Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital Advisors to Donate $3 Million to Wounded Vets

On March 9, Forefront Capital Advisors it was forming a partnership with the Easter Seals Dixon Center for Military and Veterans Services, and that includes donating $3 million to the center.

Forefront Capital Advisors founder and CEO Brad Reifler explained they chose the Dixon Center because of its worth with veterans. According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, 16 percent of current combat veterans are seriously wounded. Brad Reifler says he Dixon Center provides workforce training and advice to military members before they leave the service. They have educated veterans on getting a job, helped with caretakers of the wounded and formed partnerships with corporations.

The Dixon Center works with over 185,000 veterans a year where they actually live. They work through affiliates to reach as many veterans and families of the fallen as possible. They put the stress on helping veterans return to civilian life able to live happy and productive lives. They aim to change the conversation to focus on how veterans can realize their potential. To do that, they need guidance getting back to work, with education and with healthcare.

Reifler pointed out the partnership made good business sense because veterans needed financial stability to continue to contribute to their communities. The Dixon Center was founded in 2012 in partnership with the Easter Seals, an established charity. Since then, they have channeled $26 million in nonprofit investment in communities. They have interacted with 3,000 businesses ranging from small business owners to the CEOs of international corporations to enlist their support for hiring veterans. They have worked with 500 health providers to provide services to veterans. They range from small community clinics to large hospitals. indicates that Reifler founded Forefront Capital is May 2009. He started his first business, Reifler Trading Company, in the early 1980s. It grew to become one of the largest independent business active in research and the dissemination of futures and global derivatives. In 2000, he sold it to Refco, the largest futures trader in the world. He had already founded Pali Capital, making money through packaging and selling profit strategies based on hedge funds.

Reifler serves as a director on the board of Sino Mercury Company. He has been public about his opinion that Bitcoin is risky for investors. He has said that, as an investment advisor, it’s his duty to advise instestors to avoid risky investments, and that includes Bitcoin.  Follow Brad on Twitter for another look into his career.

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