Kim Dao Demonstrates How to Remove Acne and Scars

During one of her acne flare-ups, Kim Dao wanted to take the positive approach and use them to help other people. As Someone who has a cosmetics video blog, Kim Dao wants to show other people how to cover up and possibly heal scars and acne. For her, Kim Doa usually breaks out in the chin area. She says that she picks at her pimples and as a result, she ends up with scabs on her face.


It is a no win situation pimples or scabs. Some choice. Kim Dao recommends fresh aloe vera. She recommends that you break off an end of it and smear the inside of the aloe all over the acne a few times a day, leaving it on for five minutes and then washing it off. For people who cannot get fresh aloe, Kim Dao recommends using Nature Republic Aloe Soothing Gel with 92 percent natural aloe vera that she also uses on her acne. She applies it all over her face because it really does help heal her scabs.


A second kind of treatment that Kim Dao recommends for healing acne and scars is Apple Cider Vinegar. This product reduces the redness of the breakout and eliminates the dead skin. Pour a little of the vinegar onto a cotton ball and smooth it onto the scabs. If the apple cider vinegar seems too strong, it can be mixed with a little bit of water and the cotton ball can be dipped into the bowl.

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