Daniel Taub- The Lawyer, Peacemaker and Outstanding Diplomat

Daniel Taub holds many titles for a man his age. He is a writer, Israeli diplomat and an international lawyer who has specialized in counter-terrorism as well as the laws of war.

Among the many titles, he has held, is that of Israeli’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, which he served from 2011 to 2015. It is a position that Taub served to the satisfaction of the citizens of both nations.

During the four years, he was an ambassador, the relations between the two nations strengthened economically, education wise and cultural wise. He was born in 1962 and brought up in the United Kingdom, and it is there that he received his formal education. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Later on, Daniel moved to Israel. Here he served in various capacities such as IDF’s combat medic, a reserve officer in the IDF’s international law division, and the president’s speechwriter.

Later on, he joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry, where again he held various legal, diplomatic and political posts. Daniel Taub served as a legal advisor to Israeli’s missions to the United Nations in Geneva and New York.

Another of his significant involvements is that of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. His role was to help negotiate the agreements reached between the two sides.

Daniel Taub was also part of the Israel-Syrian peace negotiations, among other peacemaking responsibilities. His duties in the Israeli foreign ministry prepared him adequately for his role as an ambassador to the United Kingdom.

In 2011, Daniel Taub was appointed an ambassador to the court of St James. Those who criticized his appointment for being junior for the position were to be proved wrong four years later after his outstanding performance. Upon his appointment, Taub became the second UK-born Israeli ambassador to Britain.

A memorable moment was when Daniel presented his credentials to the queen. She asked him how it felt serving as an ambassador in the land he was born and raised. The queen was aware that Daniel had to give up his British citizenship before going to Israel.

Therefore, she asked Daniel how he felt serving a country that he had immigrated less than 30 years earlier. Daniel Taub responded by stating that he was privileged to have lived in Britain and that he hoped to show his gratitude by strengthening the ties of the corporation between the countries.

According to Daniel Taub, Britain is not just crucial to Israel in a historical way. On the contrary, it plays a pivotal role in Europe. He also believes that Britain media is the world media and that Britain is the financial center of the world.

That is why when he had the chance; he strengthened the ties between U.K. and Israel because he believes that the two countries have a lot to offer each other.

The Philanthropic Activities of Dick & Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos who is a reformer started engaging in politics back when she was still in college. She joined campus politics and since then, she has remained politically active. DeVos has led a number of political action committees and party organizations for more than thirty years. Betsy DeVos is the chairman of Windquest group which is a privately owned multi-company group which invests in technology and clean energy. Betsy DeVos pursues reforms in various non profit roles.


Betsy DeVos is a champion when it comes to the education of children. In an interview with Philanthropy, she reports that she is very optimistic with the growth of the education sector. She mentions that there is an estimate of two hundred and fifty thousand students in the district of Colombia. She is happy that the movement is continuing to grow and reports that they did a polling in five states and found that educational choice was popular especially with the Latinos. Public knowledge that the traditional public schools do not succeed has made people more open to the reforms which were initially considered radical.


Dick DeVos is an American author and well known business man who is based in Michigan. He went to the Forest Hill public school system. Later on, he studied Business Administration at Northwood University. He has also received honorary doctorates from Northwood University, Grove City College, and Michigan. At one point, he ran for the position of Governor of Michigan but he was not successful.


Dick DeVos is the president of The Windquest Group and he served as the president of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He has been married to his wife Betsy DeVos for more than thirty eight years and their family is made up of seven children and seven grandchildren.


Before becoming the president, Dick served as the vice president of Amway International. Under his leadership, the company performed well recording sales of up to $4.5 billion. Dick DeVos was appointed to work at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council in 2017.


Apart from business, DeVos also actively participates in the community. He founded the Education Freedom Fund which has issued more than four thousand scholarships to children who are underprivileged in Michigan. He has also served as the chair of healthcare improvement activities which includes the heart hospital of $130 million dollars and the $30 million downtown market. He is a board member of Project Clarity and the Willow creek association. Dick and Betsy launched the D&B foundation in 1989 to give back to the society.


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The History Of Stream Energy From The Founding To The Present

Everyone has encountered an energy bill much higher than anticipated. Part of this cost is due to household gadgets. When a device is plugged in, energy is used even if the device is not. Therefore, these devices are referred to as energy vampires. Shutting of a coffee makers energy saves roughly a dollar a year, and this holds true for computer screens, game consoles, and printers. Cutting power to a DVR when it is not being used results in a yearly savings of $36.80.

This means an entertainment system can cost $130 a year simply by being connected to the energy. Connecting gadgets to power strips, and turning them off when not in use saves money. Usage monitoring tools are designed to help an individual watch their energy spending. This is easy to do, and will result in less shock when the energy bill arrives. Follow Stream Energy on Linkedin.

Stream Energy provides energy, protective, wireless, and home services. They were founded in 2004, after the Texas electricity market was deregulated. The company founders were Pierre Koshajki, and Rob Snyder. The Public Utilities Commission provided their license in Texas on January 21st, 2005. Stream Energy is classified as an American retail natural gas, and energy firm, and they are based out of Dallas, Texas.

Stream Energy began enrolling customers on March 7th, 2005. Their expansion includes Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Washington D.C. Most of their services are available in deregulated energy markets throughout the United States, except for energy. Stream Energy had a multi-level marketing arm with a separate brand called Ignite. This was eventually merged into the Stream brand. Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Stream Energy.

The associates of Stream Energy earn commissions through the company’s model for multi-level marketing. These commissions are for recruitment of new sales associates, making sales to customers, and are dependent on the associate having a specific number of energy customers. This concept is promoted through local meetings referred to as Business Presentations. The sales associates additionally maintain homesites based on the internet for recruits, and informational web forums. Fees are paid for website maintenance, and associates receive money every time they recruit a customer.

Know more: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160125006123/en/Stream-Launches-Smart-30-Thermostat-Plan

The American Institute Of Architects Does Much Work

The American Institute of Architects is an organization with a strong focus on architecture. This is an organization that is there for those who are involved in the world of architecture, and it is an organization that does much work to better the world in that regard. The American Institute of Architects was founded in 1857 by a group of individuals who had a similar interest in architecture. This group of architects wanted to help perfect their members, and that is why they started the group. They wanted to help architects be perfect in the work that they completed, and the group that they formed is still going strong.

There are many honors and awards that are given out by the American Institute of Architects, and these honors and awards do much to change the lives of those who receive them. Those who are recognized by this group feel good about the work that they are doing and all that they are accomplishing, and they can use the recognition that they have received to help them in getting work. The American Institute of Architects gives out the Associate’s Award, the Young Architects Award, the Edward C. Kemper Award, and much more. They have a variety of honors and awards that they share with those who are doing well in the world of architecture.

The American Institute of Architects has members in a variety of levels. Those who join up with the organization will be labeled as Architect Members, Associate Members, International Associate Members, Emeritus Members, or Allied Members. Those who are a part of the organization have the chance to learn through it and to grow in all that they are. The American Institute of Architects does much to influence the government and various policies by standing up for architects everywhere. This organization is made up of a group of people who have passions that are similar to one another. This group of people has come together with the goal of helping architecture in America be all that it is meant to be. The American Institute of Architects does much work.https://washington.org/meetings/find-dc-listings/american-institute-architects

Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub Resigns

Daniel Taub has served as Israeli ambassador in the UK for four years. During this time, trade between the UK and Israel has doubled and business, academic and cultural links between the two countries have strengthened.

More than three hundred Israeli businesses have been set up in the UK and annual trade between these two countries has been estimated to be over close to $7 billion.

Daniel Tau became ambassador in 2011 and on meeting the queen, he presented his credentials, making a statement, that he was mandated by the Jerusalem Government to be the ambassador of the state to the Court of St. James.

During this ceremony, Daniel was wearing striped trousers, a tail coat, black shoes and he had his kippah on. This was a statement on its own, that his beliefs and practices as a Jew were not about to change because of his new position.

Tau was born in Britain in 1962 and by taking on the new position, it meant that he had to give up his British citizenship. For him, this was a privilege because he got the chance to raise his children in their historical homeland. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.com/

This didn’t mean that he did not appreciate the opportunities that the UK offered him and his family, but he intended to show his gratitude to the state by bringing the two countries together. After serving his term, Daniel feels that he accomplished what he had set out to do.

Daniel Taub is looked at as the most popular and successful Israeli since Shlomo Argov. He has been instrumental in presenting Israel’s cases to government and has been part of business and academic forums which have improved relations between these two countries.

For Israel, Britain is important and plays an important role in the world. It is the world’s financial center and its media can be viewed as the world’s media.

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For him, being part of the dialogue with the Middle East as it undergoes such drastic changes is fulfilling. Co-operation has been achieved in the midst of all that the Middle East has been going through. He feels that the region should be treated with humility seeing that one cannot dictate what goes on there.

Taub feels that the Labour parties in both Israel and Britain need to come together to re-establish their good relations, seeing that they have so much in common.

He truly believes that having a dimension of faith in one’s life can open up opportunities to build bridges even where you feel that these bridges cannot be mended.

Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Orange Coast College Produces Winning Rowing Teams at the National Level

Winning a national title is no easy task, especially when rowing against the best four-year universities. Eleven such national titles are nothing short of an amazing feat. To compete for a twelfth national title takes those accomplishments completely over the top and to the next level. While the Orange Coast College rowing team is hardly known locally, they have made their mark on the national level.


Rowing is one of the few sports left that amateurs can lay claim to. For those who love the sport, and fortunate enough to participate, it requires a balance of power, grace, and an ability to work as a single entity. It also requires tremendous concentration. The 2017 national titles held rowing competition in Lake Lanier, Ga. Daniel Amado, 22 and a graduate of Los Alamitos High School, was captain of his rowing team. He broke his back and was only able to return to the sport he loves during the 2017 rowing season.


Rowing is a fascinating sport. Sweat pours from the body, muscles ache, and eight oars penetrate in unison as a 60-foot arrow cuts gracefully thorough still water. It is as if there is only one thought and one movement. Rowing is clearly an aesthetic experience. Rowers feel at one with those calm mornings where one person, being off by a single heartbeat, can disrupt the entire team’s rhythm.


OCC is located in Costa Mesa, California and is one of the nation’s top-ranked two-year colleges. A high percentage of the school’s graduates go on to universities and private colleges throughout the country. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/orangecoastcollege/