Bob Reina Does It Again


Possibly one of the most innovative CEO’s in the century, Bob Reina does it again. Bob Reina the founder of Talk Fusion, is building the next billion dollar brand right underneath most of the populations noses. In fact Talk Fusion is already one of the top 10 largest communications by video companies in the world. It’s soon to become a brand that every business cannot function without, offering a large product which is scale able to any business’ needs. Driving more business, more customers, and more transactions than standard marketing and audience retention tactics alone. Offering a solid opportunity to those willing to put in minuscule effort for high reward, Bob Reina has helped hundreds ride the growing success of Talk Fusion by means of a solid industry defining compensation plan which makes residual income a reality for Talk Fusion associates.

He believes that there’s more than just success, and he displays his drive to change the world. Bob has been instrumental to the growth and the effectiveness of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay.  Time and time again the Humane Society of Tampa Bay has thanked Bob Reina and Talk Fusion for their contributions to the work that goes in to help the thousands of animals in the area abused and/or homeless.

Bob Reina is a beloved CEO to his employee’s, where the associates would take time out of their days to spend time with Bob for his birthday. The VP of Training & Development, Allison Roberts even created a secret email where associates and those whom Bob Reina has impacted could send a video message wishing Bob a happy birthday. As a warm-felt individual, Bob was greatly touched, which proved his sincere dedication his company and all his co-workers. As the face of Talk Fusion, Bob’s sincerity is what nurtures the company and drives it to greater heights. He doesn’t shy away from his customers, often being the face on introductory video’s and working personally with Talk Fusion clients, Bob is a man who builds a relationship beyond mere business partners, he builds a family.

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  1. He aims to help all animals with homelessness and those animals being maltreated as well. Beyond just a CEO, Bob Reina is a heartfelt entrepreneur. I also have the absolute believe that assignment writers in uk is the best thing an entrepreneur can do for himself.

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