In Review: A Candid Conversation with the Host of NewsWatch TV

As a host on NewsWatch, Andrew Tropeano is in a position coveted by current and aspiring journalists. Yet, in a recent conversation with, he made one thing perfectly clear: He is just getting started.

“I always knew I wanted to work in the field of journalism,” says Tropeano, “and I’m excited to be a part of such an exciting program and company.”

For the last eight years, NewsWatch has given Tropeano the opportunity to interview celebrities, leaders of Fortune 500 companies, and some of the sharpest minds working in tech. In addition to hosting duties, Andrew now also works as executive producer of the award-winning syndicated news program.

Since 1990, NewsWatch has informed its viewers on the latest developments in news and entertainment and given a platform for innovators from large and small businesses alike to show their stuff for a national television audience. Those behind the program are proud to say they have “helped all size companies and organizations achieve success.”

But, Tropeano thinks they can do better. His long-term goals for NewsWatch include expanding the show to more channels and online platforms, driving up its ratings, adding to the its reputation, and helping the show “become the go-to-source for everything from tech, to travel, to health.”

That may be ambitious, but Andrew has made clear he loves what he does, meaning that, for him, none of this work. And, he’s careful not to let setbacks and delays frustrate him, citing patience as the most valuable lesson he’s taken from his career. For those with similar aspirations, Tropeano’s advice is pretty simple: “Don’t give up,” and, “don’t let anyone else define success for you.”

GreenSky Credit grows by focusing on doing what works better than anyone else

GreenSky Credit has emerged as one of the top-growing companies in the fintech industry. And this has happened amid a collapsing landscape for many of the players within the sector. While OnDeck and Lending Club have crashed and burned in a heap of toxic ashes, GreenSky has soared, reaching a valuation of more than $5 billion and doing about that number of new loans every year.

Making it work by doing what works

The problem with so many of the Pollyannas of the fintech sector was their starry-eyed adherence to business models that had virtually no chance of ever working. While going after social-justice oriented goals may seem appealing for those who would like to change the world, such philosophies rarely turn out well in the ruthless global marketplace.

OnDeck and Lending Club thought that they could change the world too, that they would be the ones who would finally impose rigorous equality among all of the lending industry’s clients. Why couldn’t homeless transients who had never held a job own a 5,000-square-foot mini mansion? And for that matter, why couldn’t people with felony records and no income be extended small business loans on the same terms as prime borrowers? These were the questions that perplexed the founders and executives of many of GreenSky Credit’s wayward competitors. And these riddles would ultimately be answered by the age-old ruthless and decisive method, testing them in the free market. The resulting short-bus cliff dive is a matter of record now.

But David Zalik and GreenSky Credit had a far more sober and clear-sighted view. Zalik decided that GreenSky would concentrate only on proven lending strategies. Rather than trying to reshape the industry to some twisted Marxian image, Zalik would use technology to do more of what was proven to work. By following this strategy, GreenSky Credit was able to quickly impress lenders across the nation, easily convincing them to partner with the company in extending loans to borrowers who, on average, had FICO scores in the 760-plus range.

The result has been a company that gets a 6 percent fee from retailers while receiving a 1 percent annual carrying fee from lenders. The firm’s success continues unabated.

Matt Badiali and investment in Freedom Checks

Americans are always looking for good investment opportunities. The opportunities are so many judging by what is always on the adverts. However, the biggest challenge is about having investment opportunities that are meant to help the investor. Most investment opportunities we see on the adverts are not genuine. Some will only take you money, and you will never get any return. There are other good investment opportunities that we can benefit from if we are keen on making the right investment choices. One thing we need to note as investors are that we should not judge an idea by looking at the face of it only. Investors should be diligent people who will bring the surface and verify the authenticity of a program.

One of the ideas that have been very lucrative in 2018, but many people did not benefit from it due to fear of losing the money is the Freedom Checks. This idea is one of those that have the potential to generate huge amounts of money in a short time.

Matt Badiali introduced the Freedom Checks idea in a viral video which was very controversial. Some people thought that idea was meant to too good to be true. Matt Badiali went ahead to prove that he was right about the idea. People who invested in the strategy he was advocating for have made huge returns.

The Freedom Checks is a concept that is based on investors making huge returns by investing in businesses known as Master Limited partnerships (MLPS). MLPs are mainly companies that deal with oil and gas production. By law, they are exempted from taxation under statute 26-F of the internal revenue. These businesses are required to engage in the exploration and production of natural resources found in the United States. According to Matt Badiali of Freedom Checks, these companies will be giving out huge payout to their investors because of the huge revenue they will create in coming days. Due to the low production of oil products in the Middle East, United States is going to concentrate on the internal production of oil and gas instead of waiting for the foreign companies to export theirs.

Sujit Choudhry-In the Shadow of Ghandi, a Peaceful Democracy

Sujit Choudhry, Guest Researcher for WZB Berlin Social Science Center, law professor at UC-Berkeley, former law professor at New York University, and Scholl Chair at the University of Toronto. Sujit Choudhry is an international authority on comparative constitutional law and politics. Sujit Choudry is also Founder and Faculty Director of the Center for Constitutional Transition.

In Sujit Choudhry’s July 21, 2018 article, Can the President Pardon Himself? for Medium-an online publishing platform, he surmises Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution, which outlines presidential pardon powers, doesn’t definitively state that a president can or cannot pardon himself, look ( Rather, it seems that the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is much more interested in telegraphing pardoning signals to those around him who have been found guilty of a crime. All the while Trump himself, steadfastly proclaims his own innocence. This, of course, applies only to those who have been convicted of a federal offense. State crimes are the purview of the individual state governor. Trump’s decision may even spark a constitutional crisis, helpful information on

Professor Sujit Choudhry is a prolific author with nearly 100 published works to his credit, get info on ( Sujit Choudhry is a member of five internationally recognized advisory law boards. He also holds three Juris Doctorates including a Master of Law from Harvard; was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford; a William E. Taylor Memorial Fellow from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada; a Frank Knox Memorial Fellow at the Harvard University Center for Ethics and a former law clerk to the Supreme Court of Canada during the 1996-1997 term. He was also awarded a Trudeau Foundation Fellowship in 2010.

Professor Sujit Choudhry’s research covers a wide berth of issues in constitutional law and politics. The main focus being using constitutional laws to help transition violent conflict to functional, peaceful democratic politics. His research and field experience in constitution building has led to his advisory work in eight countries including Egypt and Ukraine.


Whitney Wolfe, Empowering Women One Right Swipe at Time

If you want the definition of poetic justice in the form of success- think of Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO of Bumble, a woman’s empowerment app. She was also a keynote speaker at the Forbes #30Under#30Summit further proving this is a woman to watch out for. At a time where dating apps are the most popular apps around, Whitney Wolfe decided to be the unique knife to slice at the completion. Given the trajectory of her career path it is little wonder that the app has now reached 34 million registered users and amassed an impressive $100 million in revenue since its 2014 launch.

Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

Whitney Wolfe had her “humble” beginnings as cofounder and vice president of marketing at Tinder. However after the 2014 public drama involving ex boss/boyfriend calling her degrading names and slurs and subsequently enduring insults from those on social media, she finally took the time for herself by going to Texas to plan her next business moves and where she subsequently met her husband.

Wolfe reportedly says, “She is just too busy to harbor resentment towards anything and anyone.” Proving that what Beyonce said is true:”The best revenge is “your paper”

This is not to say that Whitney Wolfe’s path to centimillionaire was seamless and smooth sailing. The 28-year-old start-up business woman had to think about who her core audience should be: Women. Next, she received an email from Andrey Andreev, born in Moscow, who’d founded Badoo, an online dating network with registered users in 190 countries. With his initial investment of $10 million and lending his experise to her, Wolfe has now packaged a goldmine.

 According to, The Bumble app woks by having two members of opposite sex swipe right for a match and the woman then delivers a message to her suitor first- so she makes the first move before a date.

So, how does Bumble empower women?

By giving them options, freedom of choice, and by restricting foolishness to allow for pure romance to take place.



Healthcare Executive And Provider Shafik Sachedina

After graduating from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London in 1975, Shafik Sachedina later became a dental surgeon, and has now been a member of the healthcare industry for more than 4 decades. Born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, he eventually moved to England and became a British National, then went on to work in top positions at several medical companies there, one being Sussex Healthcare, where he was given the position of Joint Chairman in 1998. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina at CompanyCheck

.Sussex Healthcare, which is based in South England, provides care to patients in their homes, and offers live-in facilities for elderly clients who are suffering from mental conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. The healthcare provider also has services for younger people who have neurological and cognitive disabilities or disorders. The first Sussex Healthcare facility was opened up in 1985, and today, the company has more than 20 health and wellness related places in operation, including a day care, a state-of-the-art gym, and residential houses where patients can receive around-the-clock care.

In addition to being in a leading position at Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina is on the Board of Governor’s at the Institute of Ismali Studies, a school that was founded in 1977 with the purpose of pushing for global awareness about the Islamic faith. He is a part of the Aga Khan Development Network Committee, and is the Chairman of the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee, which was established to help advance the Muslim culture. As the Head of the Department of Jamati Institutions, he works at the Secretariat of His Highness, the Aga Khan, at Aiglemont in the country of France. Shafik Sachedina also previously served as the President of the Ismali Council for the United Kingdom.

In the earlier part of 2018, Sussex Healthcare celebrated its 25th year as a provider of skilled medical services. Dr. Shafik Sachedina, and the other highly trained health professionals at the company, who are committed to providing the best care to patients, are a big part of why the business has continued to expand in many ways over the last two decades.



Partnership Between Western Union and PSI Pay Makes Mobile Banking Safer

Western Union has been a fixture in money transfers since the 1800s. At a time when the old west was new, Western Union was the quickest way for families to send money to their pioneering relatives. Western Union has in many ways been a pioneer in its own right. Whether it was launching satellites to obtain global reach or revolutionizing the news cycle through the wire transfer of photographs, Western Union has led the charge. Regardless of the efficiency of money transfers, customers still had to wait to access their funds until the financial institutions involved processed the order.

Cut to 2007, PSI Pay comes onto the scene as a Visa and MasterCard member. PSI-Pay customers are able to transfer money and make payments anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Customers are also able to utilize local banks around the world that have partnered with PSI Pay. In an ever-expanding global market, foreign travel is becoming more and more prevalent for both business and leisure.

Foreign travel comes with its own financial complications. Travelers have their cards disabled after forgetting to notify their bank of their travel plans or are unable to withdraw cash from their account for lack of a nearby bank branch. Now people can access their money across the globe using ecoPayz, an online wallet agent. EcoPayz is a result of the recent partnership between PSI-Pay and Western Union. Customers using ecoPayz will now be able to not only transfer money but also move it from account to account with an online banking option. EcoPayz customers traveling abroad will be able to simply access their money by utilizing one of the many PSI Pay partnered banks across the globe. As mobile banking increases in popularity, so will financial institutions like ecoPayz. 45% of people already utilize mobile banking options, and that number is only going to go up.

Window Repair Tips from Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a reputable company out of the Lake Zurich, Illinois region. They are a company that prides themselves on being a family owned business that focus on ethic business practices. To date they have completed over 20,000 projects, with a particular specialty in the repair and replacement of roofing, siding, and gutters for home. A recent article on the website Gazette Day goes into greater depth on their window replacement service.


The first step in deciding to purchase new windows is to perform a detailed look at their present stat. Often times, windows can be fixed with as a simple personal project. Latches and springs are simple fixes for anyone. Homeowners should also look into drafts of air in the windows. A well insulated house is vital to lower energy bills year-round. However for most homeowners, the most likely time to request a window repair is right before a move. This way buyers get the house in the most perfect condition possible. These are just a sample of reasons why an individual would contact Aloha Construction.


Beyond the already listed reasons, there are few more occasions that might prompt a window repair. Improving the home design increases the chances of getting second mortgage. On the flip-side, the windows might just simply be old and have developed defects. A common error homeowners come across are windows painted shut. This entire process is completely personalized for each client who comes to the company seeking their service.


They are a trusted business of the local community. Aloha Construction is a member of numerous organizations and holds a certification form the BBB. They not only provide unparalleled quality service, but regularly participate in the local community. They are a pillar of the local region.

OSI Food Solutions: The World’s Largest Food Processor

With over 65 food-processing facilities across the world, OSI Food Solutions is one of the leading world suppliers of food products. OSI Food Solutions produces and supplies high-quality food solutions and products to retail markets and major food service firms alike. This privately owned company has 65 stations and branches in 17 countries with the latest expansion being in Toledo, Spain. The entire operation of this company requires over 20,000 people. Since its inauguration in 1909, OSI Food Solutions has established a strong base of trust from its clientele to make it one of the top 100 food companies in America.

Credited for its dependability and responsiveness to their clients’ needs, this food processing company has continued to extend its roots to Europe while acquiring other food companies like Baho Food. With this acquisition, OSI is now in a position to distribute food varieties like deli meat across Europe. The acquisition also allows the firm to meet its customers’ demands effectively. In response to the growing chicken products in Spain and neighboring Portugal, the company added another production facility to boost its already existing operation in Toledo. This investment doubled the processing of chicken products to 24,000 tons a year. Moreover, it created 20 more jobs to its workforce.

The primary secret for OSI Food Solutions success lies in diversity and their responsiveness to their clients’ needs. Initially, OSI Food Solution was a meat processing company yet it also processes fruits and vegetables among other protein products. These foods are processed according to the customers’ preference and specifications. The firm’s expansion enables it to incorporate new products into its portfolio while meeting the new and the long-standing customer needs. With the promise of making processing and deliveries to their customers, OSI Food Solutions is poised to become the largest food processor in the world.