Coin & Precious Metal Investing: Don’t Miss Out!

Those who have been investing in coins, or want to, but have not heard of U.S. Money Reserve, are missing out on new and unique tools to help them increase gains over the short and long-term.


If knowledge is power, then the use of this tool is like using the best fertilizer in a garden that had previously only seen sunshine. Without it, you’ll still yield profits, but they will be lower.


Leverage This Tool


If you had a drill, would you spend your time using a manual screwdriver? Of course not – no more than you’d dig a foundation with a shovel when a backhoe is available.


By using the new tools from U.S. Money Reserve you can take full advantage of the coin and precious metals market, and make even more money in your portfolio.


Set Higher Goals


We invest so that we can take care of our families, our future, and ourselves. If you had the choice between bringing good returns or great ones, there really would not be a choice.


The precious metals and coin markets have been helping investors diversify portfolios that have seen ups and downs.


The question is, who is using this strategy?


Who Is Investing in Precious Metals?


For the sake of this article we interviewed Christopher Pascale, the former CFO of Portfolios with Purpose and author of War Poems: A Marine’s Tour 2003-2008.


“What strikes me most about the gold and silver market is that people are still skeptical about it,” he said. “Right now there are some interesting opportunities because the value dropped in 2016, but uncertainty about the dollar is still high.”


Mr. Pascale elaborated on opportunities after BREXIT, stating that “when the UK exited the EU, the value of the pound dropped hard. Right there was a great opportunity for UK residents to make a lot of money on the gold and silver they held because the price had gone up significantly, and buyers were in a panic.”


When asked what he thought of the tool available from U.S. Money Reserve he said he would use it, which says a lot given his already vast experience.


Lastly, he said that he liked assets like gold and silver because there’s no taxes. “The real estate I own,” he concluded, “pays positive cash flow that I love, but there are significant expenses and yearly taxes, which I hate.”

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