The Investor and Milwaukee Bucks Owner Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a success story in the world of investing. Wes Edens started out his career with earning a Bachelors degree in finance and business administration from Oregon State University and going on to working at Lehman Brothers in 1987. He was a partner and managing director at Lehman Brothers until 1993. He went on to work at BlackRock Asset Investors as a partner and director until 1997. After his time at BlackRock Asset Investors, Wes Edens went on to be a founding member of the Fortress Investment Group. Learn more at about Wes Edens

The Fortress Investment Group is where Wesley Edens is living out his dream career as a principal investor, leading director, and founder. Fortress invests into infrastructure, transportation, healthcare, real estate, financial services, and media. The investment group is currently working on an investment project into a train style transportation system in Florida that is estimated to be about $3 billion.

In 2014 Wesley Edens and Marc Lasry purchased part ownership of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team from Herb Kohl. They paid about $550 million for their part of the team. They were able to make the purchase after promising to keep the team located in Wisconsin and that they would build a new arena for the team to play at. This proves that even though Wes Edens is a heavy hitting investor, he is also willing to invest into an underdog team. The Milwaukee Bucks have not had played in a championship in nearly a half of a century. His investment into the underdog team has paid off for him though, with the value of the ownership now at about $1.075 billion. The Bucks have benefitted with a new stadium and more attention with Wes Edens being a part owner of the team. In a stunt to get more attention for the Bucks, Edens asked his 18-year-old daughter Mallory to be the team’s representative for the NBA draft lottery. The move gave his daughter and the team quite a bit of attention from the media during the draft lottery.



Insight on Jason Hope’s Rise to Success

Insight on Jason Hope’s Rise to Success

How many people do you happen to meet daily that have that gentle heart of giving? Based in Scottsdale, Jason Hope is one such man who has ventured into many diverse realms of life, ranging from philanthropy, entrepreneurial field in Arizona, investing and supporting the development of healthcare technology and also, he is a futurist. He attained his undergraduate degree in Finance and later on, an MBA in the same field from the Arizona State University.

The Internet Of Things: What Is His Driving Force In The World Of Technology?

Jason Hope was initially interested in mobile communication technology, and started his early career by selling premium text message services. He thinks that mobile phone communication is one of the biggest things that can bring revolution to the world and make it much more easier to reach the largest number of people around the globe. He has made various experiments in the field of mobile technology, and among his advancements is the development of a mobile communication company, named Jawa. This is now a parent company to many other smaller companies, and has now partnered with various other smart minds in the technology industry.

Jason Hope is very ardent and regularly, he does research and writes on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is what he terms as the next biggest wave that he foresees will hit the field of technology. As a futurist, he thinks it will bring a positive impact. Launching of new devices will broaden and increase connectivity hence increasing communication abilities. Among his advancements is the establishment of Jason Hope Tees. This is his company that is focused on making t-shirts. Read more articles at

The Philanthropist

Jason Hope’s philanthropy can be traced back to his passion in giving a helping hand to various organizations. One such impact that he has left on lives is his support of the research involving anti-aging. He supports companies that are concerned with giving a new spin on how they approach the issue on anti-aging. Traditionally, the concern has been to find cures to diseases but none has ever really paid detail to stopping these diseases from ever happening. His interest in anti-aging is just not based on wanting to live forever, but rather finding cures to diseases like Alzheimer, heart disease and lung disease that cause a breakdown of the skin and thus making people to age faster. He has directed contributions worth half a million dollars to fund this research, and is keen to see to it that it thrives through innovation.

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The Philanthropic Activities of Dick & Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos who is a reformer started engaging in politics back when she was still in college. She joined campus politics and since then, she has remained politically active. DeVos has led a number of political action committees and party organizations for more than thirty years. Betsy DeVos is the chairman of Windquest group which is a privately owned multi-company group which invests in technology and clean energy. Betsy DeVos pursues reforms in various non profit roles.


Betsy DeVos is a champion when it comes to the education of children. In an interview with Philanthropy, she reports that she is very optimistic with the growth of the education sector. She mentions that there is an estimate of two hundred and fifty thousand students in the district of Colombia. She is happy that the movement is continuing to grow and reports that they did a polling in five states and found that educational choice was popular especially with the Latinos. Public knowledge that the traditional public schools do not succeed has made people more open to the reforms which were initially considered radical.


Dick DeVos is an American author and well known business man who is based in Michigan. He went to the Forest Hill public school system. Later on, he studied Business Administration at Northwood University. He has also received honorary doctorates from Northwood University, Grove City College, and Michigan. At one point, he ran for the position of Governor of Michigan but he was not successful.


Dick DeVos is the president of The Windquest Group and he served as the president of Amway from 1993 to 2002. He has been married to his wife Betsy DeVos for more than thirty eight years and their family is made up of seven children and seven grandchildren.


Before becoming the president, Dick served as the vice president of Amway International. Under his leadership, the company performed well recording sales of up to $4.5 billion. Dick DeVos was appointed to work at the Federal Aviation Administration’s Management Advisory Council in 2017.


Apart from business, DeVos also actively participates in the community. He founded the Education Freedom Fund which has issued more than four thousand scholarships to children who are underprivileged in Michigan. He has also served as the chair of healthcare improvement activities which includes the heart hospital of $130 million dollars and the $30 million downtown market. He is a board member of Project Clarity and the Willow creek association. Dick and Betsy launched the D&B foundation in 1989 to give back to the society.


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How George Soros Returned to the Political Landscape

George Soros is one of the most impressive investors that the United States has ever seen and he is completely a self made businessman. Soros was born and raised in Hungary before he was forced to flee his home country during the Nazi occupation. Soros would move to London where he would work his way through school, studying at the London School of Economics while moonlighting as a porter and a waiter. After earning his degree Soros would set sail to America where he would eventually start the Soros Hedge Fund and become one of the most prolific businessmen that the United States has ever seen. Due to his progressive nature and his willingness to back progressive causes, he has become one of the greatest opponents to the modern day right wing — and that hit a fever pitch during the 2016 presidential election. Learn more about his profile at

The presidential election of 2016 in the United States is going to be scrutinized for generations to come. The rise of Donald Trump and his dangerous brand of vitriolic populism is something that the country won’t ever forget and will hopefully choose to learn from. Still, Trump’s rise and legacy will have to include his inspiration to get George Soros back into the political fray. Soros has never been afraid to invest in politics, especially when he fiercely believes in the cause, but he mostly wants to keep money away from the political machine. Still, as Soros’ adviser Michael Vachon would say, the stakes were simply too high. Donald Trump was more than a political threat, he was an existential threat and Soros had to respond in kind.

So, George Soros leaped back into the fray in order to start backing some of the bigger progressive causes in the political game. Soros would end up giving $25 million to pro-progressive PACs up and down the ticket. He would support End Citizens United, a special PAC focused on campaign finance reform, as well as a slew of other PACs including: immigrant voter rights, opposition research for the DNC, the DNC itself, and Pro-Clinton PACs. Soros has never been afraid to put money down when he believes in a cause and the $25 million he set into place probably wouldn’t even be noticed from his bank account. Read more at The New York Times about George.

Most people are probably aware of George Soros for his 2004 run as a backer alongside then Presidential nominee Al Gore. At the time Soros was one of the biggest political donors in the country, giving a record breaking $30 million to help Gore try and get elected. Now Soros seems more content to watch from the sidelines, pushing his weight and power toward concepts that he believes strongly in — such as preventing Donald Trump from installing his populist agenda.

George Soros Continues To Fight To Bring Democracy To The People Of The World

Most people know George Soros as one of the most successful investors in the history of the U.S. financial markets where he has built one of the most respected hedge fund management companies in the world with more than $30 billion in assets currently being managed. Forbes explains the early life of George Soros sets him apart from many other Wall Street billionaires as Soros was stranded in Hungary during World War II under the occupation of Nazi Forces who Soros was forced to hide his Jewish faith from with a new identity; a refugee journey to London after the War ended and paying his way through the London School of Economics as a waiter and porter have also given Soros a real world view of how the world truly is for those living on the farthest margins of society. Read this story at about George Soros.

Living a difficult life as a young person has had a great effect on George Soros as once his own financial future was secure in the 1970s following the establishment of Soros Fund Management in 1969 decided to use some of his wealth to assist others in the world. The Open Society Foundations was founded by Soros in 1984 and reports the billionaire has given an estimated $12 billion in funding to the Foundations and a number of other independent groups who reflect his own left leaning ideology. A major influence on the life and career of George Soros has been the work of philosopher Karl Popper who he studied under at the London School of Economics; Popper’s book “The Open Society and It’s Enemies” has been a major influence on the philanthropic and political work of George Soros that includes the revelation that no political ideology has the right to be called the ultimate protector of truth. Learn more about his profile at

Soros has taken the work of Popper on the open society and allowed it to become such a major part of his life that he even named The Open Society Foundations charitable network after the philosophical ideals of his former mentor. The right to basic human rights takes many forms in the view of George Soros, including the right to make personal choices on political ideology and education that are often taken away from millions of people trapped in what are often termed closed societies. Soros himself fought to help topple many governments in the former Soviet Eastern Bloc, including a number of educational programs dedicated to helping those who know little about the democratic process. Soros believes access to healthcare and the best possible medical treatments should always be available that has seen him become one of the first and leading backers of the push to legalize medical marijuana across the U.S.


Insight to the Philanthropic work of Betsy Devos

Betsy Devos is an American philanthropist and entrepreneur. She is also an education activist. Devos was born on January 1958 in Holland, Michigan. She is a member of the Republican Party and is widely known for her advocacy in education, voucher programs and her ties to the Reformed Christian community. In 1992, she became the Republican national committeewoman until 1997. Devos became the chairperson of Michigan Republic Party for four years. Later, in the year 2003, she was re-elected to the chairpersons’ post. Her role on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education has enabled her to champion and defend the Detroit charter school system. On November 23, 2016, President Trump announced that Devos would act as the Secretary of Education in his administration. She is the daughter of Elsa and Edgar Prince and is married to Dick Devos with whom they do most of the charitable work.

Through their family foundation, Betsy DeVos and her husband have donated their wealth to several charitable causes. This foundation was launched in 1989 and is motivated by faith. It aims at cultivating leadership in young generations, speed up transformation and provide support for education, community, arts, leadership, and justice. In the year 2015, the foundation ranked as number 24 on the Forbes list of top givers after donating 11.6 million dollars to charity. The couple’s charitable deeds, personally and through the Family Foundation summed up to 139 million dollars by the end of 2015. On Arts, Devos served on the board of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for six years. While serving the center, Betsy Devos and her husband funded a center to educate arts managers on methods of fundraising and the management of their cultural institutions. Additionally, the couple donated over 22.5 million dollars to continue the endeavor. In the year 2009, Devos Foundation founded the ArtPrize. ArtPrize is a global art competition that seeks to bring artist together and celebrate them.

Devos advocates for education. According to her, the school system in the States should be opened up for profit charter schools. As a result, parents will be offered an increased choice. Devos has championed for school vouchers. The vouchers would allow students to enroll in private schools under the government wing. She is the head of All Children Matter, an organization she and her husband started. The organization provides scholarships to students attending private schools. She has funded the organization since its inception. Betsy is a defender of the Detroit charter school system. Together with her husband, they have introduced an annual scholarship program for students earning BBA at the University of Northwood. To the Potters House, a Christian school based in Grand Rapids, she donated 200,000 dollars through the family foundation in 2015. Truly her philanthropy knows no bounds.

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Thor Halvorssen Sets His Sights On Tyrants Around The World

Thor Halvorssen, president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), is not your typical political activist. He doesn’t lean to the left or the right. His cause is a simple one; fighting for human rights around the world. Because of his non-political stand he has critics and enemies from both sides of the political spectrum.

Liberals view Halvorssen as suspect because he once accepted donations from the conservative Bradley Foundation and he does not spend time decrying the injustices that are going on in America. He spends his efforts taking on real dictators like Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong Un.

By the same token, conservatives tend to view him as just another liberal do-goodnick hell bent on destroying capitalism. As usual, the truth is somewhere in between.

Halvorssen views himself as a “classic liberal” and his only concern is the rights of citizens living under repressive regimes. He and HRF are focused on ridding the world of tyranny.

That is a lofty goal for the New York-based foundation but Halvorssen comes from a long line of political activists. His father worked for the Venezuelan government and was imprisoned and tortured for exposing government corruption. mentions that his mother was shot while attending a demonstration against Hugo Chavez, the Venezuela strongman.

The Human Rights Foundation was launched in 2005 and holds an annual human rights conference called the Oslo Freedom Forum. Help at the same hotel where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded, the conference has become the can’t miss event for human rights activists.

Thor Halvorssen has a tough road ahead of him but he and HRF are fighting to make the entire world a better place.

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