Plastic Surgery Has Never Been Better With Men Like Sam Jejurikar Leading The Industry

There have been many improvements to the field of plastic surgery over the past couple of decades and Sameer Jejurikar is one of the few individuals that has dedicated his life to improving the industry. People all over the world look to plastic surgery today to help them change their appearance so they can achieve the desired look, usually to cover up the signs of aging. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon based out of Texas that has been performing plastic surgery for more than a decade for his patients. Hundreds of people from all over the country have come to see Sameer for his skill in plastic surgery.

Sameer Jejurikar is highly experienced in all areas of plastic surgery and over the years he has performed surgery on nearly every part of the body. Currently, Sam Jejurikar would say his expertise is in facial reconstruction, hair transplants, breast augmentations, and body sculpting. Sam truly enjoys his work, which is why he puts so much time and dedication into his practice and has become a leading figure in his field across the nation. With hundreds of successful procedures in the past, clients from all over the country seek out Sameer for his exceptional work. Sam not only abides by the highest standards in plastic surgery, but he has also developed his own procedures to make surgery safer.

Perhaps just as important as his abilities in plastic surgery is his good manners and kindness, which goes a long way to improve his image and the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Back in 2012, Sameer Jejurikar was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certificate for his great reviews and testimonials from both patients and colleagues. Out of nearly a million doctors across the entire country, roughly three percent of them have been awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certificate.

Jobs With Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is looking to add more staff members to their team in the area of caregivers, nurses, PT staff, and even administration. If you are in the areas of Horsham, Uckfield, Crawley, Billingshurst, Henfield, or East Grinstead read on in this article to find out more about what Sussex Healthcare looks for in their providers.

To work with Sussex Healthcare you need not have experience. Sussex Healthcare has teachers on site to train you. These teachers will work with you one on one to make sure you understand what you need to do and how you need to take care of each of your residents. The main thing they are looking for in a worker is someone who is caring and compassionate. Someone who thrives to learn about the residents they are working with. Sussex Healthcare wants you to look at each resident in a deeper way, learning everything about them. Someone who will promote dignity and help the residents to be able to be independent. They want people who are reliable. You have to be able to assist with daily tasks like bathing, feeding, dressing and walking. Providing residents with quality care is the main goal.

So, why choose Sussex Healthcare? Sussex Healthcare prides itself on competitive pay, its mentoring programs, pension choices, options to move up in your career, on-site training, and so much more. If you work weekends you get a bonus pay rate. If you work holidays you get double pay for the holidays! You can even receive paid breaks and free bus transportation. With benefits like these, how could you really turn it down?

Sussex Healthcare has 23 healthcare homes around England. They specialize in mental health, dementia, elderly, respite, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, terminal illness, and brain injuries. So, if you have experience in any of these areas or if you are interested in learning how to care for people with any of these problems make sure you put in your application today!


Join the Herbalife Lifestyle

In today’s world, nutrition is one of the most important aspects of living. More people are becoming aware of their health and want a change. Thankfully, Herbalife is a globalized business that has been supplying supplements since 1980. Their purpose is to make the world healthier and happier. And what a good slogan to draw peoples attention. We all want to be happy, and being healthier can contribute to that.


To make it even better, Herbalife has decided to collaborate with the Fashion of Design and Merchandising to make a line of activewear for Herbalife. Participating students will put together a life that they think fits the Herbalife lifestyle; being healthy, fit, and happy. They will be presenting them to the members of FIDM and Herbalife, along with which fabric they want to use. It will be more like a group project, and along with the group activity, each student will have to opportunity to present their own idea.


In order to lead a healthier lifestyle, our new generation needs a sense of trust and security in fashion. With having students play the entrepreneur role, it will make people be inspired. It will lead them to having a healthier and happy lifestyle.

Herbalife is committed to helping obesity, and bad nutritional habits. Students must also win over the hearts of athletes around the world. There are so many athletes that use Herbalife in their daily diet. A lot of athletes are sponsored by Herbalife. They use athletes as “test.” Testing diets and products on celebrity athletes will present an example for others to join in. With Herbalife being available in over 75 countries, their outreach is nation wide.


Overall, this is a great opportunity for students to reach out to millennials. They also will have the opportunity to travel internationally and participate in sessions with Herbalife.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Say Her Job Is To Help Women

Aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden grew up in Austin, Texas. After a successful fellowship with the prestigious Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic, she built her own highly-successful practice, before returning to her Texas roots.

Dr. Walden has been practicing plastic surgery for nearly 15 years. She specializes in cosmetic surgery with a whole host of procedures such as eye-lifts, face lifts, nose jobs, vaginal rejuvenation and breast augmentations. Depending on the procedure, costs could run as high as $12,000.

Dr. Walden admits she’s a rarity in her field. Only 851 of the 8,011 board certified plastic surgeons in the U.S are women; she is one of a dozen set up in the state of Texas.

Dr. Walden says that the road to becoming a plastic surgeon is a long one. There are a few obstacles that make the profession a bit unwelcoming to women. There is usually about five years of post-medical school training required, plus additional years, in some cases. For women who want to start a family, this can be pretty daunting. Because of the rough culture, women have to continuously prove themselves.

She says one of the biggest advantages of being a woman plastic surgeon is providing women patients with a more realistic version of what a woman should look like. Many male surgeons go for a Barbie Doll-type look that isn’t even close to representing the ideal woman.

Dr. Walden freely admits that she has had Botox and even Juvederm to tighten her skin and diminish laugh lines.

A self-admitted feminist and liberal, Dr. Walden says she chose her field to help and empower women. It is a way to help women gain self-esteem and have a better quality of life. She says she is very happy that she’s doing something to help women. His Facebook page

The Story Behind the Success of EOS

EOS entered the market seven years ago with a line of different products that revolutionized the lip balm industry. Their pastel-colored lip balm orbs were like a breath of fresh air to the industry. They took over every store in the country. Beauty editors gave the products rave reviews at some of the top magazines including Cosmo and Allure. The popularity of EOS lip balm went to an all-time high after several celebrities were spotted getting the balls out of their bags.

The evolution of Smooth ( has been responsible for driving the growth of the oral care industry. The industry is expected to grow $2 billion in three years. The future prospects of the enterprise are promising. The company was featured in an article that appeared on Fast Company a few months ago. Sanjiv Mehra said that the company decided to keep a low profile on purpose because they wanted to focus on strategy and building the brand. Mehra is a cofounder of the company. He is currently a managing partner at the company. He cofounded the company with Jonathan Teller who is responsible for the company’s culture.

Mehra said that they decided to increase awareness about the company because they felt it was important to let the customers know about the values of the company. The founders of EOS came up with the idea after they deliberated on how they could transform the beauty product industry. Their well conducted research showed them that many people did not find applying lip balm enjoyable.

EOS is huge on social media. He has millions of followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Teller said that the company collaborated with millennial celebrities to increase awareness about the brand to the young people. It has also partnered with other major brands including Disney. They worked on an Alice in Wonderland collection together. This line sold out in a few days. It is a popular product to date.