Bold Colors, Bold Plans From Doe Deere

Life demands that people be bold. Being bold is not easy for many people. They may want to step forward and take charge but find it hard to do so. This is a process that Doe Deere knows well. Her career has been all about crossing that necessary line and being bold in life and in her private business doings as well. She knows that life is not for the timid. Life is about being able to see a vision and the push hard to see it come to life. As the founder of Lime Crime, perhaps the foremost internet retailer, she has done her best to see that her vision is one where the boldness is not just a concept but an actual reality that has come to life. In this way, she has seen an idea that was just something in her head leap forward into vivid life.

Life At Full Speed

Just as her willingness to move fast is bold, so too, is her sense of fashion and the colors that she uses in her life. She wants her customers to enjoy the feeling of using bold shades of color that she knows will help give their lives a jolt and a real feeling of truly energetic happiness at the same time. This is why her cosmetics are so brightly colored. It is her desire to be bold that allows her to feel that she is living life out life and being part of a world of intensive and delicious color. Her products are full of intensity and allow her clients to have the time to let out their own inner color sense in every possible way. It is her desire to show off the power of bold color that has been at the heart of her own career at Lime Crime.

Using Bold Ideas

Her own bold ideas are ideas that she has translated from a concept to an actual color that people can wear. Those who look at her site are often struck happily by the fact that the colors they find here are full of amazing saturation and glorious color. Her greens are lime greens or emerald greens that mimic the exact colors found boldly nature. Her pinks that she markets are also intensely stunning shades with lots of the color that reminds clients of pink flowers and sunsets streaked with a soft shade of mauve. Her other colors are also used equally intensely and designed to help people show off their own inner boldness. In tapping into such boldness, she shows people that it is possible to be bold in everything they do in life. This includes making bold makeup choices each day.

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Doe Deere: Inspiring beauty through self-expression

What makes the “Queen of Unicorns” stand out the crowd? The answer to this question is quite simple, her willingness to think BIG. Without this ambition, her dreams may have faltered by the wayside.

After moving to New York from Russia, Doe Deere dreamed of becoming a musician. This dream gave her an appreciation for those who attended events and an insight into marketing. However, this was not all she gained from this dream. Deere met her husband during her time as a musician and through this they learned the skill of collaboration: making them a great team.

So, how did she become a well-known business women. When she was 13, Doe Deere ran a small business selling temporary tattoos to her classmates. She marketed these novelties by wearing them herself, showing that it was okay to put them on your skin. This was her first look into the business world.

She is a motivation to young women seeking to make their dreams a reality. So, what advice would she give to these women? She would tell them to follow their heart and a that every person has something that’s unique to them. Doe Deere would tell them that in order to reach their full potential, they need to tune into who they are, so that they’ll be their best self.

Doe Deere motivates others with her willingness to stand out from crowd and go against the rules of society.

Her quirky style lead to the development of LimeCrime cosmetics in 2008. When she looked at cosmetics companies, the only looks available were natural looks. Not wanting to be confined to nude lipsticks and eye shadows, she decided to create a brand that would introduce bright, bold colors.

In 2009, the Unicorn line launched, making LimeCrime the first cosmetics company to launch these radical lip colors. However, her cosmetics company didn’t stop there, shortly after the launch of the Unicorns collection, the Velvetines line emerged.

So, what makes this company unique? Well, this company encourages women to experiment with color and decide for themselves what makes them beautiful.

With her passion for makeup and passion for rainbows, Doe Deere has opened the world up to a new look at beauty. She uses her own truth to create colors and cosmetics that make it possible for women around the world, to be their own beautiful.

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The Queen of the Unicorns


In a world full of look-alikes, it is a refreshing change of pace to be introduced to a person like Doe Deere. She first gained recognition as a YouTube star and now runs a successful line of cosmetics. Her entire professional life seems to revolve around inspiring her fans to be themselves. With Doe Deere and Lime Crime Cosmetics, the world can be changed for the better.
In a recent article from PR Newswire, Lime Crime’s rise of popularity is revealed to be a result of Deere’s large influence in social media. With now over two million followers on Instagram, this cosmetics company owes much of its success to the strong online presence in which it was founded. Getting in on the ground floor of the e-commerce revolution, Lime Crime has always been internet based. What separates them from many other makeup businesses is their ability to show customers exactly what they are getting when they look at a product. Now, with the help of their Instagram followers, there are millions of pictures that show how Lime Crime products look on real people in everyday life. It is a much better way to show the real color of a lipstick as opposed to the posed and touched up photographs that other companies use. People will always come back for more when they find something they like.
Doe Deere established Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2009. She has been using her company to give her fans new and exciting products that they can use to be themselves. Deere herself finds great pride in her own self expression and wants her followers to feel that same level of satisfaction.  It can be used to show someone’s bright an bubbly personality, or that someone else is having a bad week. Deere works hard every day to make sure her fans have everything they need to show who they really are.
Makeup has many practical uses. What makes Lime Crime special is the way they use their cosmetics for other reasons.  With the help of their fans on social media, this company does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.


Helane Morrison:A Legacy Of Hard Work, Integrity, And Success

Women in America have to work extra hard to earn the respect they deserve. Helane Morrison has always been up to the task. She has long been able to stand out no matter where she has gone. While studying law at UC Berkley, she was editor in chief of the California Law Review. When she worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission, she took on high profile companies and received numerous promotions. Now with Hall Capital Partners, Morrison is showing she has what it takes to be successful in business as well. She’s recently been selected a member of the company’s executive committee.

Success is nothing new to Helane Morrison. She has always been willing to put in the hard work and dedication it takes to do well. Plus the native of Brooklyn, New York seems to have been blessed with a great mind. She earned a BA in Journalism from Northwestern University. Morrison then got a law degree at the University of California, Berkley. She followed this up by working for two years as a law clerk first for Appeals Court judge Richard A. Posner and then with Supreme Court judge Harry Blackmun. Morrison was then hired by San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin and made partner 5 years later.

After a successful law career, Morrison caught the attention of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The organization hired her to lead their San Francisco Regional Office. By the time Helane Morrison left the SEC 11 years later, she had vigorously prosecuted well-known companies for fraud and insider trading and was beloved for going to bat for senior citizens and other people that were allegedly taken advantage of by unscrupulous business people. That led to her receiving a series of promotions and given the power to oversee the training programs and enforcement arms of the organization’s office in the northwestern United States.

In 2007 she decided to leave the Securities and Exchange Commission and take a foray into business. She became general counsel and CCO for Hall Capital Partners, LLC. As usual she has been a smashing success. The company, which manages the finances for some of the world’s wealthiest families, first promoted Helane Morrison to a business manger position.