Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub Resigns

Daniel Taub has served as Israeli ambassador in the UK for four years. During this time, trade between the UK and Israel has doubled and business, academic and cultural links between the two countries have strengthened.

More than three hundred Israeli businesses have been set up in the UK and annual trade between these two countries has been estimated to be over close to $7 billion.

Daniel Tau became ambassador in 2011 and on meeting the queen, he presented his credentials, making a statement, that he was mandated by the Jerusalem Government to be the ambassador of the state to the Court of St. James.

During this ceremony, Daniel was wearing striped trousers, a tail coat, black shoes and he had his kippah on. This was a statement on its own, that his beliefs and practices as a Jew were not about to change because of his new position.

Tau was born in Britain in 1962 and by taking on the new position, it meant that he had to give up his British citizenship. For him, this was a privilege because he got the chance to raise his children in their historical homeland. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

This didn’t mean that he did not appreciate the opportunities that the UK offered him and his family, but he intended to show his gratitude to the state by bringing the two countries together. After serving his term, Daniel feels that he accomplished what he had set out to do.

Daniel Taub is looked at as the most popular and successful Israeli since Shlomo Argov. He has been instrumental in presenting Israel’s cases to government and has been part of business and academic forums which have improved relations between these two countries.

For Israel, Britain is important and plays an important role in the world. It is the world’s financial center and its media can be viewed as the world’s media.

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For him, being part of the dialogue with the Middle East as it undergoes such drastic changes is fulfilling. Co-operation has been achieved in the midst of all that the Middle East has been going through. He feels that the region should be treated with humility seeing that one cannot dictate what goes on there.

Taub feels that the Labour parties in both Israel and Britain need to come together to re-establish their good relations, seeing that they have so much in common.

He truly believes that having a dimension of faith in one’s life can open up opportunities to build bridges even where you feel that these bridges cannot be mended.

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