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Going over Equities First Holdings

Finding a loan can be a tricky task for many to take up. Many businesses that offer loans tend to give their clients a large amount that can be hard to pay off as well as interest. Whether it is to start up a business or to simply pay off bills, many require a good loan and tend to not know where to turn to. One company to look at in this case would be Equities Firs Holdings, this company mainly deals with giving out alternative loans toward clients.

They mainly give off loans to business owners and those who are in high network. Beside being able to give out alternative loans, this company is known to be quite flexible when it comes to being able to pay it off. This company manages to rivals banks with its loaning opportunity and has helped out millions.

Boraie Developments and Shaquille O’Neal.

The New Jersey teal estate giant was established in the late 70s and early 80s by Omar Boraie. Back then, Mr. Boraie had just moved to the United States and had little knowledge of the real estate market in New Brunswick. After working with a few firms, which needed him for the Polish clients in the market, Mr. Omar Boraie ventured into the real estate business which has now developed to become the Boraie Development Group. The firm is a family run business with some of Omar Boraie’s children already working with him. Boraie development group is based in New Jersy and is quickly changing the New Brunswick’s skyline for the better. As a real estate business, the firm specializes in property management, real estate sales and marketing, and real estate development.

The Aspire.

Located at the heart of New Brunswick is a new rental tower developed by the Boraie development group. The Aspire is designed to accommodate the young and trendy renters through marrying convenience and modernity, as well as the busy working class through the development of comfort-oriented apartments and location which is at the center of New Brunswick. The tower is in a neighborhood that is surrounded by a variety of dining joints, entertainment centers, and non-discriminating nightlife. For basic amenities, The Aspire is Rutgers University, Saint Peter’s university hospital, and the Robert Wood Jonson university hospital. The building itself consists of 288 studios, apartment with one bedroom or two bedrooms with full-service and modern designs. The Aspire’s floors are diverse with different types of finishing. Some of the finishes include hardwood floors for the living rooms, 9-10 feet ceilings, oversized and detailed bathrooms, and closets, and frameless glass for the bedrooms.

Star Comes Home To Build-Newark.

Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal is a retired American professional basketball player cum television sports analyst and businessman. As a business person, Shaquille O’Neal had invested in a number of activities like music, acting, and real estate. Shaquille O’Neal partnered with the Boraie group to undertake a number of property development projects. These projects are based in his hometown, Newark and include One Riverview and the Cityplex12. The Cityplex12 came to be after the renovation of a movie theatre that used to be one of the player’s hangouts when he was young. The Boraie’s met with Shaquille O’Neill in a social gathering and the fruits of their encounter were the partnership between the two.

Lincolnshire Management Firm Current Market Experiences

Lincolnshire Management firm has over $1.7 billion in private equity funds and headquarters in New York City, United States. The company strives to promote the growth of middle Market firms by acquiring them and adopting new marketing strategies. When the corporation purchased starts doing well, they sell it to another potential buyer who will manage it even more. Lincolnshire Management hires experts to ensure that its equity funds rise. Some of the experts hired include Daniel Aronovitz, a prominent private equity summer analyst. Daniel was employed for about three months, but by the time he was leaving he had made significant contributions.

Lincolnshire Management competes with various private equity firms including; Sentinel Capital Partners, Light-year capital among others. Many clients prefer Lincolnshire Management firm as it has extensive experience in the middle market sector and advanced technologies. Lincolnshire Management spends more than $171.8k for the IT projects to ensure that they are well informed on the trending issues related to the middle market industry.

For over 20 years Lincolnshire Management firm that deals with the acquisition of private equity firms and recapitalization has been active. The company has acquired various firms including Italy- based Fabbri Group that deals with wrapping machines and related parts for the fresh food packaging system. This firm was later sold to Argos Soditic a potential independent buyer. Argos has excelled in the middle market sector. He has executed over 70 transactions and established offices in Geneva, Milan, Paris, and Frankfurt since 1989. Argos company manages over Euro 900 million.

Before Lincolnshire Management acquired Gruppo Fabbri Vignola company, it had its headquarters located in European Union. Gruppo Fabbri Vignola was established in 2009. The company grew to employ more than 500 employees who used WordPress, Apache web server and Google Analytics to market its good and services. These techniques have enabled Gruppo Fabbri Vignola to ranked in 214,233 positions.

Recently, Lincolnshire Management sold auto processor Amports that previously belonged to the Highstar Capital company to InstarAGF with Morrison and Foerster as the representatives for the buyer. Amports is a prominent port logistics and processing company located in Jacksonville, Frolida.

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The contributions of good leadership to the growth of InnovaCare Health: Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

The success of any business depends on the people mandated with the role of leading that particular business. When a business becomes successful, it is the efforts of the leaders of that business which is paying out. The same case applies when a business is failing, it is the leaders who have failed the business. So, whenever a business manages to achieve its goals, credit should go to the leadership of that company since they are the ones who have worked tirelessly to achieve them set objectives.

This is a true statement when one looks at the performance of Innovacare Health, the largest provider of managed health care plans in North America. The company is under the leadership of chief executive officer Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope. These two leaders have worked hard and managed to raise this company into one of the most significant in the region. Today Innovacare Health is ahead of other competitors due to one reason, and that is leadership.

Rick Shinto is a highly experienced executive who has worked in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. His career began in Southern California just after graduating from university when he worked as an internist and pulmonologist. Since then, his star has continued to shine as he has been holding one senior position after the other. He has worked with recognized companies in the health sector such as North American Medical Management, Aveta Inc, and Pathways Medical Management. These organizations have given him the experience needed to run his own company. Innovacare Health was created as a result of the need to fill the gaps that were in the healthcare industry.

Rick Shinto is a graduate of New York University with a medical degree and the University of Redlands with a masters in business administration. He is a recipient of various accolades, one being the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2012 and the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare and 2018. Shinto also contributes to the healthcare industry by writing articles about healthcare and medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides is another executive who has contributed a lot to the growth of this company. Since he joined Innovacare Health in 2015, she has been working tirelessly and ensured that all the programs rolled out by Innovacare Health are completed successfully. As the administrative head of the company, she has invested in a team of workers who share in their dreams and aspirations of Innovacare Health to accomplish the goals that are intended. Just as the CEO, Penelope is highly experienced after working with the government in the implementation of various health plans.

FIG Partners with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group

Fortress Investment Group Enters a Partnership and Trademark Contract with Virgin

The co-founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson announced a partnership and trademark licensing agreement with Brightline this month. Wes Edens is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and Chairman of Brightline, a railway in Florida. Stipulations of the agreement entail changing the name of railway to Virgin Trains USA with the new brand to transition in 2019. Branson is a businessman and investor with over 400 companies he has a controlling interest in. He co-found the company in 1970 with his business partner, Nik Powell.

Fortress Investment Group is an independent investment management firm headquartered in New York managing over $41 billion in assets for international institutions and net-worth clients. The executives of Brightline and Fortress will manage and operate the railway company under the partnership and trademark agreement. In May 2018, services launched between Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Miami. Plans are in the making to expand to Orlando and Tampa, Florida. The partners expect the construction of the railway to begin next year connecting Las Vegas to California.

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The partnership between Virgin and Fortress Investment Group enables Brightline to extend its existing US rail lines. The destinations would be from Chicago to St. Louis, Houston to Dallas, and Atlanta to Charlotte. It’s listed in a SEC filing by Brightline three days after the signing of the partnering and trademark agreement. Biz Journals reported on November 20th, 2018 that the railway filed to go public with Security Exchange Commission. The document listed the company’s assets at $1.8 billion and revenue at $5.2 million as of the end of September.

Expectations of the Virgin Group and Fortress Investment Group comprise railway expansion and providing access to millions of consumers to increase ridership. It will make accessibility convenient for customers at Virgin’s Hotels, Travel, and Hospitality establishments. Virgin Trains has been in business for over 20 years in the United Kingdom providing approximately 38 million rides on the West Coast Main Line. Branson entered the railway industry in 1993 and today, has a net worth of $5.1 billion, as of this year.

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OSI Group’s operations reach to more than 40 countries across the globe

Since its inception in 1909, OSI Group has scaled the ranks to become among the top hundred private companies in the U.S. Over the years the company has cemented its position as the leading producer and supplier of value-added food products. Under the watch of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonalds, the company has expanded their operations to more than 40 countries with processing facilities in seventeen countries. OSI Group is also one of the biggest employers boasting of a workforce of more than 20,000 employees working in their different facilities.

Transforming retail brands and restaurant chains

When Otto Kolchowsky opened the first butcher shop in Chicago, he aimed to supply the residents with high-quality meat. But his business expanded exponentially, and he began selling meat in wholesale to restaurants and supermarkets. In the 1950s, his company entered into an exclusive agreement with the McDonald’s chain of restaurants to become the sole supplier of hamburgers.

When Sheldon joined the food company in the early 1970s, he helped them to expand to overseas markets. Their target was to supply value-added products to markets outside the U.S. Today, OSI serves a broad customer base including restaurants and supermarkets where they supply their products.

Most of the retail brands and restaurants and leveraging on OSI’s capabilities and their global presence to provide quality food products to their customers. OSI has access to the world’s food supply chain, which helps them to offer competitive prices and superior products. Furthermore, their products are custom-made to ensure that they meet customer’s preferences.

OSI Group specializes in producing value-added food products with high nutritional value and products that take less time to produce. Over the years, OSI Group has put food safety at the top of the priorities by ensuring every batch that leaves their processing plants meets international quality standards.

Focusing on sustainability

OSI Group has focused on breaking the norms in the areas where they operate. Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI is focusing on investing the company’s funds into environmental sustainability practices. His company has emphasized ethical production practices and environmental conservation.

GreenSky Credit grows by focusing on doing what works better than anyone else

GreenSky Credit has emerged as one of the top-growing companies in the fintech industry. And this has happened amid a collapsing landscape for many of the players within the sector. While OnDeck and Lending Club have crashed and burned in a heap of toxic ashes, GreenSky has soared, reaching a valuation of more than $5 billion and doing about that number of new loans every year.

Making it work by doing what works

The problem with so many of the Pollyannas of the fintech sector was their starry-eyed adherence to business models that had virtually no chance of ever working. While going after social-justice oriented goals may seem appealing for those who would like to change the world, such philosophies rarely turn out well in the ruthless global marketplace.

OnDeck and Lending Club thought that they could change the world too, that they would be the ones who would finally impose rigorous equality among all of the lending industry’s clients. Why couldn’t homeless transients who had never held a job own a 5,000-square-foot mini mansion? And for that matter, why couldn’t people with felony records and no income be extended small business loans on the same terms as prime borrowers? These were the questions that perplexed the founders and executives of many of GreenSky Credit’s wayward competitors. And these riddles would ultimately be answered by the age-old ruthless and decisive method, testing them in the free market. The resulting short-bus cliff dive is a matter of record now.

But David Zalik and GreenSky Credit had a far more sober and clear-sighted view. Zalik decided that GreenSky would concentrate only on proven lending strategies. Rather than trying to reshape the industry to some twisted Marxian image, Zalik would use technology to do more of what was proven to work. By following this strategy, GreenSky Credit was able to quickly impress lenders across the nation, easily convincing them to partner with the company in extending loans to borrowers who, on average, had FICO scores in the 760-plus range.

The result has been a company that gets a 6 percent fee from retailers while receiving a 1 percent annual carrying fee from lenders. The firm’s success continues unabated.

Matt Badiali and investment in Freedom Checks

Americans are always looking for good investment opportunities. The opportunities are so many judging by what is always on the adverts. However, the biggest challenge is about having investment opportunities that are meant to help the investor. Most investment opportunities we see on the adverts are not genuine. Some will only take you money, and you will never get any return. There are other good investment opportunities that we can benefit from if we are keen on making the right investment choices. One thing we need to note as investors are that we should not judge an idea by looking at the face of it only. Investors should be diligent people who will bring the surface and verify the authenticity of a program.

One of the ideas that have been very lucrative in 2018, but many people did not benefit from it due to fear of losing the money is the Freedom Checks. This idea is one of those that have the potential to generate huge amounts of money in a short time.

Matt Badiali introduced the Freedom Checks idea in a viral video which was very controversial. Some people thought that idea was meant to too good to be true. Matt Badiali went ahead to prove that he was right about the idea. People who invested in the strategy he was advocating for have made huge returns.

The Freedom Checks is a concept that is based on investors making huge returns by investing in businesses known as Master Limited partnerships (MLPS). MLPs are mainly companies that deal with oil and gas production. By law, they are exempted from taxation under statute 26-F of the internal revenue. These businesses are required to engage in the exploration and production of natural resources found in the United States. According to Matt Badiali of Freedom Checks, these companies will be giving out huge payout to their investors because of the huge revenue they will create in coming days. Due to the low production of oil products in the Middle East, United States is going to concentrate on the internal production of oil and gas instead of waiting for the foreign companies to export theirs.

OG Juan Perez Celebrates Jay-Z’s Birthday In Style

OG Juan Perez is a businessman, sports enthusiast, and member of Roc Nation. He came to fame in 1996 when he became friends with artist Jay-Z along with other members of Roc Nation’s lineup of hip hop artists. OG Juan Perez has opened a number of businesses in partnership with Jay-Z. Notably, he is the owner and operator of several New York City sports bar where Jay-Z is often sighted. OG Juan Perez has had great success in business with him opening a number of restaurants across the country. OG Juan Perez owns a number of properties in addition to his restaurants.

OG Juan Perez recently made headlines for throwing his longtime friend Jay-Z a fantastically expensive birthday party. The celebrations began with them going to Zuma’s for a meal. This only cost the group nine thousand dollars. The celebrations got to a more expensive with them going to the Playroom at a club called “Mexico”. The group of roughly a dozen people proceeded to buy twenty bottles of Ace of Spades Gold Champagne.

A bottle of Ace of Spades Gold Champagne costs twelve hundred dollars a piece with OG Juan Perez and Jay-Z handing out the bottles to strangers at the club. The group also purchased twenty additional bottles of Ace of Spades Rose. This drink costs twenty-five hundred dollars a piece. The group ended up spending over ninety thousand dollars at the club. It is estimated that OG Juan Perez ended up spending 113 thousand dollars on Jay-Z’s birthday celebrations.

TeenSafe: Defensive Driving Techniques

TeenSafe is an application that allows parents to monitor and discover what their teens driving habits are like. Statistics show that teens are the largest group to experience a fatal crash when it comes to distractions while driving. It’s no secret that parents worried about their teen drivers and especially their use of their smartphone when behind the wheel. It’s very important to teach your child defensive driving techniques. There are a list of driving education courses teens can access online, however, they may not provide defense and self-awareness techniques need when they get on the road. It’s much more than just passing a test and understanding the rules.


Now several organizations have begun to offer driving instructions that also involve defensive techniques. It’s been found that driver’s ed is not teaching drivers how to maneuver on water nor are they showing teens how to safely drive in dangerous conditions. This also includes dealing with and negotiating dilemmas that can arise when it comes to traffic. Throughout all of these situations, young drivers must understand how to react when confronted with these issues while on the road. A panicky driver can create a dangerous situation and possibly a fatal crash. When a teen has proper knowledge and the know how to handle these experiences they will become a better driver.


Often times parents do not have access to the driving courses to show teens how to navigate through these problems. What they can do is take their teen to an open parking lot after bad weather and teach them how to handle their car during this kind of weather. They can also help them with decision-making regarding sliding or emergency skidding. A defensive driving checklist looks like this:


Abs braking

Keeping a safe distance

Handling a vehicle and bad weather


Passing and changing lanes

Vehicle emergencies


The TeenSafe application is designed to give parents peace of mind. They get to know that their child is obeying the rules while they are driving. It is an efficient monitoring service that keeps parents up-to-date on how and when your child accesses their smartphone and they are on the road.