Join the Herbalife Lifestyle

In today’s world, nutrition is one of the most important aspects of living. More people are becoming aware of their health and want a change. Thankfully, Herbalife is a globalized business that has been supplying supplements since 1980. Their purpose is to make the world healthier and happier. And what a good slogan to draw peoples attention. We all want to be happy, and being healthier can contribute to that.


To make it even better, Herbalife has decided to collaborate with the Fashion of Design and Merchandising to make a line of activewear for Herbalife. Participating students will put together a life that they think fits the Herbalife lifestyle; being healthy, fit, and happy. They will be presenting them to the members of FIDM and Herbalife, along with which fabric they want to use. It will be more like a group project, and along with the group activity, each student will have to opportunity to present their own idea.


In order to lead a healthier lifestyle, our new generation needs a sense of trust and security in fashion. With having students play the entrepreneur role, it will make people be inspired. It will lead them to having a healthier and happy lifestyle.

Herbalife is committed to helping obesity, and bad nutritional habits. Students must also win over the hearts of athletes around the world. There are so many athletes that use Herbalife in their daily diet. A lot of athletes are sponsored by Herbalife. They use athletes as “test.” Testing diets and products on celebrity athletes will present an example for others to join in. With Herbalife being available in over 75 countries, their outreach is nation wide.


Overall, this is a great opportunity for students to reach out to millennials. They also will have the opportunity to travel internationally and participate in sessions with Herbalife.

Innovative Holistic Cancer Care Options Available at CTCA and Discussed on WebMD

The many highly technical and innovative cancer care options and accompanying holistic care methods available at Cancer Treatment Centers of America are discussed on WebMD. CTCA wants the word to get out about their current oncology techniques and strategies. These breakthrough oncology treatment options allow cancer patients many more choices regarding their personal cancer case. Cancer care experts readily acknowledge that every cancer case is unique. No two cancer patients will have the same symptoms or course of therapy. This is exactly why Cancer Treatment Centers of America promotes a whole body, or holistic, approach to every new cancer patient case that CTCA takes on.

When cancer is only treated by medical drugs or therapies, the patient often exhibits uncomfortable side effects that could delay or halt their cancer treatment. By addressing these potential treatment problems early on, CTCA experts find that the patients then tolerate the necessary oncology treatment much better and with little discomfort. This plan to use holistic care approaches has long been accepted in other countries and cultures. Many natural remedies do help patients combat issues like insomnia, daytime fatigue, headaches, skin issues and nausea. The combined approach using old and new treatment methods has gained many believers.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America pulls out all stops when figuring out how to treat each different patient. Every person handles change and medical treatments differently. CTCA wants to ensure more widespread tolerance of specialized oncology treatments like surgery, radiation procedures, immune elevating therapies and standard drugs and medical procedures. Patients are glad that they have recourse if an adverse reaction becomes an issue. These forward thinking cancer experts also can provide alternative solutions like aromatherapy and Reiki sessions. Cancer Treatment Centers of America strives to promote a welcoming environment that encourages deep relaxation and offers a ray of hope.

Those that choose Cancer Treatment Centers of America for their cancer treatments are awed by this healthcare organization’s many caring employees. Everyone from the cleaning staff to the nurses and doctors all give compassionate care and patient support. Families of cancer patients also feel the passion of these dedicated professionals helping their beloved family member. Everything from dietary educational sessions to nurse taught cancer education is covered in every person’s differing oncology care plans. CTCA has also been able to hook-up their patients with outpatient support places in their local communities when their cancer treatments at CTCA are completed.

Dr. David Samadi Advances the Quality of Surgeries

Cancer has now become the most life-threatening disease in the globe. The number of people diagnosed with cancer increases every year. Many medical facilities have therefore tried to come up with therapies that will help patients to cope with their situations and live longer. Dr. David Samadi is one of the most known doctors for their expertise at work. He was born in Iran and raised in Persia. He then moved with his brother where they continued their education in Belgium and London. His interest in the field of medicine inspired him to join Stony Brook School of Medicine. After his studies, he began his postgraduate training at Albert Einstein College of medicine as well as Montefiore Medical Centre.

Dr. David Samadi is dedicated to early detecting, diagnosing and treatment of cancer patients. He is precisely determined to improve the health of men by providing early diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Through sharing medical information about cancer through radio show as well as his website, Samadi has educated people on how to lead a healthy life and how to cope up with cancer disease. He has also held a television show that has enabled him to share his knowledge with people. As a chief of robotic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi spends most of his time-saving lives of prostate cancer patients. Currently, he is developing a more advanced technique of treating prostate cancer. He is aiming at making the procedure more efficient and less invasive to prevent the side effects such as impotence and incontinence which usually occur after prostate surgery. This will remove anxieties and doubt that men have on prostate surgery that makes them postpone them.

According to David, providing an excellent quality work is the most crucial part of any business person. He believes in a good team which is sufficient enough to share ideas with and implements them. He expresses that his team makes it possible for him to perform surgeries without delay. This is due to cooperation that exists between him and the team. Jealousy and envy is a cancer to him, and therefore he focuses on positivity and closeness. Dr. Samadi believes in a strict schedule as they make work run smoothly. He also treasures his team, and he treats them with respect as his own family. Effective communication with the patients is the key to gain trust from patients. According to Samadi, patients acquire a lot from him through communication, and he ensures that patients can contact him.As the chairman of Urology, David is also specialized in the treatment of urologic diseases, bladder and breast cancer. Up to now, he has been able to perform 7000 prostate cancer surgeries. With the advancement of cancer treatment and diagnosis, deaths that are related to cancer diseases will reduce.

The Dexterous Mind Behind The Success of InnovaCare Health: Richard Shinto

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading physician practice services, and Medicare Advantage plans Provider Company in North America. The company was previously known as Aveta, until the year 2008 whose current membership base is more than 200,000 individuals and is served by a huge network of 7500 service providers. The CEO of the firm, Dr. Rick Shinto is accountable for the major operational activities of the healthcare firm, followed by the second administrative officer, Penelope Kokkinides.

Dr. Rick Shinto, a.k.a. Rick has been associated with the InnovaCare Health, since the year 2008. Having obtained his professional degrees from the University of California and the University of New Youk, Shinto has devoted about two decades of his life to gain in hand experience in the health management sector. He has also published an array of papers and valuable articles on clinical medicine and management of healthcare industry.

Dr. Rick Shinto started his career as an intern in South California. For several years, he had been working for many leading healthcare firms including NAMM, Cal-Optima Health Plan, Aveta Inc. And Medical Pathways Management Company, to mention only a few. He has also been the vice president of Medical Management for the MedPArtners. His extensive knowledge in the healthcare sector, coupled with years of experience entitled him to be the best CEO in the North America.

In the year 2014, Dr. Rick Shinto has been awarded the Access to Care Award by the Western University of Health, for his excellent health service for the underprivileged group of people. In order to improve the quality of their services and privileges, InnovaCare Health has recently added three skilled professionals as the executive in the leadership team of the firm, Jonathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides and Mike Sortin. Read more about Rick on Businesswire.

The present chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides has been serving InnovaCare as the Chief Operating Officer and the Vice President of Clinical Operations. With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector, Kokkinides has been specializing in the governmental programs, Medicare and Medicaid with the aim of improving the efficiencies and infrastructure of the organization.

Jonathan Meyers is serving InnovaCare, Inc. As the Chief Actuary Officer, prior to which he has been the Director of Actuarial Services of Medicare and Medicaid for the top notch carrier in New Jersey, Horizon BCBS. Likewise, the Chief Accounting Officer of InnovaCare is Mike Sortino, who was previously the Controller of Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.

USHEALTH Group; The Affordable And Reliable Insurance Company

USHEALTH Group and its group of companies work together towards providing top-notch health cover. It is a licensed life and health insurance company based in Fort Worth, Texas. It has a simple acronym as their mission, HOPE- Helping Other People Daily.

USHEALTH Group products are reliable and affordable for daily medical costs or even urgent medical incidences, shielding its clients from financial struggles brought about by illnesses.


The CEO of USHEALTH Group is Troy McQuagge. He prides himself in the number of awards the company has earned, such as Stevie Awards, through providing world-class services. The company has and in-depth experience of health coverage for more than five decades, and is America’s Choice for Healthcare, having an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. Recently, One Planet Business and Professional Excellence awarded them with gold in 2016.


USHEALH Group offers a broad range of insurance products including;

  • Critical Illness
  • Specified Disease/Sickness
  • Accident cover
  • Short term Accidental Disability
  • Income Protector
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Dental and Vision covers
  • PPO Networks
  • MedGuard

All these services are geared towards customers’ satisfaction, meeting your specific needs and offering most proper cover. USHEALTH Group also offers plans to customers on a limited budget as well as those who can agree to some degree of cost-sharing. USHEALTH is known for keeping long-term relationships with clients, always conveying consistence in its services.


USHEALTH Advisors aims at guiding customers through purchasing of any insurance products. The aspect of USHEALTH treating each client with a unique experience has made the company grow as more people are joining to get a feel of the exceptional experience. It also allows its clients to upgrade their initial insurance plans, making it the most flexible protection platform.


This mission of helping others was proposed in 2010 by Troy. It aims at making a difference in the community through donating time, money and help. Their projects include rebuilding homes for people affected by natural calamities such as hurricanes. They have also involved themselves in donating clothes and shoes to some non-profit organizations such as The Crisis Nursery. Despite being a leading insurance provider, they believe in giving back to the community.

The Difference Between NutriMost and the Competition

As someone that has struggled with my weight most of my life, I am glad to have finally found a diet plan that works well for me. NutriMost has become the diet plan that I would subscribe to others. It is one of the best around, and I think that more people are going to discover the plan in a matter in time.

There are companies like Healthy Living that are trying to market the same promotional video that NutriMost has designed, but dieters should not be fooled. There is only one NutriMost system at the moment, and this company has proven to be one that is going to revolutionize dieting forever.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

I praise the work of chiropractor Ray Wisniewski. He developed the NutriMost system that takes individual factors into account for losing weight. As far as I am concerned, this is the only real way to do it. I have crashed and burned on plenty of other diets, but the one that I have succeeded with is NutriMost. I like the fact that someone has put the thought into building technology into a diet plan. I think that the incorporation of the ZYTO device is something that helps people lose weight based on their individual needs.

I had seen a lot of other articles about women that has loss twice as much as the program guarantees participants that they will lose. I thought that this was awesome. It was something that showed me that you could get on the program, get motivated and actually surpass the standards that were set in place for you. The NutriMost system is definitely one of those weight loss plans that leave people in a better place. I would recommend this type of program to all of those dieters that are just frustrated with everything else.