ClassDojo: Opening a line of communication with students,teachers and parents

We live in an age where our children are capable of hacking into school websites and almost every child owns an Ipad or laptop of some kind, therefore, its only fitting that we utilize those skills and translate them into an educational and communication tool for teachers and parents alike. Lucky for us the team at ClassDojo have come up with an incredible app-service that provides exactly the benefits outlined. Using the ClassDojo app, teachers can in instant update parents on their students in class performance while rewarding students with positive or constructive comments on their work.

Today, ClassDojo with 2 in 3 schools utilizing the app, has seen many positive comments from teachers and parents showing nothing but support for the app server. Grade school teacher Alexandra Blais states that because of ClassDojo she has a better time at communicating with her students in a more clear and precise manner. Creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools taking advantage of this app will promote a ground-up change where although the teachers still are able to teach, parents are not left out of the loop and therefore feel a sense of empowerment when it comes to their children’s academic progress.

ClassDojo recently announced that they have seen an increase in use from Canadian schools. In fact, 70 percent of the schools in Canada have already adopted the service and are excited about the potential it has to promote communication as well as understanding between teacher and student. ClassDojo promises parents up to date information about their children’s progress as well as emergency alerts in case the school has gone on lockdown or simply if their child has forgotten their lunch for the day.

With ClassDojo, the answer to “What did you do today at school” wont be “nothing”, parents will know exactly what their children learned and what they expect to learn for the coming week or even the rest of the class year.

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