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Going over Equities First Holdings

Finding a loan can be a tricky task for many to take up. Many businesses that offer loans tend to give their clients a large amount that can be hard to pay off as well as interest. Whether it is to start up a business or to simply pay off bills, many require a good loan and tend to not know where to turn to. One company to look at in this case would be Equities Firs Holdings, this company mainly deals with giving out alternative loans toward clients.

They mainly give off loans to business owners and those who are in high network. Beside being able to give out alternative loans, this company is known to be quite flexible when it comes to being able to pay it off. This company manages to rivals banks with its loaning opportunity and has helped out millions.

Boraie Developments and Shaquille O’Neal.

The New Jersey teal estate giant was established in the late 70s and early 80s by Omar Boraie. Back then, Mr. Boraie had just moved to the United States and had little knowledge of the real estate market in New Brunswick. After working with a few firms, which needed him for the Polish clients in the market, Mr. Omar Boraie ventured into the real estate business which has now developed to become the Boraie Development Group. The firm is a family run business with some of Omar Boraie’s children already working with him. Boraie development group is based in New Jersy and is quickly changing the New Brunswick’s skyline for the better. As a real estate business, the firm specializes in property management, real estate sales and marketing, and real estate development.

The Aspire.

Located at the heart of New Brunswick is a new rental tower developed by the Boraie development group. The Aspire is designed to accommodate the young and trendy renters through marrying convenience and modernity, as well as the busy working class through the development of comfort-oriented apartments and location which is at the center of New Brunswick. The tower is in a neighborhood that is surrounded by a variety of dining joints, entertainment centers, and non-discriminating nightlife. For basic amenities, The Aspire is Rutgers University, Saint Peter’s university hospital, and the Robert Wood Jonson university hospital. The building itself consists of 288 studios, apartment with one bedroom or two bedrooms with full-service and modern designs. The Aspire’s floors are diverse with different types of finishing. Some of the finishes include hardwood floors for the living rooms, 9-10 feet ceilings, oversized and detailed bathrooms, and closets, and frameless glass for the bedrooms.

Star Comes Home To Build-Newark.

Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal is a retired American professional basketball player cum television sports analyst and businessman. As a business person, Shaquille O’Neal had invested in a number of activities like music, acting, and real estate. Shaquille O’Neal partnered with the Boraie group to undertake a number of property development projects. These projects are based in his hometown, Newark and include One Riverview and the Cityplex12. The Cityplex12 came to be after the renovation of a movie theatre that used to be one of the player’s hangouts when he was young. The Boraie’s met with Shaquille O’Neill in a social gathering and the fruits of their encounter were the partnership between the two.

James Dondero Contributions to the Dallas Community

A true test of a great leader is how they value their fellow human beings. The ability to share part of the profits with other people defines how much you value them. James Dondero over the years has been a true mark of how one should be involved in their community wellbeing. Apart from being an exceptional entrepreneur, Dondero has worked with Dallas communities over the years. He is a strong believer of a strong community in terms of having a sense of belonging. One of his latest and most visible contributions of James Dondero is the Zoo program. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Prior to the completion of this zoo project, there was a public demand of hippos back to the zoo. During that time, the zoo management could not handle all the logistics by themselves. Since hippos require a specific kind of habitat, the overall budget was too big for the zoo management to handle. They needed help for likeminded people. Fortunately, James Dondero was also interested in giving the people of Dallas a sense of unity. His contribution, which was $1 million, was important in making this dream of Dallas people a reality. Currently, the zoo is complete and it has become a go-to spot for family and friends. As a thank you note, both the involved stakeholders and the zoo management saw it wise to name part of the zoo after James Dondero business entity.


His love for people and humanitarian projects do not affect his professional obligation in the finance world. His three-decade career continues to be successful and a better illustration that philanthropy is possible. Highland Capital Management is fortunate to be in charge of a passionate and dedicated professional who is always looking for a means to expand the company’s returns. Under the leadership of James Dondero, the company has been able to come up with customized services for their clients with a focus on long-term relations. Dondero is a strong believer of long-term relations with commercial clients for maximum returns for both sides.

Due to his approach in the niche of credit, specifically on long-term focus, the company was the winner of the most coveted credit awards 2015. Winning the Lipper Fund Award, through his company, was one of the highest moment in his three-decade career. Read more about James Dondero at

Matthew Fleeger’s Life and Work for Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is the chief executive officer for the venture management foundation, which was created in the year of nineteen seventy, that is located in the city of Dallas which resides inside of the state known as the great state of Texas. The establishment constructs partnerings with investors in this type of industry to gather their expertise, goods, and God-gifted talents. Every investor is taught to learn about the positives and negatives of gas and oil resourcing investments. Gulf Coast Western is a philanthropist also (which means the study of man-kind in general), which is supported through the finances of seven not-for-profit organizational entities and also charitable contributions.

Matthew Fleeger is to be considered one of today’s key players in the world of the United States oil boom because of his leading abilities as the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. Gulf Coast Western has provided a revamp in the technologies of drilling, as well as venture joins and partnering of such that has steered the company is a positive direction into some of the greatest achievements an oil company can ask for. Matthew Fleeger is a great icon of influence in the industry of gas and oil resourcing and he also has a career in management that is outstanding. He has proven himself to be a success for many years. He has been working the company in the area of finances, selling, and also in marketing.

Matthew Fleeger, during one of his many different interviews, had explained how the company that he owns was able to make it through one of the hardest times of an oil recession period that has occurred. Matthew Fleeger advises on the level of importance of keeping an attitude of a positive direction, or else the negatives can potentially rapidly take down any success that one has achieved.

Lincolnshire Management Firm Current Market Experiences

Lincolnshire Management firm has over $1.7 billion in private equity funds and headquarters in New York City, United States. The company strives to promote the growth of middle Market firms by acquiring them and adopting new marketing strategies. When the corporation purchased starts doing well, they sell it to another potential buyer who will manage it even more. Lincolnshire Management hires experts to ensure that its equity funds rise. Some of the experts hired include Daniel Aronovitz, a prominent private equity summer analyst. Daniel was employed for about three months, but by the time he was leaving he had made significant contributions.

Lincolnshire Management competes with various private equity firms including; Sentinel Capital Partners, Light-year capital among others. Many clients prefer Lincolnshire Management firm as it has extensive experience in the middle market sector and advanced technologies. Lincolnshire Management spends more than $171.8k for the IT projects to ensure that they are well informed on the trending issues related to the middle market industry.

For over 20 years Lincolnshire Management firm that deals with the acquisition of private equity firms and recapitalization has been active. The company has acquired various firms including Italy- based Fabbri Group that deals with wrapping machines and related parts for the fresh food packaging system. This firm was later sold to Argos Soditic a potential independent buyer. Argos has excelled in the middle market sector. He has executed over 70 transactions and established offices in Geneva, Milan, Paris, and Frankfurt since 1989. Argos company manages over Euro 900 million.

Before Lincolnshire Management acquired Gruppo Fabbri Vignola company, it had its headquarters located in European Union. Gruppo Fabbri Vignola was established in 2009. The company grew to employ more than 500 employees who used WordPress, Apache web server and Google Analytics to market its good and services. These techniques have enabled Gruppo Fabbri Vignola to ranked in 214,233 positions.

Recently, Lincolnshire Management sold auto processor Amports that previously belonged to the Highstar Capital company to InstarAGF with Morrison and Foerster as the representatives for the buyer. Amports is a prominent port logistics and processing company located in Jacksonville, Frolida.

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