Beauty Writer Tries a 7-Day WEN By Chaz Challenge for Shiny Big Hair

If you’ve never heard of the Wen hair system for healthy, glossy hair, then maybe you’ve been living under a rock, a big rock. That’s alright though, because Bustle contributor Emily McClure had never tried the WEN no lather shampoo method either. She was hoping for big, shiny hair help for her tired, limp locks.
Wen hair by Chaz Dean ( is all about healthy, natural botanical formulas that restore radiance and strength to tresses. Unlike regular shampoos, WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners remove the harsh detergents that strip and damage hair. His one bottle treatments cleanse deeply like shampoos, condition, detangle strands, behave as stay-in treatments and offer manageability to hair.

Chaz Dean is proud to say that his conditioning cleansers are designed to help every type of hair known around the world. That is the beauty of WEN and exactly what Emily McClure was hoping the system could do for her.
Emily has fine, oily hair to start with, and she admits to loving nighttime showers, but for the sake of the challenge, committed to a daily WEN wash every morning. When Emily stuck to the routine, her hair responded nicely, showing off shine, bounce and moisture. Even friends noticed the difference and complimented her.

WEN Hair Care products are available at Ebay.

Emily mixed up the WEN routine a few times, however, and this threw her hair off. In other words, when Emily washed with WEN at night, she awoke to greasy strands that misbehaved all day. When she once skipped the daily AM wash, her hair would not hold a curl and looked greasy early on.

Emily said WEN works well if she weren’t so lazy when it came to her hair care routine. Read more:

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