Bold Colors, Bold Plans From Doe Deere

Life demands that people be bold. Being bold is not easy for many people. They may want to step forward and take charge but find it hard to do so. This is a process that Doe Deere knows well. Her career has been all about crossing that necessary line and being bold in life and in her private business doings as well. She knows that life is not for the timid. Life is about being able to see a vision and the push hard to see it come to life. As the founder of Lime Crime, perhaps the foremost internet retailer, she has done her best to see that her vision is one where the boldness is not just a concept but an actual reality that has come to life. In this way, she has seen an idea that was just something in her head leap forward into vivid life.

Life At Full Speed

Just as her willingness to move fast is bold, so too, is her sense of fashion and the colors that she uses in her life. She wants her customers to enjoy the feeling of using bold shades of color that she knows will help give their lives a jolt and a real feeling of truly energetic happiness at the same time. This is why her cosmetics are so brightly colored. It is her desire to be bold that allows her to feel that she is living life out life and being part of a world of intensive and delicious color. Her products are full of intensity and allow her clients to have the time to let out their own inner color sense in every possible way. It is her desire to show off the power of bold color that has been at the heart of her own career at Lime Crime.

Using Bold Ideas

Her own bold ideas are ideas that she has translated from a concept to an actual color that people can wear. Those who look at her site are often struck happily by the fact that the colors they find here are full of amazing saturation and glorious color. Her greens are lime greens or emerald greens that mimic the exact colors found boldly nature. Her pinks that she markets are also intensely stunning shades with lots of the color that reminds clients of pink flowers and sunsets streaked with a soft shade of mauve. Her other colors are also used equally intensely and designed to help people show off their own inner boldness. In tapping into such boldness, she shows people that it is possible to be bold in everything they do in life. This includes making bold makeup choices each day.

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