Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is Brazil’s Legal Super Hero

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva is the Chief Judge for the Brazilian Court of Appeals in Sao Paulo. Judge da Silva was born in the industrial city of Itapetininga in 1958. He began his legal studies at the Pontifical Catholic University-SP in Rio de Janeiro where he graduated with honors.


After he graduated from Pontifical Catholic University-SP the first time, he returned and received a Masters and Doctorate. Then in 2005, Judge da Silva achieved a postdoctoral fellowship from the Faculty of Law in Coimbra, Portugal. Following this fellowship, he was named as a judge to the Coimbra Court of Appeals.


Judge da Silva has held many court positions throughout Sao Paulo and beyond since 1983. He also earned his professor tenure in 2003 at the Perdizes Campus of Sao Paulo, teaching criminal law. He continues in this position today.


He also serves as a visiting professor emeritus within a large number of large and small educational institutions in Brazil. Professor and Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has authored a variety of books and articles on the following:


> Brazil’s state of affairs

> Brazil’s constitutionality

> Brazil’s criminal procedural law

> Brazil’s fundamental rights


In 2018, Judge Marco Antonio Marques da Silva released another book amid great acclaim. His latest book is entitled “Luso-Brazilian Treaty on Human Dignity.’ The book text has earned him an official recognition by the University of Lisbon’s Faculty of Law.


Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has experienced an impressive career in both academics and in the field of law. It is noted that the many educational awards presented to Judge da Silva have been awarded because of his many illustrious years as an educator and his untiring efforts to the Luso-Brazilian legal cooperation.


Judge da Silva has a suggestion for those seeking to fulfill their career goals:


> Set goals with focus, be persistent and work hard

> Be helpful to others

> Listen to differing opinions which helps to build more knowledge and experience

> Balance your life. Carve out time for work, study, faith, and other fun pursuits

> Strive to contribute some of your time and resources towards alleviating human suffering.