Sunday Riley: Honest Claims From A Skin Care Brand That Really Works

Finding a line of skin care that one can trust and that shows a noticeable improvement in one’s skin can be a daunting task. Consumers are regularly being swayed by high-end luxury facial and skin creams, oils, masks, and more that charge exorbitant prices, market the product in posh packaging, and promise great results, then fail to deliver.

Sunday Riley is a brand that seeks to change all of that. Named after the owner/founder of the skin care brand, Sunday Riley was launched in 2009 and is experiencing great success. Barneys New York instantly recognized the value and marketability of the product even before it had an official name.

Owner and brand founder, Sunday Riley, is also the product formulator and cosmetic chemist. She seeks to perpetuate a brand that is enjoyable while being visibly beneficial to skin, healthy for the body, and environmentally conscious, as well. She is also careful to keep the price point in a reasonable range for the exceptionally high-quality ingredients that are used by the brand.

Several of the Sunday Riley products have become favorites with individuals, social media promoters, and even makeup artists. While these products are not inexpensive, they do offer a high percentage of active ingredients and therefore still maintain significant value for the investment. A few of the most well-received skin care items sold under the Sunday Riley line include Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment, Luna Sleeping Night Oil, U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil, Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm, and Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. The total investment for these five full-sized products would run just over $510 at current retail pricing.

While some consumers may not be able to invest in this well-rated skin care line, those who do seem to almost exclusively rave about the products. Connecticut-based makeup artist, Brandy credits Sunday Riley with giving her back her confidence by treating her large pores and dark spots of discoloration. Before discovering this skin care brand, Brandy states that she had to use several layers of thick foundation and expresses how insecure the imperfections on her skin made her. Stories such as these must be extremely gratifying for Sunday Riley and those who have helped develop this success brand. Get your Sunday Riley products on Amazon.

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Wen Is Giving People Incredible Results

Proper hair care can be a challenge for anyone. There are a wide variety of products on the market and it is hard to know how they will work on your hair unless you learn by trial and error. Most of the products that are used on hair are harsh and damage hair. It can strip the natural oil and make the cuticle ragged which can cause frizzy hair. Sulfates are one of the main culprits with this problem. So you may be wondering how to go about selecting the right products? The answer is to choose a widely respected product that has a reputation for delivering incredible results. A great product that enhances your hair is Wen by Chaz Dean (

Wen was created to thoroughly cleanse the celebrity clientele‘s hair at Chaz Dean’s salon. He wanted to create a product that combined botanicals into a single product that would gently cleanse and condition the hair without weighing it down. He created his Wen cleansing conditioner, and once people saw just how much it changed the hair for the better it began to fly off of the shelves. WEN became incredibly popular and can be found at most beauty supply stores and even at major retailers. The products are also available at

Wen gives hair bounce and shine without damaging it. It is a creme rinse formula that is worked into the hair and then rinses out. It is simply to use and smells great. Women everywhere are thrilled with the results that they get with Wen. It has become one of the best-selling hair care products in the country.

More products details available on the WEN Facebook page.