The Dexterous Mind Behind The Success of InnovaCare Health: Richard Shinto

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading physician practice services, and Medicare Advantage plans Provider Company in North America. The company was previously known as Aveta, until the year 2008 whose current membership base is more than 200,000 individuals and is served by a huge network of 7500 service providers. The CEO of the firm, Dr. Rick Shinto is accountable for the major operational activities of the healthcare firm, followed by the second administrative officer, Penelope Kokkinides.

Dr. Rick Shinto, a.k.a. Rick has been associated with the InnovaCare Health, since the year 2008. Having obtained his professional degrees from the University of California and the University of New Youk, Shinto has devoted about two decades of his life to gain in hand experience in the health management sector. He has also published an array of papers and valuable articles on clinical medicine and management of healthcare industry.

Dr. Rick Shinto started his career as an intern in South California. For several years, he had been working for many leading healthcare firms including NAMM, Cal-Optima Health Plan, Aveta Inc. And Medical Pathways Management Company, to mention only a few. He has also been the vice president of Medical Management for the MedPArtners. His extensive knowledge in the healthcare sector, coupled with years of experience entitled him to be the best CEO in the North America.

In the year 2014, Dr. Rick Shinto has been awarded the Access to Care Award by the Western University of Health, for his excellent health service for the underprivileged group of people. In order to improve the quality of their services and privileges, InnovaCare Health has recently added three skilled professionals as the executive in the leadership team of the firm, Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortin. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

The present chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides has been serving InnovaCare as the Chief Operating Officer and the Vice President of Clinical Operations. With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Kokkinides has been specializing in the governmental programs, Medicare and Medicaid with the aim of improving the efficiencies and infrastructure of the organization.

Jonathan Meyers is serving InnovaCare, Inc. As the Chief Actuary Officer, prior to which he has been the Director of Actuarial Services of Medicare and Medicaid for the top notch carrier in New Jersey, Horizon BCBS. Likewise, the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare is Mike Sortino, who was previously the Controller of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.

Two Things to Remember About The Quincy

The Quincy is the new name for a New Brunswick apartment complex, but it remains to be seen if changing a name is going to change activity in the area. The apartments have a new look, and they are trying to promote a new feel but how will this affect the troublesome history of the complex? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, keep reading.


The Pizza Robbery

The Quincy was the scene of a classic set-up robbery about four years ago. On November 12, 2012, a pizza deliveryman showed up at the complex to deliver a pizza. He went to the apartment to deliver the pizza only to find out the resident never ordered a pizza. On his way back to his car, three males came up behind him, and one put a gun to his head. He was forced to give them his money, his wallet, and the pizza. The suspects fled the area in a dark mini-van.

New Brunswick Police Detective Ron Seaman was able to learn the identity of one of the suspects by using cell phone records. Parysh Wood, also know as “P-Gun” or “Pistol,” was arrested for aggravated robbery.


Another Gun Related Crime

It wasn’t long before The Quincy was the location of another gun-related crime. On October 5th, 2015, gunshots rang out through the complex at 9:30 PM. When police arrived, they couldn’t find a victim but found bullet shell casings. A short time later a man with a gunshot wound walked into the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Police were able to connect him to the shooting scene. The wound was non-life threatening, and the man recovered.


So, will changing the name and the look of the complex alter the activity of the residents? It’s hard to say, but it wasn’t the paint or structure of the complex that caused the crimes to occur. It resulted from the people who frequent the location.

The building has 206 apartment and is owned by a local corporation. Hopefully, they’ll take a more active role in the running of the complex, since money and time have was on improving the location.

USHEALTH Group; The Affordable And Reliable Insurance Company

USHEALTH Group and its group of companies work together towards providing top-notch health cover. It is a licensed life and health insurance company based in Fort Worth, Texas. It has a simple acronym as their mission, HOPE- Helping Other People Daily.

USHEALTH Group products are reliable and affordable for daily medical costs or even urgent medical incidences, shielding its clients from financial struggles brought about by illnesses.


The CEO of USHEALTH Group is Troy McQuagge. He prides himself in the number of awards the company has earned, such as Stevie Awards, through providing world-class services. The company has and in-depth experience of health coverage for more than five decades, and is America’s Choice for Healthcare, having an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Recently, One Planet Business and Professional Excellence awarded them with gold in 2016.


USHEALH Group offers a broad range of insurance products including;

  • Critical Illness
  • Specified Disease/Sickness
  • Accident cover
  • Short term Accidental Disability
  • Income Protector
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Dental and Vision covers
  • PPO Networks
  • MedGuard

All these services are geared towards customers’ satisfaction, meeting your specific needs and offering most proper cover. USHEALTH Group also offers plans to customers on a limited budget as well as those who can agree to some degree of cost-sharing. USHEALTH is known for keeping long-term relationships with clients, always conveying consistence in its services.


USHEALTH Advisors aims at guiding customers through purchasing of any insurance products. The aspect of USHEALTH treating each client with a unique experience has made the company grow as more people are joining to get a feel of the exceptional experience. It also allows its clients to upgrade their initial insurance plans, making it the most flexible protection platform.


This mission of helping others was proposed in 2010 by Troy. It aims at making a difference in the community through donating time, money and help. Their projects include rebuilding homes for people affected by natural calamities such as hurricanes. They have also involved themselves in donating clothes and shoes to some non-profit organizations such as The Crisis Nursery. Despite being a leading insurance provider, they believe in giving back to the community.

Taking a Look at Brazil’s Construction Industry Leaders: Construcap’s Example

Construcap is one of the largest construction companies in Brazil. The company deals with infrastructure, private and public building segments and energy. It has been certified by ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 and is a well-recognized company. The company’s methods are centered on the integrated management system.

Construcap believes that the key factors that ultimately yield healthy business growth are:

1. Technical capacity
2. Efficiency
3. Competitiveness

They believe that if a company develops the above-mentioned development factors the company can grow its business beyond measures. For this purpose, they developed an integrity committee, which aims to evaluate company employee actions, their adherence to the company’s code of conduct, and combated any laws contrary to the law.

Construcap continuously offers training programs for its employees. It trains its employees to adhere to all matters of honor and respect in business, community respect, and social responsibilities. It helps them learn about the negation of harassment, child labor rejection and denial of slavery.

It maintains a regular flow of information throughout the company. The communication network on is a very strong guarantee for privacy and secrecy. Confidentiality, Anonymity is provided to anybody who wants to remain hidden after they have a problem and report it. The company communication channel is strongly encouraged to be used by all stakeholders including employees and partners in its projects.

Construcap promotes activities that help in improvement of the socio-environment development. Their aim is to provide respect, appreciation, and encouragement through manageable workload, appropriate working conditions and invest in the employees professional as well as personal growth. It has a socio-educational program on, which aims to educate residents and staff about not just the community where the company stands but also the surrounding communities. The company, through this program, wants to expand the professional qualification and improve the lives of the people of surrounding communities, which it does by offering courses with certifications. It generates future development opportunities and helps them learn to combat challenges that come their way. They provide autonomy and a chance for a person to acquire new abilities and skills by gaining consistent experience and training at

Construcap is one of the largest Brazilian constructing companies, which have been given many awards and certificates. It aims to provide the working environment to its existing
employees and educate the people of other communities too. Its aims are high, and the methods used to reach them are so apt that they will touch the skies in no time at all.

MB2 Dental Services and Advantages for Dental Practices

Operating a business today comes with many different challenges. Some of the challenges that business owners and their representatives experience are often unique to the industry in which they are working. So, it is essential that business owners understand their craft well so that they can take advantage of the benefits that they have access to, including getting the assistance required to run the business from others in the same or similar industry. Specifically, when it comes to running a dentist practice, efficiently, effectively and with the capability to thrive in any situation. It is also important for business owners to know that all of this can be done, while also making their firm a significant profit base.


That being said, there are some great opportunities that dentists all over the U.S. can take advantage of. In fact, for the purpose of this article, we are looking to further educate its readers on a comprehensive end to end solution that will not only solve a lot of problems with being in compliance with the medical fields laws and regulations, but will help the dentist and the manager that runs the practice to save money as they perform their services. Meaning for those of you who are interested in building an effective dental operation that has been designed to cost less money and less time, here’s a few of things that you should know about MB2 Dental and how it will help you to save time and money.


First of all, MB2 Dental is a solution that can be used for dental practices that’s considering revamping their processes and how they are conducting business. Since they have a ready made solution that will address how to remain in compliance with its financial needs, dentists who need the help may want to review what it has to offer.


In addition to following the correct compliance guidelines for a dentist practice, it is very important that the owner or their representatives know how to keep their accounting books in an efficient manner. Fortunately, when a dentist hires this group of professionals to take care of their budget, they will have the expertise that they need in order to remain stable financially. Meaning the site owner nor their employees will have to worry about any financial surprises that crop up that they do not have the funds on hands to pay. This is because MB2 Dental is equipped with both the skills and expertise to take care of all of the dental practices accounting concerns, IT, Recruiting, Procurement, Business Development and the company’s training.



Hawaiian Bottled Water Records a Growth Rate of 4000 Percent in 3 Years

Although many consumers are turning their backs on it, bottled water is still one of the most popular drinks in the world. Ryan Emmons discovered the beverage industry was highly underserved when it came to healthy and socially conscious bottled water. He came up with a sustainable product comprised of numerous health benefits and eco-conscious packaging. Specialty Food has it that Waiakea water is also committed to changing lives in the community.

The CEO of Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water refers to the bottled water industry as an “old boy’ club.” According to Emmons, most of the beverage entrepreneurs are 50 years and above.

Due to the competitive nature of the industry, young entrepreneurs join forces to gain competitive advantage. Emmons co-founded his firm in 2012 when he was only 22. Five years down the line, Waiakea water has grown by 4000 percent. Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

Key drivers of Waiakea’s growth

In the last three years, Waiakea has been experiencing an annual expansion rate of 170 percent. Additionally, the firm went from selling 2,304 cases to over 122,400 cases annually.

The steady growth came due to the expansion of the local distribution network and the presence of national-scale players such as Whole Foods. Today, Waiakea has a net worth of $10 million.

Charitable initiatives

Apart from encouraging people to drink clean and healthy water, Waiakea is an active participant in community initiatives. Through its partnership with Pump Aid, the company donates 650 liters of healthy water for every liter sold. It has dedicated a third of earnings it receives from selling bottled volcanic water to finance charitable initiatives.

Waiakea water

The founder of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons, enjoyed taking his family to Hawaii during summers and winters. He noted that the water he had been taking during his vacation was somewhat special.

Therefore, he decided to create his bottled volcanic water back in 2012. Waiakea water has an incredible PH and mineral composition – it consists of electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, silica, and sodium.

Waiakea is one of the leading volcanic bottled water due to its amazing natural taste, rich mineral content, and ability to maintain environmental sustainability.

Waiakea water derives its smooth and incredible taste due to the entirely natural volcanic filtration. The company respects the environment and runs all its activities under the philosophy of environmentalism, conservation, and social consciousness.

The firm has earned the designation of Carbon-Neutral Water Brand due to its efforts of combating deforestation. According to Organic Authority, Waiakea water is the leading distributor of carbon-certified water.

Learn more about more Waiakea Water:

The Top Cosmetic Surgeon in Austin

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden presently has her practice in Austin, Texas. She moved her practice from New York in order to be closer to her family. Not only is she a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, she is also a member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These honors and certifications may sound a bit redundant, but that is far from the least of the honors. She is also a board member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. There are others, too numerous too repeat here. One can rest assured, though, that she is extremely motivated and well qualified in her chosen career.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is sought after as a leader in technological advances in plastic surgery, and other unique ideas such as mommy make-overs. A leading surgeon in teen plastic surgery, she also has her own lifestyle segment on a local news channel in Austin.

Dr. Walden’s qualifications and experience do not stop there. She is an accomplished author, with her work having appeared in dozens of publications throughout the world.

Some of the instruments that Dr. Walden uses were developed by her, particularly those for breast surgery. She has helped develop an at-home breast sizing implantation kit, which is available on line.

She has co-authored a text book: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. When one looks for cosmetic surgery in Austin, Texas, there is only one name that one needs to know: Dr. Walden.

How Accessibility Helps Talk Fusion

These days, everything is mobile. The days of having to depend on a desktop computer for everything is over. There are a lot of different devices that have some of the same features that the desktop has. Among the most important features of a computer that is shared by other devices is video. This is one of the most important features of Talk Fusion. This video marketing app can be downloaded to PC, laptop, smartphone and tablets with operating systems of Windows, Android, iOS or Linux. This makes it easy for anyone to access. This adds to the successful launch of Talk Fusion. After all, people are not going to try a product that they can’t access. Read more on Crunchbase about Talk Fusion.

One of the most talked about features of Talk Fusion video marketing related. However, Talk Fusion does not have to be just about marketing. This app could be used to connect with others so that people will have an easier time communicating. With all of the advanced features of the smartphone, it is still not that common to do video chat. Talk Fusion brings that feature to people so that they will be able to see who they are talking to whether or not they are looking at their phone, the PC, or any other device that has a display.

In order to take advantage of the features that Talk Fusion offers, one only has to sign up with all of their information which include billing and payment processing. Afterwards, the customer gets to take advantage of the free trial. This allows him to decide to cancel his subscription at any time. Of course if he is satisfied, then he can continue to use the service at an affordable price. More likely than not, the business owners will benefit greatly from the products offered by Talk Fusion.

How To Pick The Right Planner For Your Next Event

Event planning can be a daunting experience. Events of any size require many moving parts that need to work together perfectly. That’s why so many people turn to a professional event planner to manage their event.


Luckily, if you’re looking for event planners NYC is full of them. Event planning companies NYC has to offer can do everything from create a seating chart to provide a caterer.


However, before you start seeking out the right event planner for the job, read some of these important tips so that you can make the most informed decision.



Ask Around in Person


Before looking for online reviews of event planners in your area, go to local catering halls and town halls and see if you can get some references. This allows you to ask specific questions to people who have worked with local event planners recently.



Decide What Type of Service You Need


Some event planners specialize in coordinating your event on the actual date. Others offer multiple service options including entertainment and photography.


If you’re looking for a full-service planning company, 23 Layers in New York City is an excellent choice. They offer every service you could possibly need for an event, from catering to day-of coordination. 23 Layers has experience in all kinds of events, from small dinner parties to large corporate functions.



Interview Three Candidates


After doing lots of research on different event planners, narrow it down to three choices. Interview each planner in person and ask lots of tough questions.



Always Negotiate


When it comes to the event industry, everything is negotiable. Don’t be afraid of trying to bargain with an event planner. Chances are that they are used to it and will be happy to work with you.





Your event planner is there to translate your vision into the event of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to communicate with them whenever you feel uneasy about something. Without adequate communication, your event can turn into a nightmare very quickly.





Hiring an event planner can be a daunting experience. However, by following these tips, you will be able to pick an event planner who can make your dream a reality.

Coin & Precious Metal Investing: Don’t Miss Out!

Those who have been investing in coins, or want to, but have not heard of U.S. Money Reserve, are missing out on new and unique tools to help them increase gains over the short and long-term.


If knowledge is power, then the use of this tool is like using the best fertilizer in a garden that had previously only seen sunshine. Without it, you’ll still yield profits, but they will be lower.


Leverage This Tool


If you had a drill, would you spend your time using a manual screwdriver? Of course not – no more than you’d dig a foundation with a shovel when a backhoe is available.


By using the new tools from U.S. Money Reserve you can take full advantage of the coin and precious metals market, and make even more money in your portfolio.


Set Higher Goals


We invest so that we can take care of our families, our future, and ourselves. If you had the choice between bringing good returns or great ones, there really would not be a choice.


The precious metals and coin markets have been helping investors diversify portfolios that have seen ups and downs.


The question is, who is using this strategy?


Who Is Investing in Precious Metals?


For the sake of this article we interviewed Christopher Pascale, the former CFO of Portfolios with Purpose and author of War Poems: A Marine’s Tour 2003-2008.


“What strikes me most about the gold and silver market is that people are still skeptical about it,” he said. “Right now there are some interesting opportunities because the value dropped in 2016, but uncertainty about the dollar is still high.”


Mr. Pascale elaborated on opportunities after BREXIT, stating that “when the UK exited the EU, the value of the pound dropped hard. Right there was a great opportunity for UK residents to make a lot of money on the gold and silver they held because the price had gone up significantly, and buyers were in a panic.”


When asked what he thought of the tool available from U.S. Money Reserve he said he would use it, which says a lot given his already vast experience.


Lastly, he said that he liked assets like gold and silver because there’s no taxes. “The real estate I own,” he concluded, “pays positive cash flow that I love, but there are significant expenses and yearly taxes, which I hate.”

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