Christopher Linkas on the viability of passive investment

Investing in real estate is probably one of the most misunderstood investment niches. However, Christopher Linkas, an investor in this specific niche is indisputably the most enlightened person in real estate investment. His knowledge in this area stretches back in early 1990s as a Bowdoin College fresh graduate. In the current financial investment, it is without a doubt that housing is the most lucrative area an investor can invest. However, it is a double-edged sword.

Single-family rentals are attractive to many new investors. The investment pundit, Christopher Linkas views this as a bad investment move. He points out that the single-family rentals first lacks a viable cash flow. Any investment without a sustainable cash flow in the housing market according to him is not worth risking. Second, compared to other forms of investments in the housing economy, Christopher Linkas, views it as a move with excess risks. The risks factor is not forgetting the fact that as a market, it lacks the economies of scale. These factors make it one of the riskiest markets to invest according to him.

The housing market according to Christopher Linkas has a future on Passive Real Estate (commercial). According to him, passive investment presents the investor with limitless possibilities such as loss limitations; it has a better and more investor-based model. The passive investment also can accommodate different professionals to the pool and therefore improving the chances of earning more.

Is investing in single rentals a bad idea? The investment guru Christopher Linkas disagree on that notion. He believes that although to a certain extent the model is not economically viable to ambitious investors, it still makes some financial sense. However, he points out that as an investment model, the time factor makes it not a long term viable.

The complexity of investment (especially the real estate) to an investor is one of the reasons Christopher Linkas is so passionate about enlightening people on what is viable and what is not. As an expert in this ever-changing investment area, he blends his experience with the current financial situation to give the real estate investor relatable and objective guidance.



The Story of Johanan Rand

Johanan Rand is the famous founder of Healthy Aging Medical Centers that are located in New Jersey. He is a rehabilitation doctor, physical medicine and also a great Physiatrist. He is a former student of the famous Einstein Medical Center in New York, United States. His work is practicing Peer-Review Medicine. He has been known for his considerable efforts towards ensuring that he helps as many people as possible achieve in their career. He has been on the first lane doing thorough research when it comes to matters relating to his profession. He is very optimistic and passionate about his career journey and has helped a lot of people attain their goals in life. His star of success has continued to shine all through.


Johanan Rand is also a great author who writes great and educating journals relating to his career. He always prescribes treatments to think he is very sure of. The thing that he later puts on medical articles and journals. His work has always been backed up by thorough investigation and professionalism.


Johanan Rand is very understanding, kind and also very sensitive to patient’s health needs and also their concerns. He is so humble to them and always listens to them before planning on the best treatment methods and procedures. He is a renowned fitness and health expert and has become a great role model for his clients. He has been able to help them attain their important goals in life. He is passion driven and has always been motivated by the art of high commitment and success.


Johanan Rand is currently working on his new book by name, ’it is too late to live past 100’. He is basing his facts on a well-researched report and has focused his skills on the best career advancement. His passion has been to succeed in his career and have always dedicated his life towards greatness in life. He has a contagious motivation and enthusiasm and prides himself towards making many people reach their health goals. His programs emphasize on supplements, bio-identical hormones, nutrition and also fitness.



The Investors Almanac: Stansberry Research

Any serious investor knows how valuable financial information is. Receiving proper advice and strategy are crucial components of successful investing. Founded in 1999 and operating out of Baltimore, Maryland, Stansberry Research has been offering an arrangement of suggestions, strategies, and guidance for those in the investment world. Their multifaceted approach gives their company depth and diversity. Risk management is an integral part of any investors equation. Stansberry Research puts their subscribers at ease by not holding back any information and identifying key investment possibilities. The company’s model is built on forming a long lasting rapport with their patrons. Establishing genuine relationships is a primary goal for them as they do not seek to earn money from trial subscriptions. Allowing all of their proposals to be publicly analyzed each year shows the transparency and answerability of this company. Investors want to know the advice they are being given is sound and has proven to be so in the past, so this public track record is vital and assuring. “Treat others how you want to be treated” is the motto of their business. Their subscribers feel secure with the customer service they receive and knowledge they attain. Not serving as advisors or brokers, Stanberry Research provides publications that inform their subscribers as thoroughly as they’re able to. The suggestions they make are based on the vigorous research they take part in. The firm provides updated notifications on every major stock market worldwide. Some publications only release information monthly, however Stanberry Research provides opinions and information daily as well as weekly. The investors geared conferences that this company sets up gives an even more in depth analysis of the information they supply through their publications. Their customers hold them in a high regard and this is because they deliver every time. The Diversity of what they publish leaves something for every investor to look into.



Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is Brazil’s Legal Super Hero

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is the Chief Judge for the Brazilian Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo. Judge da Silva was born in the industrial city of Itapetininga in 1958. He began his legal studies at the Pontifical Catholic University-SP in Rio de Janeiro where he graduated with honors.


After he graduated from Pontifical Catholic University-SP the first time, he returned and received a Masters and Doctorate. Then in 2005, Judge da Silva achieved a postdoctoral fellowship from the Faculty of Law in Coimbra, Portugal. Following this fellowship, he was named as a judge to the Coimbra Court of Appeals.


Judge da Silva has held many court positions throughout Sao Paulo and beyond since 1983. He also earned his professor tenure in 2003 at the Perdizes Campus of Sao Paulo, teaching criminal law. He continues in this position today.


He also serves as a visiting professor emeritus within a large number of large and small educational institutions in Brazil. Professor and Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has authored a variety of books and articles on the following:


> Brazil’s state of affairs

> Brazil’s constitutionality

> Brazil’s criminal procedural law

> Brazil’s fundamental rights


In 2018, Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva released another book amid great acclaim. His latest book is entitled “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity.’ The book text has earned him an official recognition by the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Law.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has experienced an impressive career in both academics and in the field of law. It is noted that the many educational awards presented to Judge da Silva have been awarded because of his many illustrious years as an educator and his untiring efforts to the Luso-Brazilian legal cooperation.


Judge da Silva has a suggestion for those seeking to fulfill their career goals:


> Set goals with focus, be persistent and work hard

> Be helpful to others

> Listen to differing opinions which helps to build more knowledge and experience

> Balance your life. Carve out time for work, study, faith, and other fun pursuits

> Strive to contribute some of your time and resources towards alleviating human suffering.



Humanitarian and Biotech Entrepreneur- Jeff Aronin

Paragon Biosciences is a biotechnology incubator and an investment organization which was established with a significant purpose of helping individuals with an illness that lack treatment options or therapies. Jeff Aronin is the Chief Executive Officer of Paragon Biosciences and is known for his commitment to helping those suffering from rare diseases. Paragon’s portfolio companies use advanced research methods to discover new innovative approaches to developing treatments and medication. Ever since the founding of Paragon Biosciences, they have invested heavily in helping their portfolio companies exceed. Despite the groundbreaking techniques for treatment studied and used in the medical industry, Jeff Aronin wants to make a difference in the industry by taking innovation and biotechnology to higher levels.

Through Paragon Biosciences, Mr. Aronin has been using his innovative approach and experience to heighten medical conceptualization for treating patients with rare diseases. Jeff believes that one needs to go beyond the current idea to treat conditions. Paragon Biosciences works together with a team of experienced researchers and who are passionate about studying new treatment methods. Paragon also aids its portfolio companies in ensuring they are staffed with world-class researchers and medical experts who are dedicated to developing innovative treatments for a specified illness. Each of the organizations is independently led although they are part of the Paragon Biosciences portfolio of companies. Paragon Biosciences is a known name in the biotechnology industry and through Jeff’s Aronin leadership and his team of researchers and experts they have overseen the development of 14 drugs which have been approved by the United States Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

For over 20 years Jeff Aronin has been working in the biotechnology industry. Jeff Aronin is passionate about biotechnology and even though his organization prides itself on being among the top companies in the industry, Jeff is not satisfied simply by FDA approvals. He’s more concerned with the lives of the people those drugs help improve or save. Mr. Aronin has invested heavily in research and development of novel drugs and is committed to helping patients in need.


Robert Ivy is the executive vice president and CEO of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), which he holds since 2011. He is a man with an impeccable character and thus making him be recognized as a recipient of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement. This award is given to artists and art sponsors in Mississippi. Before now, no architect has ever won it. Therefore, Robert Ivy becomes the first architect to win the award. He was presented the award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL). Check out on youtube for more updates.

His latest achievement has attracted appraisals from associates. The president of MIAL, Nancy Laforge, said that he is a man with an awesome personality, who has made architecture more obtainable to the residence of Mississippi. She added that the award given to him was duly deserved. Similarly, Carl Elefante, AIA president, congratulated him; adding that he is a worthy ambassador to the profession. Other people to have won the award are Eudora Welty, Shelby Foote, Morgan Freeman, Leontyne Price and Walter Anderson.

Since AIA existence, it is experiencing its highest global recognition due to his influence in the firm. His impacts on AIA have led other American architects around the globe to practice through the help of the seven world chapters of AIA. This award given to him didn’t come as a surprise to people because he is a previous honoree of the Master Architect award and the Dean’s Medal of the University of Arkansas. On June 2nd, Robert Ivy and Andrew Cary Young, an artist, would officially be honored with the award.

Robert Ivy is a commentator, writer, and author. He published a book in 2001 called Fay Jone: Architect. He worked with Architectural Record as the editor-in-chief. While working with Architectural Record, he helped lift the status of the firm globally. He also helped the firm in achieving different awards like the National Magazine award. Furthermore, he oversaw his firm’s blueprint and construction media during its expansion in China, which resulted in the launching of Architectural record in Mandarin Version, and in the Mideast countries.

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Matt Badiali, the Man behind Freedom Checks

‘Freedom Checks’ is a term all investors or even season experts come across regularly. Such people are also aware of the various benefits that freedom checks bring about. While trying to climb up the investment ladder, you will come across many people using the shortcuts and lure others towards achieving their financial goals in the easiest way possible. Additionally, there are many scums surrounding the investment industry. As such a large number of investors shy away from embracing new opportunities.

Notably, Freedom Checks is a genuine opportunity with great returns if you follow the right guidelines as illustrated by Matt Badiali. Unlike many investors in the world who just rely on news stories and basic research on companies, Matt uses hands-on strategies to enhance the success of his investments. According to Matt Badiali, Freedom Checks are unique yet hidden investment opportunities. You can also term them as monthly or quarterly shares from the prime limited partnerships which Matt mostly compares to dividend checks. Matt provides investors with reliable advice on oil and gas companies based in the US that you can consider while investing in Freedom Checks. He also backs up the huge return on investments one gets from these companies in that they are subject to drastic gains just like any other stocks on exchanges. Just like Matt does it, your investment is on the winning end if you pick an MLP that has in-demand assets adding up to over one billion.

Matt Badiali, a renowned geologist holds an earth science master’s degree. As part of his career journey, he has traveled all around the world analyzing the numerous sources of fuel such as coal mines and oil fields. Through this, Badiali had the opportunity to conduct interviews with reputable Chief Executive Officers of companies dealing with the supply of energy. He bases his insights on freedom checks on an investment in energy stocks in 2008 when he earned impressive returns unlike his counterparts in the stock market crash that year. Over the years, Badiali uses his investing expertise by giving insights to investors on natural resources.

Therefore, you can always borrow useful insights from Matt Badiali on matters of investing in Freedom Checks whenever in doubt or need answers.

Fagali Airport

Fagali is an island village located in Samoa. Based on a 2006 census, the poplulation of Fagali was only 1,571 people. Despite its small size, Fagali has its own airport. When the airport first opened, it was a grass strip airport. The airport was previously shut down, and the runways were paved. The airport was reopened in July of 2002. Following the reopening of the airport, the government and local villagers became concerned with the noise from the airport. They were also concerned about safety in relation to the airport being in operation. Due to the ongoing concerns, a little over two and a half years after reopening, Fagali Airport was decommissioned and closed in January 2005. Visit Fagali Airport at Wikipedia to find out more.

Polynesian Airlines owns Fagali Airport. On July 1, 2009, the airline reopened the airport. With the opening of the airport, services were resumed. This included international flights previously offered.

The reopening of the airport was not celebrated by all. It was open amongst controversy within Fagali. Polynesian airlines and Fagali airport were criticised due to concern for environmental issues that would result from the operation of the airport. There was again concerns regarding safety with relation to the operation of the airport as well. The third concern was due to the fallout and burden that would occur within the community should the operations of the airport fail again. Despite concerns, the airport has maintained a level of success and remained open. Polynesian airlines have purchased additional airplanes to accommodate the additional flights that have been added.

Despite the Fagali airport being owned by Polynesian Airlines, there are additional carriers that operate in the airport. Samoa Air was granted the right to offer flights through their own company to and from the airport. Currently, there are 4 airlines that operate out of Fagali airport which include Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways, and Talofa Airways.

In addition to Fagali Airport, Fagali is home to the Royal Samoa Golf Course. The golf course offers 18 holes. It was originally opened in 1970 and remains in operation today.



Jed McCaleb’s Stellar is Working on the Future of Banking

As the co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation, Jed McCaleb is working to change the way the world banks. While working with technology to process cryptocurrency, he realized that many of the methods being used in that industry could be applied to real-world banking with hard currency that could help make financial services much more accessible to people around the world. There are many people around the world who do not have access to the services that financial industries have to offer, most of those affected are people with lower-income in developing countries. Surprisingly, there are still thousands if not millions of people in first world countries that are unbanked.


By using an open-source network that is funded by, Jed McCaleb and the rest of Stellar hope that almost everyone in the world will be able to access a financial industry by driving down the costs and simplifying the transaction process. While technology has been developing quickly over the years, the banking industry has fallen pretty far behind. While works closely with Jed McCaleb’s banking aspirations, they also provide funding for open source projects of many different types.


\Along with his busy schedule with the Stellar Development Foundation, Jed McCaleb is highly involved with MIRI, the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. Artificial Intelligence is developing rapidly and as an advisor to the organization, Jed McCaleb wants to make sure that artificial intelligence will benefit humanity as much as possible. The organization is a non-profit that recognizes the fact that artificial intelligence may soon surpass human intelligence in just a matter of years.


Many of Jed McCaleb’s fans know him from his work on The Far Wilds with Code Collective. Code Collective was founded in 2007 and is responsible for the creation of the game that focuses on turn-based strategy with clever plays. While he no longer has time to devote to the game, The Far Wilds is still alive and well. Instead of letting the game essentially disappear, he gave the game and the responsibility that came with it to a group of fans that were dedicated to keeping it alive.

How Kevin Seawright Is Contributing To Baltimore

Kevin Seawright is a Baltimore, Maryland, based businessman who owns and operates a company called RPS Solutions LLC. Otherwise known as Real Property Solutions, his company encourages diversity and homeownership in that city. They buy older homes and bring in contractors and volunteers to fix the homes up. Once that process is completed they are sold to first-time homebuyers. His company also helps these people get mortgages through a network of lenders they have developed. His company opened its doors for business in January 2015. View Kevin Seawright’s profile at LinkedIn

For several years he had worked in various management capacities for the city of Baltimore. He started out as a payroll director in January 2001. His last position in public service was as the deputy chief operating officer/finance director/property director where he managed more than 200 buildings, 800 employees, and 500 contractors. He managed a budget that was annually $134 million which was used to renovate schools, manage homeless shelters, and other important areas.

It was in March 2011 that he first started working in private industry. He got a job as the operations vice president at Tito Contractors. He was responsible for managing the accounting department and strategically planning $50 million to be invested in the Mid-Atlantic region. While still working for Tito Contractors he also became the executive director of operations for Collington Episcopal Life Care Community where he managed their financial matters.

Among his core skills are contract negotiations, managing budgets, providing oversight of both employees and contractors, managing infrastructure, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs. Kevin Seawright attended Notre Dame University’s Mendoza School of Business where he earned his BMA as well as additional certifications. In his personal life he is a big fan of sports and has been a basketball coach at Suffolk Virginia Recreation for almost three years. He also has a young daughter who he dotes on as often as possible.

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