Andy Wirth Gets Involved in the Community and Strives to Make the Best Decisions for Lake Tahoe/Reno

Andy Wirth is an avid outdoorsman and risk taker, and possible in spite of this, he became the president and CEO of Sqauw Valley Holdings, which now includes Alpine Meadows on the adjacent mountain from Squaw Valley. Mr. Wirth is a devoted and committed leader of the resort, and he is a philanthropic leader in the community.

Andy Wirth graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in resort and hotel management, and his first job was in management at Steamboat Ski Resort in western Colorado. Andy loves the outdoors, and he was an expert on skis, so he fit perfectly into the environment.

He eventually worked in every department until he became CMO of Steamboat Ski Resort. He remained at this position until Infra West bought Steamboat Resort, and then Andy Wirth became CEO over it all.

Andy has always been a “go-getter,” and it wasn’t long before Squaw Valley Ski Resort became aware of his optimum management characteristics, and they offered him the position of CEO of Squaw Valley Holdings after 20 years with Steamboat. In 2010. Andy picked up the reigns at Squaw Valley and began a multi-million dollar restoration project on the 1964 Olympic Village called Squaw Valley,

Andy Wirth has received many awards in his career. The Journal reports the “Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award, Steamboat Springs Business Leader of the Year and his position in the list of Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales. Andy is one of those lucky ones who found what they wanted to do early in his career, and he enjoys every day. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

In recent years, Lake Tahoe residents have been involved in voting on the incorporation of their town. Andy Wirth and Squaw Valley Ski Holdings were not in favor of incorporation because they saw it as a hindrance to local businesses, and higher taxes for everybody.

Last Year, Mr. Wirth was elected as chairman of the Reno Airport Authority Board. Here he is able to be a positive influence on the decisions for the area.

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Sam Tabar Supports Women in Africa

Sam Tabar is a well capital strategist and a prominent attorney. He is very popular in the United States, and mostly, he is based in the New York City. Recently, Sam Tabar introduced a new company in his investment portfolio. The new company is a startup institution that is based in America, but it is doing a great job for the international community.

The new company that Sam Tabar is considering to help is known as THINX. This company is known for making fashionable and stylish women underwear, and through its sells, it supports women menstruation and incontinence. When a client buys a pair of this under garments from the start-up company, then this client is able to support a woman in Africa with a packet of reusable cloth sanitary pads. The pads are delivered to the African continent through an organization known as AFRIpads.

According to reports from Africa, many girls and women miss their important activities every month due to the lack of sanitary pads. The most affected areas are the school going children and the women who have to work. With the help of the startup company, women will have better opportunities to stay in school and also make a living at their places of work without having to worry about their periods. THINX started the project through a Kick starter campaign, and since it has done so well, it is currently offering its customers five different designs of fashionable underwear.

According to him, this whole business idea will help the Americans to consider the global issues affecting other people and also give back to the international community through their simple purchases. THINX is helping many people in making a difference in the products they are offering.

Sam Tabar is in a good position to change the lives of many people in Africa since he understands the investment market very well. With his help, the company will achieve more success and even do much better. He has a lot of experience in investment matters, having worked for several companies in the past. He is also very knowledgeable in legal activities, and this gives him an upper hand when looking for opportunities. Most companies from different parts of the world always want to work with him. He has traveled in several countries, and this has enabled him to learn more languages in order to interact with the new communities.  His official website has further information.