progressive nature and his willingness to back progressive causes, he has become one of the greatest opponents to the modern day right wing — and that hit a fever pitch during the 2016 presidential election. Learn more about his profile at

The presidential election of 2016 in the United States is going to be scrutinized for generations to come. The rise of Donald Trump and his dangerous brand of vitriolic populism is something that the country won’t ever forget and will hopefully choose to learn from. Still, Trump’s rise and legacy will have to include his inspiration to get George Soros back into the political fray. Soros has never been afraid to invest in politics, especially when he fiercely believes in the cause, but he mostly wants to keep money away from the political machine. Still, as Soros’ adviser Michael Vachon would say, the stakes were simply too high. Donald Trump was more than a political threat, he was an existential threat and Soros had to respond in kind.

So, George Soros leaped back into the fray in order to start backing some of the bigger progressive causes in the political game. Soros would end up giving $25 million to pro-progressive PACs up and down the ticket. He would support End Citizens United, a special PAC focused on campaign finance reform, as well as a slew of other PACs including: immigrant voter rights, opposition research for the DNC, the DNC itself, and Pro-Clinton PACs. Soros has never been afraid to put money down when he believes in a cause and the $25 million he set into place probably wouldn’t even be noticed from his bank account. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Most people are probably aware of George Soros for his 2004 run as a backer alongside then Presidential nominee Al Gore. At the time Soros was one of the biggest political donors in the country, giving a record breaking $30 million to help Gore try and get elected. Now Soros seems more content to watch from the sidelines, pushing his weight and power toward concepts that he believes strongly in — such as preventing Donald Trump from installing his populist agenda.