The Queen of the Unicorns


In a world full of look-alikes, it is a refreshing change of pace to be introduced to a person like Doe Deere. She first gained recognition as a YouTube star and now runs a successful line of cosmetics. Her entire professional life seems to revolve around inspiring her fans to be themselves. With Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics, the world can be changed for the better.
In a recent article from PR Newswire, Lime Crime’s rise of popularity is revealed to be a result of Deere’s large influence in social media. With now over two million followers on Instagram, this cosmetics company owes much of its success to the strong online presence in which it was founded. Getting in on the ground floor of the e-commerce revolution, Lime Crime has always been internet based. What separates them from many other makeup businesses is their ability to show customers exactly what they are getting when they look at a product. Now, with the help of their Instagram followers, there are millions of pictures that show how Lime Crime products look on real people in everyday life. It is a much better way to show the real color of a lipstick as opposed to the posed and touched up photographs that other companies use. People will always come back for more when they find something they like.
Doe Deere established Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2009. She has been using her company to give her fans new and exciting products that they can use to be themselves. Deere herself finds great pride in her own self expression and wants her followers to feel that same level of satisfaction.  It can be used to show someone’s bright an bubbly personality, or that someone else is having a bad week. Deere works hard every day to make sure her fans have everything they need to show who they really are.
Makeup has many practical uses. What makes Lime Crime special is the way they use their cosmetics for other reasons.  With the help of their fans on social media, this company does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


Andy Wirth Gets Involved in the Community and Strives to Make the Best Decisions for Lake Tahoe/Reno

Andy Wirth is an avid outdoorsman and risk taker, and possible in spite of this, he became the president and CEO of Sqauw Valley Holdings, which now includes Alpine Meadows on the adjacent mountain from Squaw Valley. Mr. Wirth is a devoted and committed leader of the resort, and he is a philanthropic leader in the community.

Andy Wirth graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in resort and hotel management, and his first job was in management at Steamboat Ski Resort in western Colorado. Andy loves the outdoors, and he was an expert on skis, so he fit perfectly into the environment.

He eventually worked in every department until he became CMO of Steamboat Ski Resort. He remained at this position until Infra West bought Steamboat Resort, and then Andy Wirth became CEO over it all.

Andy has always been a “go-getter,” and it wasn’t long before Squaw Valley Ski Resort became aware of his optimum management characteristics, and they offered him the position of CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings after 20 years with Steamboat. In 2010. Andy picked up the reigns at Squaw Valley and began a multi-million dollar restoration project on the 1964 Olympic Village called Squaw Valley,

Andy Wirth has received many awards in his career. The Journal reports the “Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year and his position in the list of Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales. Andy is one of those lucky ones who found what they wanted to do early in his career, and he enjoys every day. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

In recent years, Lake Tahoe residents have been involved in voting on the incorporation of their town. Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings were not in favor of incorporation because they saw it as a hindrance to local businesses, and higher taxes for everybody.

Last Year, Mr. Wirth was elected as chairman of the Reno Airport Authority Board. Here he is able to be a positive influence on the decisions for the area.

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Why Is Giving To GoFundMe And Avi Weisfogel Important?

There are a lot of people who go to the dentist regularly because they know that they can get an appointment. Avi Weisfogel has a lot of regular patients in his area, but he also takes trips with Operation Smile every year to help people who do not have a dentist anywhere near them. To these people, the dentist is a luxury that they do not have in their community, and Operation Smile is trying to make sure that these people can get the care they need at the times that they need it.

The GoFundMe page that Avi Weisfogel set up can stay open for as long as he wants, and he is going to try to raise as much money as he can to send to the people who need it most at Operation Smile. The charity is going to help put the money to good use, and they are going to see that people like Avi Weisfogel are going on trips that are going to help a lot of people. It is one of the easiest things in the world to do when someone is giving, and a lot of people will find this page through social media.

Avi Weisfogel has shared the page a lot, and he wants to be able to bring some of his colleagues with him so that the people who need care are going to get it when they need it. He knows that he has to raise a lot of money to pay for more trips, and he is trying to make it as simple as possible for everyone.

The Operation Smile that are taken by people like Avi Weisfogel are going to help thousands who are in need of a dentist. Operation Smile sends people in to help as much as they can, and they are making sure that the things they offer are perfect for the needy.

Beauty Writer Tries a 7-Day WEN By Chaz Challenge for Shiny Big Hair

If you’ve never heard of the Wen hair system for healthy, glossy hair, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock, a big rock. That’s alright though, because Bustle contributor Emily McClure had never tried the WEN no lather shampoo method either. She was hoping for big, shiny hair help for her tired, limp locks.
Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( is all about healthy, natural botanical formulas that restore radiance and strength to tresses. Unlike regular shampoos, WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners remove the harsh detergents that strip and damage hair. His one bottle treatments cleanse deeply like shampoos, condition, detangle strands, behave as stay-in treatments and offer manageability to hair.

Chaz Dean is proud to say that his conditioning cleansers are designed to help every type of hair known around the world. That is the beauty of WEN and exactly what Emily McClure was hoping the system could do for her.
Emily has fine, oily hair to start with, and she admits to loving nighttime showers, but for the sake of the challenge, committed to a daily WEN wash every morning. When Emily stuck to the routine, her hair responded nicely, showing off shine, bounce and moisture. Even friends noticed the difference and complimented her.

WEN Hair Care products are available at Ebay.

Emily mixed up the WEN routine a few times, however, and this threw her hair off. In other words, when Emily washed with WEN at night, she awoke to greasy strands that misbehaved all day. When she once skipped the daily AM wash, her hair would not hold a curl and looked greasy early on.

Emily said WEN works well if she weren’t so lazy when it came to her hair care routine. Read more:

Helane Morrison:A Legacy Of Hard Work, Integrity, And Success

Women in America have to work extra hard to earn the respect they deserve. Helane Morrison has always been up to the task. She has long been able to stand out no matter where she has gone. While studying law at UC Berkley, she was editor in chief of the California Law Review. When she worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission, she took on high profile companies and received numerous promotions. Now with Hall Capital Partners, Morrison is showing she has what it takes to be successful in business as well. She’s recently been selected a member of the company’s executive committee.

Success is nothing new to Helane Morrison. She has always been willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to do well. Plus the native of Brooklyn, New York seems to have been blessed with a great mind. She earned a BA in Journalism from Northwestern University. Morrison then got a law degree at the University of California, Berkley. She followed this up by working for two years as a law clerk first for Appeals Court judge Richard A. Posner and then with Supreme Court judge Harry Blackmun. Morrison was then hired by San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and made partner 5 years later.

After a successful law career, Morrison caught the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The organization hired her to lead their San Francisco Regional Office. By the time Helane Morrison left the SEC 11 years later, she had vigorously prosecuted well-known companies for fraud and insider trading and was beloved for going to bat for senior citizens and other people that were allegedly taken advantage of by unscrupulous business people. That led to her receiving a series of promotions and given the power to oversee the training programs and enforcement arms of the organization’s office in the northwestern United States.

In 2007 she decided to leave the Securities and Exchange Commission and take a foray into business. She became general counsel and CCO for Hall Capital Partners, LLC. As usual she has been a smashing success. The company, which manages the finances for some of the world’s wealthiest families, first promoted Helane Morrison to a business manger position.

California Passes Law Increasing Legal Age for Purchasing and Using Tobacco

On May 4, 2016, California Governor, Jerry Brown signed a bill into law hence raising the minimum age of purchasing and using tobacco to 21 years. He signed the bill on Wednesday after it was presented to him. Had he refused to act on the bill, then it would have automatically passed into law the next day.

The bill has made it illegal for anyone below the age of 21 to buy or use tobacco. This includes smoking, chewing and vaping. Support from the bill came from those who seek to discourage tobacco use and addiction among the young people in the state. They view the law as a step forward in helping to curb nicotine addiction. Recent studies show that a huge percentage of chain smokers begin the habit before turning 19.

However, republican lawmakers and veterans’ organizations were against the implementation of the bill. They argued that young people over the age of 18 were old enough to make their own life decisions. The democratic governor was forced to act on the bill before the set deadline otherwise all six bills presented before him would have automatically passed into law.

The bills were passed by democratic lawmakers almost two months before they were presented to Governor Jerry Brown. The other bills touched on the regulation of electronic cigarettes, local tobacco taxes, establishment of annual license fees for tobacco, and the push to make charter schools tobacco free. Others sought to expand tobacco free workplaces.

Hawaii was the first state to pass a law that increased the legal age of purchasing and using tobacco to 21. Over 100 local jurisdictions have followed suit around the country.

Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is a celebrated lawyer from New York City. He attended State University and later went to Brooklyn Law School. He graduated in the year 1989 with a law degree. He later received his practicing license and got admitted to the New York state bar. Since then, he has specialized in practicing family law.

Today, Abelow works for Abelow and Cassandro LLP where he is a partner. He believes in helping the society and has made contributions to charities and organizations that he believes in.

Originally published on Townhall:

Brian Bonar explains changes in ITEC business strategy

It has been a year of change at Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC) an industry leader for color management software and their CEO Brian Bonar. Recently Bonar explained the changes in ITEC’s business strategy over the past 12 months including how recent acquisitions are being integrated into the company.

The major transformation has been a movement from a manufacturer and a developer to more of a service provider and marketing organization. Bonar has been able to grow the market for their imaging products and services. The company has grown through some of their strategic acquisitions that ITEC has been able to continually experience growth over the past year. Brian Bonar has been the leader in this move and the future looks bright as they continue to expand in their services and product offerings.

The major beneficiaries of the expanded service offerings are medium to small sized businesses that ITEC can provide administrative services to help them run more efficiently and to allow ITEC to grow more rapidly. Bonar believes that helping potential and existing customers.

They are striving to provide a connection between the administrative services and office systems solutions. In order to provide the best opportunities Bonar is running a strategic acquisitions program in hiring personnel and employing qualified people to fill these newly created roles and provide superior service.

A potentially lucrative acquisition for ITEC was the White Pages director, professional employer organization known as SourceOne, Inc. It is thought that this company provides payroll and human resources services to small to medium sized businesses. This could add as much as $40 million improvement in overall revenue over the course of the current fiscal year. With this growth it allows ITEC to serve a large customer base by leveraging their office services and product.

The future of ITEC is looking very bright as they have been able to gather an extremely competent and talented support and sales people to increase their access to a new load of customers that will have a need to use their infrastructure to add significant value to the small and medium businesses they service. Larger suppliers lose the personal connections necessary to provide the type of customer service that allows a business to remain loyal, grow and build a relationship with a supplier. Brian Bonar is looking to establish that sort of business service for all ITEC clients.

Headquartered in San Diego, California ITEC was founded in 1982 and has been continually growing through the years distributing imaging products to many different markets all over the country and the world. They developed a seamless network of office solutions including copiers, printers and software options that are bundled together to solve service problems.

Beneful Creates a Dog Food Specifically For Small Dogs

Did you know that Beneful’s Dry Dog Food Incredibites specifically serves the meal requirements of small dogs? Today, as Baby Boomers enter their retirement years, millions of Americans share their lives with toy dog breeds. These petite pets easily meet most apartment and condominium community weight and height restrictions.

Although tiny in size, the pets in this category share the same rugged basic nutritional needs as their larger canine counterparts. They still require carefully balanced meals rich in crude protein and nutritious ingredients. Your small dog, although very cute, retains a natural gusto for eating.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites

Beneful assists owners of small dogs by offering several flavors of Beneful Dry Dog Food Incredibites. These convenient meals furnish even the tiniest of toy dogs the full bodied nutrition they require to maintain a happy, comfortable lifestyle. Pet owners can find this product in either beef or chicken flavors.

Your small dog will enjoy dining on these flavors. You’ll appreciate the compact size of the Incredibite products, since they store easily and do not require a lot of effort to transport or utilize.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites, Too!

You’ll want to take home some Beneful Wet Dog Food Incredibites also to give your small dog menu variety. Available in beef, chicken or salmon primary flavors, these blends include a medley of tomatoes, carrots and wild rice. They store conveniently in easily refrigerated compact tubs.

Tiny teacup pets delight people. These effervescent little dogs frequently possess very strong personalities. They always enjoy distinctive temperaments.

You’ll want to pamper your small pooch by providing healthy, nutritious and well-balanced meals specially designed by Beneful. Dogs bring so much joy to the daily lives of people. Caring for them provides a great way for people to enjoy a meaningful past time. You consider your small dog an important part of your household. So does!

Visit the Purina Store and check Beneful products:


Using Wikipedia To Join the Digital Age

The internet has changed the world and it’s a big part of everyday life. It has changed the fundamental way we do most things. From communication to entertainment, and even financial transactions, it can all be done through the internet. In the comfort of home no less. Progress can be a wonderful thing sometimes. 

Out of the countless innovations brought on by the internet, there is arguably none more well known than the website Wikipedia. There are articles for a ton of topics, and it’s translated into many different languages. That makes it global. Who hasn’t been caught in a Wiki Hole, clicking from topic to topic, soaking up as much information as their heart desired? 

When doing research papers and essays for school, the one thing teachers stressed was not using Wikipedia as a reference source. It was pretty hard not to take a glance at a Wikipedia article, just to have a starting off point. For one university the use of Wikipedia is not only being encouraged but is now a part of the grading process. The University of Sydney, in Australia, actually has some of their students creating articles and making Wikipedia edits as a part of their coursework. This has actually been found to produce a better quality of work from students, especially since what they put up can be viewed by anyone interested in looking, not just their professor.

Wikipedia is great for research of any kind. A lot of times when using Google one of the first search results is a Wikipedia link. Businesses are starting to understand that. Wikipedia articles for all manner of companies both big and small are starting to pop up, meaning if you don’t know what you’re doing it may be best to hire a Wiki writer to do the work for you. No matter how much content the page has, it will give a basic run down of what that company is all about. Sometimes they even show stock prices. One company, Get Your Wiki, is offering their Wikipedia writing services, which entail creating, monitoring, and maintaining Wikipedia articles for their clients, who can be businesses, non-profits, and even individuals. They have a staff of Wikipedia editors for hire that has already created multiple articles, so they guarantee article approval and protection from malicious Wikipedia editors. Sounds like a good deal for those trying to join the digital age.

Learn more about Get Your Wiki’s services here >>

People Are Looking for Bargain Priced Antique Collectibles

The Antique Spectacular Vintage Market in Cedar Falls, Iowa was buzzing with people that were searching for bargain antique collectibles. The show is held yearly over a three day period. The annual event was packed with bargain priced antiques that ranged from the traditional furniture to more exotic items. For example, antique signs, pottery, textiles, license plates, and art. People flock to the annual event because they like the wide variety of antique goods that are available at the annual event. Vendors at the annual event were very excited to see the crowds. They noticed that the crowds included people of every age. The young to old were enjoying antique shopping. Many vendors predicted that antiques had a great future.

Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is one antique specialist on Amazon that would certainly agree that there is a bright future ahead for antique collectors and those that sell antiques. Michael Zomber’s expertise is with antique arms. He is also a collector and author on the subject. The antique expert is not new to the antique world. He started collecting antique arms and armor over forty years ago.

Micheal Zomber is an author, collector, philanthropist, film maker with a vision that includes sharing his expertise with the world. Zomber’s hope is to preserve history for the future generations to enjoy and to share their passion for the past.