Rocketship Public Schools Proves Their Responsible Use Of Technology

While NPR admitted that Rocketship Public Schools had impressive results, their blog about the organization was less than kind towards the system of charter schools that are based in California. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Rocketship Public Schools and their CEO admits that it probably won’t be the last. Many of the voices that were featured in the piece were not happy with how their words were represented in the piece. They believe that the author misconstrued what they said in order to push her anti-testing agenda.

Fortunately, Rocketship Public Schools are not allowing this attack to impact the quality of education that they provide to their students whose test scores far exceed those in the public schools in their districts. While Preston Smith, the organization’s CEO, is disappointed with the blog by the outlying journalist, he still states that most of their work is exceptional and informative. They aren’t perfect and nobody is which is why Rocketship Public Schools refuses to condemn the news organization as a whole.

Rocketship Public Schools uses a combination of quality teachers and staff alongside implementing state of the art technology that helps their students get the best education that they can provide. While the piece by the NPR blogger Anya Kamenetz speaks badly about the 80 minutes a day that students spend in front of a screen, she failed to mention that this time is spent with 5 different programs and not just the Dreambox program that she mentions. A study that was released by Harvard stated that Rocketship Public Schools were allowing their students the right amount of time on the program. See more here

Rocketship Public Schools was co-founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and serves low-income communities throughout the United States including those in Washington D.C., California, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. The non-profit organization is a charter school system that offers an alternative for students and their parents from the public school system which has not been meeting expectations. The teaching programs are individualized for each student and led by the teachers with the help of technology. They work closely with parents, other schools, and organizations to try to eliminate the prevalent achievement gap in education within this generation of students.

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The contributions of good leadership to the growth of InnovaCare Health: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

The success of any business depends on the people mandated with the role of leading that particular business. When a business becomes successful, it is the efforts of the leaders of that business which is paying out. The same case applies when a business is failing, it is the leaders who have failed the business. So, whenever a business manages to achieve its goals, credit should go to the leadership of that company since they are the ones who have worked tirelessly to achieve them set objectives.

This is a true statement when one looks at the performance of Innovacare Health, the largest provider of managed health care plans in North America. The company is under the leadership of chief executive officer Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope. These two leaders have worked hard and managed to raise this company into one of the most significant in the region. Today Innovacare Health is ahead of other competitors due to one reason, and that is leadership.

Rick Shinto is a highly experienced executive who has worked in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. His career began in Southern California just after graduating from university when he worked as an internist and pulmonologist. Since then, his star has continued to shine as he has been holding one senior position after the other. He has worked with recognized companies in the health sector such as North American Medical Management, Aveta Inc, and Pathways Medical Management. These organizations have given him the experience needed to run his own company. Innovacare Health was created as a result of the need to fill the gaps that were in the healthcare industry.

Rick Shinto is a graduate of New York University with a medical degree and the University of Redlands with a masters in business administration. He is a recipient of various accolades, one being the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012 and the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare and 2018. Shinto also contributes to the healthcare industry by writing articles about healthcare and medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides is another executive who has contributed a lot to the growth of this company. Since he joined Innovacare Health in 2015, she has been working tirelessly and ensured that all the programs rolled out by Innovacare Health are completed successfully. As the administrative head of the company, she has invested in a team of workers who share in their dreams and aspirations of Innovacare Health to accomplish the goals that are intended. Just as the CEO, Penelope is highly experienced after working with the government in the implementation of various health plans.

ClassDojo: Opening a line of communication with students,teachers and parents

We live in an age where our children are capable of hacking into school websites and almost every child owns an Ipad or laptop of some kind, therefore, its only fitting that we utilize those skills and translate them into an educational and communication tool for teachers and parents alike. Lucky for us the team at ClassDojo have come up with an incredible app-service that provides exactly the benefits outlined. Using the ClassDojo app, teachers can in instant update parents on their students in class performance while rewarding students with positive or constructive comments on their work.

Today, ClassDojo with 2 in 3 schools utilizing the app, has seen many positive comments from teachers and parents showing nothing but support for the app server. Grade school teacher Alexandra Blais states that because of ClassDojo she has a better time at communicating with her students in a more clear and precise manner. Creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools taking advantage of this app will promote a ground-up change where although the teachers still are able to teach, parents are not left out of the loop and therefore feel a sense of empowerment when it comes to their children’s academic progress.

ClassDojo recently announced that they have seen an increase in use from Canadian schools. In fact, 70 percent of the schools in Canada have already adopted the service and are excited about the potential it has to promote communication as well as understanding between teacher and student. ClassDojo promises parents up to date information about their children’s progress as well as emergency alerts in case the school has gone on lockdown or simply if their child has forgotten their lunch for the day.

With ClassDojo, the answer to “What did you do today at school” wont be “nothing”, parents will know exactly what their children learned and what they expect to learn for the coming week or even the rest of the class year.