Insight to the Philanthropic work of Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is an American philanthropist and entrepreneur. She is also an education activist. Devos was born on January 1958 in Holland, Michigan. She is a member of the Republican Party and is widely known for her advocacy in education, voucher programs and her ties to the Reformed Christian community. In 1992, she became the Republican national committeewoman until 1997. Devos became the chairperson of Michigan Republic Party for four years. Later, in the year 2003, she was re-elected to the chairpersons’ post. Her role on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education has enabled her to champion and defend the Detroit charter school system. On November 23, 2016, President Trump announced that Devos would act as the Secretary of Education in his administration. She is the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince and is married to Dick Devos with whom they do most of the charitable work.

Through their family foundation, Betsy DeVos and her husband have donated their wealth to several charitable causes. This foundation was launched in 1989 and is motivated by faith. It aims at cultivating leadership in young generations, speed up transformation and provide support for education, community, arts, leadership, and justice. In the year 2015, the foundation ranked as number 24 on the Forbes list of top givers after donating 11.6 million dollars to charity. The couple’s charitable deeds, personally and through the Family Foundation summed up to 139 million dollars by the end of 2015. On Arts, Devos served on the board of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for six years. While serving the center, Betsy Devos and her husband funded a center to educate arts managers on methods of fundraising and the management of their cultural institutions. Additionally, the couple donated over 22.5 million dollars to continue the endeavor. In the year 2009, Devos Foundation founded the ArtPrize. ArtPrize is a global art competition that seeks to bring artist together and celebrate them.

Devos advocates for education. According to her, the school system in the States should be opened up for profit charter schools. As a result, parents will be offered an increased choice. Devos has championed for school vouchers. The vouchers would allow students to enroll in private schools under the government wing. She is the head of All Children Matter, an organization she and her husband started. The organization provides scholarships to students attending private schools. She has funded the organization since its inception. Betsy is a defender of the Detroit charter school system. Together with her husband, they have introduced an annual scholarship program for students earning BBA at the University of Northwood. To the Potters House, a Christian school based in Grand Rapids, she donated 200,000 dollars through the family foundation in 2015. Truly her philanthropy knows no bounds.

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Wen Is Giving People Incredible Results

Proper hair care can be a challenge for anyone. There are a wide variety of products on the market and it is hard to know how they will work on your hair unless you learn by trial and error. Most of the products that are used on hair are harsh and damage hair. It can strip the natural oil and make the cuticle ragged which can cause frizzy hair. Sulfates are one of the main culprits with this problem. So you may be wondering how to go about selecting the right products? The answer is to choose a widely respected product that has a reputation for delivering incredible results. A great product that enhances your hair is Wen by Chaz Dean (

Wen was created to thoroughly cleanse the celebrity clientele‘s hair at Chaz Dean’s salon. He wanted to create a product that combined botanicals into a single product that would gently cleanse and condition the hair without weighing it down. He created his Wen cleansing conditioner, and once people saw just how much it changed the hair for the better it began to fly off of the shelves. WEN became incredibly popular and can be found at most beauty supply stores and even at major retailers. The products are also available at

Wen gives hair bounce and shine without damaging it. It is a creme rinse formula that is worked into the hair and then rinses out. It is simply to use and smells great. Women everywhere are thrilled with the results that they get with Wen. It has become one of the best-selling hair care products in the country.

More products details available on the WEN Facebook page.

Launching Of New Real Estate Application at Davos Real Estate Group by David Osio and the Executive Team

Davos Real Estate Group declared the dispatch of its new portable application “Davos CAP Calculator” in an official proclamation to its clients. The application plans to assess the return on land interests in which the customer is keen on. REG (Real Estate Group) is one of the free organizations that structures Davos Financial Group, a universal budgetary gathering and pioneer in the Latin American market for more than two decades in providing comprehensive financial guidance. Its business objective spotlights on detailing an investment system that meets the desires and needs of every customer, consolidating premium products in the administrative structure. The framework requires good services, and experience of an expert group specific and authorized for each of the services provided. Official Director of Davos REG has been working closely with the organization Tecknolution on the plan and advancement of this helpful device, which permits one to assess the value of an investment property, after the costs connected with the property are considered. The application has been created on the most recent innovation platforms and is right now accessible for both iPhone and Android gadgets. This underlying application is the start of a progression of integral applications, which will include the capacity to distinguish properties through your cell phone and forward reports of historical real estates to your specialist at Davos through an interactive chat.

David Osio, Executive Director and Founder of the Davos Financial Group, has a strong understanding of financial practices across various sectors. Prior to his current position as director, Osio obtained a Law Degree from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Venezuela, where he also held Banking and Finance courses. Later, he assumed the responsibility of Director of the law firm MGO in Caracas, from which he offered legal advice to a number of corporate clients. Today, David Osio has a degree in higher education at the IESA (Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administration) and the New York Institute of Finance, where he studied Portfolio Management and Banking. Given his outstanding experience as a Legal Adviser and his clear bank knowledge, he managed to hold management positions in the Private Banking Division of Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami, and in less than two years, he became Vice President of Commercial Banking, In which the volume of the client portfolio is increased and the positioning of the Bank is strengthened internationally.

In 1993 David Osio decided to become independent, thus establishing Davos Financial Group, a conglomerate of independent companies dedicated to comprehensive financial advice for the most select group of clients. Since then, David J. Osio as CEO and Founder of the Davos Financial Group has developed a proactive leadership which has allowed him to not only increase the corporate income level consecutively during the last years, but also to strengthen and expand in Little time boundaries of business. Davos Financial Group through its different independent and duly licensed companies in each of the jurisdictions from which they operate, maintain intermediation agreements with respected banks from all over the world, additionally offers advice on asset allocation and risk analysis, reports Consolidated investment and more.

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About David Osio


George Soros’ generosity has shocking personal cost

George Soros is one of the greatest traders in history. Over a 43 year career at the helm of his own fund, he’s returned almost 25% annualized over the entire period to his investors. This staggering result has earned him the 23rd spot on the list of richest people in the world.

So it may come as a major surprise to know the true personal cost of his philanthropy. Through his Open Societies Foundations and its predecessor organization on, he’s given away over $11 billion since 1973. Some other billionaires, like Bill Gates, rival this figure, but most don’t. Some, such as Warren Buffet, are famous for having actually spent virtually none of their fortunes on charity. In the case of Soros, who may be the most prolific philanthropist of the last 40 years, both the scope and period over which his donations extend have incredible implications when calculating the true cost of his generosity.

The explosive power of compound interest

There’s a well-known phrase on Biography which states that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. While that may be a bit hyperbolic, it is true that, in general, processes which have a compounding or positive feedback element at their core, such as nuclear fusion, do, in fact, comprise some of the most powerful forces in the universe. And this rule extends nicely to the compounding returns of investment capital on Snopes.

If you were to take $1000 and allow that to compound at 25% over a period of 10 years, at the end of that period you would have $9,313. That’s over nine times your starting capital, not bad. But, if like George Soros, you were able to compound that same principal amount over 43 years at 25%, you would end up with $14,693,000. That’s a fortune earned off starting capital of $1000. Such is the extreme power of high returns left to compound.

So how does this relate to Soros? Well, as stated, he’s given away over $11 billion since 1973. What’s important, though, is that much of this was given away long ago. Since Soros has generated 25%, year after year, decade after decade, those billions which he gave away in the 70s and 80s would have been compounding this entire time.

Calculating how much he gave away in each year and then compounding it is frankly too much work for this article, although it can certainly be done by the dedicated reader. However, even with a conservative estimate, the amount of opportunity cost that George Soros has incurred for not reinvesting all of his profits into his phenomenally successful fund are astronomical. If we say, for instance, that he gave away the equivalent of just $1 billion in 1985, today, that money would be worth over $1 trillion dollars. That would make Soros not just the richest man alive, but the richest man who had ever lived. Clearly, this proves that George Soros’ abnegation in giving away his nest eggs before they hatched is orders of magnitude more towering than even the $11 billion sticker price would lead us to believe.

Bold Colors, Bold Plans From Doe Deere

Life demands that people be bold. Being bold is not easy for many people. They may want to step forward and take charge but find it hard to do so. This is a process that Doe Deere knows well. Her career has been all about crossing that necessary line and being bold in life and in her private business doings as well. She knows that life is not for the timid. Life is about being able to see a vision and the push hard to see it come to life. As the founder of Lime Crime, perhaps the foremost internet retailer, she has done her best to see that her vision is one where the boldness is not just a concept but an actual reality that has come to life. In this way, she has seen an idea that was just something in her head leap forward into vivid life.

Life At Full Speed

Just as her willingness to move fast is bold, so too, is her sense of fashion and the colors that she uses in her life. She wants her customers to enjoy the feeling of using bold shades of color that she knows will help give their lives a jolt and a real feeling of truly energetic happiness at the same time. This is why her cosmetics are so brightly colored. It is her desire to be bold that allows her to feel that she is living life out life and being part of a world of intensive and delicious color. Her products are full of intensity and allow her clients to have the time to let out their own inner color sense in every possible way. It is her desire to show off the power of bold color that has been at the heart of her own career at Lime Crime.

Using Bold Ideas

Her own bold ideas are ideas that she has translated from a concept to an actual color that people can wear. Those who look at her site are often struck happily by the fact that the colors they find here are full of amazing saturation and glorious color. Her greens are lime greens or emerald greens that mimic the exact colors found boldly nature. Her pinks that she markets are also intensely stunning shades with lots of the color that reminds clients of pink flowers and sunsets streaked with a soft shade of mauve. Her other colors are also used equally intensely and designed to help people show off their own inner boldness. In tapping into such boldness, she shows people that it is possible to be bold in everything they do in life. This includes making bold makeup choices each day.

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Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Is Changing The Way We View Bottled Water

Since Ryan Emmons launched his unique bottled water brand in 2012, the company has grown an astonishing 5,000 percent. Almost 2,000 stores across the United States currently sell Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water and sales are through the roof. The company is even building a new manufacturing facility in Hawaii in order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand.

It may be surprising to many that a bottled water product is capable of creating such a buzz. However, this isn’t your average bottled water. Emmons has managed to manufacture a product that is impressively sustainable and ethical and boasts a uniquely high nutritional content.

According to Crunchabse, when Emmons visited the Waiakea Spring in Hawaii a few years back while on vacation with his family, he noticed that this water was highly unique for a number of reasons. First, the water undergoes a natural filtration system as it flows along porous volcanic rock. As it travels down to the spring, it picks up high levels of silica, an ingredient shown to dramatically improve health and aid in the prevention of dementia. This filtration system also gives the water a unique pH level that makes it highly alkaline.

The most intriguing thing that Emmons discovered, however, is that this water is completely sustainable. As the region experiences heavy rain throughout the year, new water continuously flows into the spring.

Emmons decided to bottle the water and revolutionize the concept of bottled water altogether. While recent studies have shown the negative impact that bottled water has on the environment, Waiakea Water uses a manufacturing process that is completely carbon neutral. The materials from which the bottles are made are fully recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

The brand also has a unique ethical edge as well. Forbes reported that Emmons has teamed up with Pump Aid to donate 650 liters of clean water to underprivileged African communities for every liter of Waiakea Water sold.

Currently, the company is worth over $10 million and continues to see enormous growth annually. Emmons suspects that the company’s success is the result of shifting attitudes when it comes to the products that we consume. As we grow more aware of the ethical and environmental impacts of our choices, a bottled water brand that has taken so many steps to give back to the world is changing the way that we look at bottled beverage products forever.

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Transit Experts Provide Williamson County with Solutions to Curb its Traffic issues

A number of discussions touching on Austin area’s transit have been directed at the city. A growth summit held in the recent past had the opportunity to look at the transportation challenges from the angle of the needs that the suburban communities in the area had. The panel involved in the discussion had Mr. Mike Heiligenstein from CTRMA, Joseph Kopser, the founder of RideScout LLC, Jared Fickling from ArgoDesign and Leander Johns, Texas external affairs director of Uber technologies. The discussion event took place at the Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel & Conference Center. It was centered on the various ways that technology is changing the transportation face across the world and the Austin region in particular.



The need to grow the transportation capacity of Austin Area



Mike Heiligenstein noted that indeed new technologies like ridesharing apps and driverless vehicles had the ability to transform the transportation infrastructure in the area; there is still a need to invest more in the capacity. This would particularly involve the developing of more smart roads as the only way to fully satisfy and meet the demands placed on the existing infrastructure by the growing population in Williamson County. Mike stated that the county had tried to develop its infrastructure over the last 15 years, but there was need to expand these capacities.



Policymakers’ preparations for the Future



Ficklin insisted on the need to make land-use and building codes more flexible. He was responding to a query raised by the mayor of Round Rock, Alan McGraw, on the steps that policymakers ought to take in preparation of meeting future transportation needs. Ficklin insisted on the need to develop more roads and parking garages as the new autonomous vehicles will still need to use them. The parking garages will have a number of levels and that is not allowed in the existing building codes currently.






CTRMA is an autonomous agency of the government that was launched back in 2002 to help in improving the transportation systems of Travis and Williamson counties. The mission of the agency is the implementation of transportation solutions aimed at reducing congestion and create those that will enhance economic vitality and life quality. A board of directors consisting of seven members oversees the mobility authority.



About Mike Heiligenstein



Mike Heiligenstein has led an illustrious career in developing infrastructure in the Central Texas area and is the executive director of CTRMA. He has represented the citizens in this fast growing area in the Williamson County as an elected official for 23 years. He holds a Masters in Business and Government Administration (University of Texas graduate).

Vintners and Wine in the UK

In today’s modern world, winemaking has become more of a scientific process than using natural means and has become one of the most rapidly booming businesses of the century. Vintners; wine makers and merchants have now taken up the form of large corporations. Nowadays, the vintner’s job is not just about overseeing the crushing of grapes or storing it but is a lot more science oriented. It involves an in-depth study of the science of wine i.e. oenology.

Though winemaking itself goes back to early civilizations where it came into being by a combination of accident and curiosity, today it is carefully studied and experimented within laboratories.

Today the UK wine industry has become about competition and evolution. Many vineyards have also become tourist spots. Most large vintner companies are in the business of buying and selling wine not only locally but also internationally. In fact, a Society of Vintners, which consists of independent enterprises in the UK, work together to get the best range of wine along with the most competitive rates.

Companies like the Vintner and UKV PLC do not just sell wine but also add other services such as input from wine connoisseurs or even aid in curating the wine. Each step from choosing the right kind of grape to the best type of soil is elaborated upon on their websites. Certain companies like Viader Vintners offer their events in addition to offering professional advice about choosing the right wine for specific events. Each company also specializes in the wine specific to certain areas so one can buy rare varieties of wine online with great ease.

These websites don’t just provide information about wine itself but are also used in the purchasing of wine i.e. by creating a membership account one can order any wine from these top tier companies. For some high-end companies like Merchant Vintner, you need to be a member to even view their exclusive list. Other companies like UKV PLC are more flexible and offer delivery and storage options. A&B Vintners offer a more personal interaction as its owner likes to keep in touch with his customers himself.

These companies are at the very top of the UK wine industry and cater not just to individuals but small companies as well. Per several reports, 2016 was a big year for sparkling wines in the UK, or rather outside the UK as it was exported to 27 countries – a record. Ecstatic merchants are gearing up for an even higher export in 2017.

Over the holidays, Securus video visitation isn’t just gift for inmates

Securus Technology is a global leader in prison services. Over the last decade, it has developed and rolled out perhaps its most important and successful product. Securus Video Visitation allows inmates to stay connected with their families and loved ones in ways that were not previously possible. On top of that, the cost savings are tremendous to families who in past times were required to get in the car and physically travel to the prison where their incarcerated loved one was housed. But inmates and their families are only the most obvious beneficiaries of this innovative new technology. It turns out there are a whole host of unseen winners when a prison installs video visitation.



Video visitation – the gift that keeps on giving


One of the most dangerous scenarios any corrections officer faces is a non-compliant, violent inmate who thinks he has nothing to lose. Aside from organized criminal gangs, the single biggest threat to any correctional institution is violent inmates with defiant attitudes towards officers and prison rules. Keeping inmates connected with the outside world and the lives they lived and will someday return to is perhaps the most effective ameliorant against loss of hope. Video visitation privileges also provide a potent incentive for inmates to follow prison rules and engage in pro-social behavior. In fact, data shows that institutions where Securus video visitation has been installed suffer significantly fewer episodes of violence and have significantly better rates of inmate compliance. Video visitation makes the institute itself safer.


Another direct benefit of video visitation is enjoyed by the corrections officers themselves. Because inmate visitations are mostly mandated by state law and Supreme Court decisions, with some limitations, officers have no choice but to move an inmate whose loved ones have come to visit him throughout the prison. In the past, this often constituted the most dangerous part of a corrections officer’s day. Many inmates belong to gangs and often times moving them through parts of the prison controlled by other gangs in order to reach the visitation area was unavoidable. Under such scenarios, extreme violence often broke out in the blink of an eye.


In other cases, the inmate being moved took the opportunity of limited restraint and being in a more loosely controlled area of the prison to attack prison staff directly. In some tragic cases, such attacks have led to fatalities of corrections officers. With video visitation being widely implemented these risks are being largely removed, making prisons much safer for both inmates and staff alike.



Can Sujit Choudhry Bring Constitutionalism To The World?

The Background Of Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry was born in New Delhi, India, but his family moved to Canada when he was still fairly young. Once in Canada, Choudhry was exposed to an entirely new world. He was able to receive an international education and a better understanding of other cultures. This eventually led him to study constitution law at 3 universities in 3 different countries. Once he had completed his education, Sujit Choudhry was prepared to help others as a professor of law.

An Expert In Constitution Building

The main focus of his academic career is constitutional law. He researches and instructs his students on matters of constitution building and how today’s developing countries are creating their own unique approaches to constitution. Beyond academia, he has used his expertise to assist non-government organizations who contend with issues pertaining to constitutional law. Specifically, he serves as a consultant for the World Bank Institute and is also a consultant for a number of universities including Harvard University. His expertise has even attracted the interest of developing countries looking for advice when forming their constitutions and transitioning from authoritarianism.

The Developing Nations Join In

Perhaps the most important work performed by Sujit Choudhry is assisting developing countries in the process of transitioning. Among the countries that sought out the advice of Choudhry are Ukraine, South Africa, and in particular Middle Eastern countries. During the Arab Spring, Choudhry served as an advisor to the reformers who sought out ways to change their home countries. While there are currently ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, his work as undeniably had an impact on that lives of Middle Easterners and garnered support for more open and democratic societies among the populace.

What Lies Ahead

Currently, Sujit Choudhry is busy working on several research projects and a book. His research projects are centered around the security issues affecting developing constitutional governments today such as territorial disputes and authoritarian populism. His book is centered around his birth country India and the development of its constitution. He expects to release it under Oxford University Press.