Jose Auriemo Neto a Game Changer in the Brazilian Real Estate Market

In the last few decades, the real estate market in Brazil has changed dramatically. The real estate sector of Brazil was in deflation mode for many years, and the prices of properties along with interest were high making it difficult for local buyers to purchase them. Since the demand for properties decreased, the Brazilian developers and real estate agents too found themselves in trouble. But, the scenario has completely changed today due to the action of a few people. The government is putting in some serious reforms in place that will benefit the real estate industry.

One of the main reasons behind the change is the efforts of the top real estate companies to revive the ailing sector. Companies such as JHSF were the first to explore some of the other commercial property markets that is profitable. The company invested in commercial properties such as large shopping centers in the middle of the cities and towns. With the demand for such property increasing, there was a sudden growth of demand for commercial and residential properties as well.

José Auriemo Neto is the present CEO and the chairman of JHSF. His predecessors have helped build a strong base for the company, and he is taking it forward with much zeal. Apart from offering an extensive portfolio of products and services, he is constantly looking for new opportunities that no one has explored before. He is ready to take calculative risks since he has a strong team that backs him up.

José Auriemo Neto has managed to build partnerships with leading luxury brands like Daslu, Reebok Academy, Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, Cinemark and others for his shopping complexes and aims to bring more international brands to Brazil. The main aim of JHSF is to bring Brazil into the global market and attract many other luxury brands to come and invest in the country.


The American Institute Of Architects Moves From New York To A Group Of International Importance

In 1957 a group of 13 architects from New York came together to form a trade-based membership group which would guarantee the quality of the work completed in 19th-century New York. The group could never have imagined the importance their association would become over the course of the next 150 plus years; the membership group which would become the Robert Ivy led American Institute of Architects was original to be called the New York Institute of Architects until architects from across the U.S. stepped in and wished to join the subscription group.

Although the first attempts at building a subscription-based group of architects saw the original mission of the group be to build a better and more complete construction industry this goal soon expanded to include the need to assist in developing nationwide building regulations. The original 13 architects who formed the American Institute of Architects have now expanded to include 200 full-time members of staff at the Washington D.C. headquarters under the leadership of EVP and CEO, Robert Ivy.

The evolution of the American Institute of Architects has continued apace under the leadership of Robert Ivy as he believes the membership group should use its influence to be more proactive in building stronger relationships with those creating construction regulations across the nation and the world. In the view of Robert Ivy, the people of the world require groups such as the American Institute of Architects to build their awareness of the major construction and building issues needing attention in the 21st-century; an award-winning public awareness campaign was created by Robert Ivy and his team to build awareness of the issues of climate change which will form the major architectural challenge of the next few decades.

Major public awareness campaigns do form much of the work completed by the American Institute of Architects but the day-to-day operation of the construction industry is the cornerstone of the work being completed by the group. One of the most important pieces of business for the American Institute of Architects is to maintain model contracts for construction purposes to ensure all parties in the industry are protected during business dealings s projects are completed.

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Fagali’I Airport


Fagali’I Airport is located in Fagali’I, Samoa and while it is one of the smaller airstrips on the island, it is the main airstrip used for local island travel. Previously owned by Polynesian Airlines and the Samoan government, Fagali’I began as a grass-only airstrip. Today, it is a thriving airport featuring flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa. It hosts many of the larger island airlines, such as Polynesian Airlines, Samoa Air, South Pacific Island Airways and Talofa Airways. All of these airlines fly internationally and provide service to destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and American Samoa.

Fagali’I airport is one of the most conveniently located to downtown Apia. The main airport, Faleolo International, is located more than 40 miles outside the city. Fagali’I is the hub for smaller flights to and from Pago Pago and other island communities, and it is located just a few miles from Apia and major destinations of interest. Apia Park, National Parliament and Faleata Golf Course to name a few, are a stone’s throw from Fagali’I and convenient to get to!

No matter what the budget of the traveler, Fagali’I is also located to some of the best rated hotels in the area. Travel websites such as Trip Adviser and Travelocity feature hotels near to Fagali’I that are as low as $78 per night all the way up to the more luxurious beachfront options that might reach $234 per night. All of these hotels have a 4 star or better rating, giving travelers options for their budget without sacrificing quality of service or the beauty of their destination. It would be difficult to find an uninteresting place near to the Fagali’I airport!

The city of Apia maintains its closeness to traditional island culture, and Fagali’I airport allows that culture to remain intact while also offering travel options to more modern urban settings such as Pago Pago, American Samoa. It is a great connector between the islands and remains an asset to the island community to this day.

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Trabuco: A Must Have Weapon in the Ancient Battles

Trabuco is a kind of attack weapon that dates from the middle age. It was meant to smash the walls of the enemies or shoot projectiles over them. The weapon has its origin in China. During the Crusades time, the Europeans used it as the weapon was efficient and frightening.

Unlike mangonels and catapults, this weapon does not involve any kind of complication in its use. What made it be popular, is the fact that it was easy to manufacture as well as carry out maintenance of the weapon. Additionally, its ability to handle heavy projectiles and launch them over long distances as compared to arms of the same caliber.

The Trabuco works by converting the gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy, but not all the potential drive is changed to potential energy, the other form of the energy is lost to heat and sound energy. The counterweight size determines the projectile distance.

Due to physical calculations of potential difference, Trabuco is used by teachers to explain this physical principle. There existed two types of the Trabuco, namely tensile Trabuco and hybrid Trabuco. Tensile Trabuco, it was operated by a man. The short end was designed to be pulled by people. The largest example of the Trabuco that was ever recorded is the one that was used by Wu Jing Yao de Zong. It was handled by 250 people and was able to hurdle a stone of 140-pound up to 80 meters. The machine was rare due to complicated procedures of controlling large numbers of the people who used to operate it.

Despite the fact that the machine was able to deliver up to four short per minutes, the main challenge was that getting the people to pull the string was a problem, particularly with the same strength at the same time. Due to this characteristic, this kind of Trabuco was utilized only up to the eleventh century.

The hybrid Trabuco was used in the Middle East by the Arab merchants. They modified the design by adding the weight on the short end of the arm. According to the records of the thirteenth century, this weapon was able to hurl 400- pound stones over the walls of the Egyptian. Visit:

Life and the success of Roberto Santiago

Background information

Roberto Santiago is one of the successful entrepreneurs located in Brazil. He was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. He later joined a school where he became an X-Marist college graduate. Later, Santiago enrolled for a Business Administration course in the University of Jaoa Pessoa where he graduated. He is currently the owner of one of the biggest malls in Brazil which is named Roberto Santiago Manaira situated in Joao Pessoa.


Development of the project

In 1987, Santiago purchased a land in which the mall is situated. He also spent his monetary funds and time to make sure that it was good for the project. In a span of two years, some modification was done on the land to ensure that it was to hold a building in 1989. In that same year, the mall was built and launched where it began its functionality. There are many activities that happen inside there which include gaming place, an education institution, a gym, and cinema and food court.


Activities in the mall

The mall is large and spacious to hold some of the entertainment activities. The Domus room is located at the top of the building which has a capacity of 10,000 standing while 4000 people seated. It is therefore used for music performances, graduation services, marriages, and exhibits. In 2009, the hall was officially opened and providing a good income to Roberto Santiago.


Effects of the mall on economy

In 2013, Santiago developed another mall by the name Madeira. The two have actively been contributing to the growth of Joao Pessoa. This mall has also led to the creation of jobs and improved infrastructure in that town. Santiago has provided economic solutions to the government by ensuring it provides funds by paying tax and improvement of the market of the locally produced products. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is one of the largest in Brazil which indicates the good work of only one person.Many organizations have also relocated to the area around Joao Pessoa since there is a good market for their wears brought about by the shopping mall. This mall does not have the challenge of competition since it uses different marketing strategies compared to the others.


Education background

Roberto Santiago being an artist, scriptwriter and a Spanish movie director, studied sound and image in Complutense together with literary development at School of letters of Madrid. He has been an editor for advertising in Madrid agencies and taken part in publishing some novels. Roberto has also had the task of writing and directing films, global co-production funded by UNICEF and the independent horror comedy. His novel collections of intrigue and soccer/ has turned out an editorial spectacle where children literature is widely sold in Spain in the past years.


About the Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’i is a small village located on the island of Upolu in the Samoan archipelago region which is approximately 5 kilometers on the south-eastern side of Apia. The population of this town is around 1,500 according to the 2006 census. The means of transport in the village is via air transport and road. Air transport is offered by the Fagali’i airport which is located in the vicinity of the town.

Fagali’i Airport is an airport located in Fagali’I Samoa. The airport was paved and reopened in 2002 by the previous owners, the Samoan government, and the Polynesian Airlines. In 2009, the Polynesian Airlines took ownership of the airport and commissioned its opening with flights destined to Pago Pago and the American Samoa.

The airport is recognized and certified by IATA with an operational code of FGI. It also has an ICA Code which is NSFOI. Anyone willing to visit Samoa and enjoy the cozy lifestyle and sunny beaches can do so by booking a flight destined to Fagali’i. Currently, only two airlines, namely the Talofa Airways, and Samoa Airways are operational in the airport. However, this should not act as a form of discouragement since the flights are operational on a daily basis. What you need to do is to book your flight on time, and you are ready to go.

Fagali’i offers you some of the best hotels to dine and sleep in all year round. The good thing about these hotels is the fact that they are cheap and located close to the airport. For example, you can book a hotel room for as little as $57 per night. If you prefer high-end hotels such as Tumeasina Island Resort and Tanoa Tusitala Hotel, then you will be required to part with about $200, which is still affordable to many avid travelers. Various means of transport such as taxis and buses are readily available to take you to your destination. The drive from the airport to your destination is an excellent opportunity to tour the small town of Fagali’i. You will also get the chance to interact with the local community and learn more about their rich culture.

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Dr. David Samadi Advances the Quality of Surgeries

Cancer has now become the most life-threatening disease in the globe. The number of people diagnosed with cancer increases every year. Many medical facilities have therefore tried to come up with therapies that will help patients to cope with their situations and live longer. Dr. David Samadi is one of the most known doctors for their expertise at work. He was born in Iran and raised in Persia. He then moved with his brother where they continued their education in Belgium and London. His interest in the field of medicine inspired him to join Stony Brook School of Medicine. After his studies, he began his postgraduate training at Albert Einstein College of medicine as well as Montefiore Medical Centre.

Dr. David Samadi is dedicated to early detecting, diagnosing and treatment of cancer patients. He is precisely determined to improve the health of men by providing early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Through sharing medical information about cancer through radio show as well as his website, Samadi has educated people on how to lead a healthy life and how to cope up with cancer disease. He has also held a television show that has enabled him to share his knowledge with people. As a chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi spends most of his time-saving lives of prostate cancer patients. Currently, he is developing a more advanced technique of treating prostate cancer. He is aiming at making the procedure more efficient and less invasive to prevent the side effects such as impotence and incontinence which usually occur after prostate surgery. This will remove anxieties and doubt that men have on prostate surgery that makes them postpone them.

According to David, providing an excellent quality work is the most crucial part of any business person. He believes in a good team which is sufficient enough to share ideas with and implements them. He expresses that his team makes it possible for him to perform surgeries without delay. This is due to cooperation that exists between him and the team. Jealousy and envy is a cancer to him, and therefore he focuses on positivity and closeness. Dr. Samadi believes in a strict schedule as they make work run smoothly. He also treasures his team, and he treats them with respect as his own family. Effective communication with the patients is the key to gain trust from patients. According to Samadi, patients acquire a lot from him through communication, and he ensures that patients can contact him.As the chairman of Urology, David is also specialized in the treatment of urologic diseases, bladder and breast cancer. Up to now, he has been able to perform 7000 prostate cancer surgeries. With the advancement of cancer treatment and diagnosis, deaths that are related to cancer diseases will reduce.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Promoting Social Equality and Awareness

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) was founded in the year 1986 with the sole purpose being to fight for the rights of immigrants who relocate to California.

The coalition is a global leader which is encompassed of diverse immigrant individuals and families whose main function is to act as compatriots of social change as a mean of promoting mobility, participatory democracy, and full human rights.

CHIRLA’s main role is to organize and serve various individuals, coalitions, and institutions to transform public opinion, build power and change policies with the sole purpose being to achieve civil, labor, and full human rights that brings comfortability and inclusiveness under one roof.

CHIRLA is guided by three pillars namely vision, love, and power. The organization embraces social change as a way of promoting inclusivity among different individuals from different walks of life.

The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA) was founded to counter the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. This act made it illegal for the USA employers to hire undocumented immigrants.

The outcome of this act was the creation of an exploitation platform that enabled employers to exploit and abuse illegal immigrants who had no legal documents to make them work and reside in the USA.

The primary agenda for the coalition is to create an inclusive platform where immigrants can freely move from one location to another in search of a job without being victimized or exploited.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was founded by two reporters namely Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after they were paid $3.75 million for wrongful arrest and detention after covering a story that did not bind well with a local sheriff.

The organization was formed with the sole purpose being to fight for the rights of immigrants in the state of Arizona.

The two journalists sued the county sheriff after it emerged that the county had failed to recognize their first amendment rights and instead fought against it. They successfully won the case and the money received from the lawsuit was used to form the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Advocates for Human Rights

The Advocates for Human Rights is an independent, nonpartisan, and not-for-profit organization that was founded in the year 1983. For more than three decades in the industry, the organization has largely changed the lives of many refugees, women, immigrants, religious and ethnic minorities, as well as the marginalized communities.

In order for the organization to protect the marginalized and prone individuals, it conducts an extensive investigation and exposes any human right violation.

Apart from this, the organization also represents asylum seeking individuals, engage the public in matters concerning governance, promote policymaking, and most importantly, push for legal redress and reform in instances of perceived violations.

As an organization that has been on the forefront in fighting for the rights of the marginalized and minority individuals, The Advocates for Human Rights organization creates a comprehensive and extremely holistic environment that promotes change from a local and international scale.

When it comes to funding and support, the organization relies on financial support from volunteers and their partners.

The volunteers and partners implement the international human rights to address discrimination and promote the reinforcement of the rule of law.

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Daniel Taub- The Lawyer, Peacemaker and Outstanding Diplomat

Daniel Taub holds many titles for a man his age. He is a writer, Israeli diplomat and an international lawyer who has specialized in counter-terrorism as well as the laws of war.

Among the many titles, he has held, is that of Israeli’s ambassador to the United Kingdom, which he served from 2011 to 2015. It is a position that Taub served to the satisfaction of the citizens of both nations.

During the four years, he was an ambassador, the relations between the two nations strengthened economically, education wise and cultural wise. He was born in 1962 and brought up in the United Kingdom, and it is there that he received his formal education. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

Later on, Daniel moved to Israel. Here he served in various capacities such as IDF’s combat medic, a reserve officer in the IDF’s international law division, and the president’s speechwriter.

Later on, he joined the Israeli Foreign Ministry, where again he held various legal, diplomatic and political posts. Daniel Taub served as a legal advisor to Israeli’s missions to the United Nations in Geneva and New York.

Another of his significant involvements is that of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. His role was to help negotiate the agreements reached between the two sides.

Daniel Taub was also part of the Israel-Syrian peace negotiations, among other peacemaking responsibilities. His duties in the Israeli foreign ministry prepared him adequately for his role as an ambassador to the United Kingdom.

In 2011, Daniel Taub was appointed an ambassador to the court of St James. Those who criticized his appointment for being junior for the position were to be proved wrong four years later after his outstanding performance. Upon his appointment, Taub became the second UK-born Israeli ambassador to Britain.

A memorable moment was when Daniel presented his credentials to the queen. She asked him how it felt serving as an ambassador in the land he was born and raised. The queen was aware that Daniel had to give up his British citizenship before going to Israel.

Therefore, she asked Daniel how he felt serving a country that he had immigrated less than 30 years earlier. Daniel Taub responded by stating that he was privileged to have lived in Britain and that he hoped to show his gratitude by strengthening the ties of the corporation between the countries.

According to Daniel Taub, Britain is not just crucial to Israel in a historical way. On the contrary, it plays a pivotal role in Europe. He also believes that Britain media is the world media and that Britain is the financial center of the world.

That is why when he had the chance; he strengthened the ties between U.K. and Israel because he believes that the two countries have a lot to offer each other.

The Philanthropic Activities of Dick & Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos who is a reformer started engaging in politics back when she was still in college. She joined campus politics and since then, she has remained politically active. DeVos has led a number of political action committees and party organizations for more than thirty years. Betsy DeVos is the chairman of Windquest group which is a privately owned multi-company group which invests in technology and clean energy. Betsy DeVos pursues reforms in various non profit roles.


Betsy DeVos is a champion when it comes to the education of children. In an interview with Philanthropy, she reports that she is very optimistic with the growth of the education sector. She mentions that there is an estimate of two hundred and fifty thousand students in the district of Colombia. She is happy that the movement is continuing to grow and reports that they did a polling in five states and found that educational choice was popular especially with the Latinos. Public knowledge that the traditional public schools do not succeed has made people more open to the reforms which were initially considered radical.


Dick DeVos is an American author and well known business man who is based in Michigan. He went to the Forest Hill public school system. Later on, he studied Business Administration at Northwood University. He has also received honorary doctorates from Northwood University, Grove City College, and Michigan. At one point, he ran for the position of Governor of Michigan but he was not successful.


Dick DeVos is the president of The Windquest Group and he served as the president of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He has been married to his wife Betsy DeVos for more than thirty eight years and their family is made up of seven children and seven grandchildren.


Before becoming the president, Dick served as the vice president of Amway International. Under his leadership, the company performed well recording sales of up to $4.5 billion. Dick DeVos was appointed to work at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council in 2017.


Apart from business, DeVos also actively participates in the community. He founded the Education Freedom Fund which has issued more than four thousand scholarships to children who are underprivileged in Michigan. He has also served as the chair of healthcare improvement activities which includes the heart hospital of $130 million dollars and the $30 million downtown market. He is a board member of Project Clarity and the Willow creek association. Dick and Betsy launched the D&B foundation in 1989 to give back to the society.


Follow Betsy DeVos on twitter for updates.