Insight on Jason Hope’s Rise to Success

Insight on Jason Hope’s Rise to Success

How many people do you happen to meet daily that have that gentle heart of giving? Based in Scottsdale, Jason Hope is one such man who has ventured into many diverse realms of life, ranging from philanthropy, entrepreneurial field in Arizona, investing and supporting the development of healthcare technology and also, he is a futurist. He attained his undergraduate degree in Finance and later on, an MBA in the same field from the Arizona State University.

The Internet Of Things: What Is His Driving Force In The World Of Technology?

Jason Hope was initially interested in mobile communication technology, and started his early career by selling premium text message services. He thinks that mobile phone communication is one of the biggest things that can bring revolution to the world and make it much more easier to reach the largest number of people around the globe. He has made various experiments in the field of mobile technology, and among his advancements is the development of a mobile communication company, named Jawa. This is now a parent company to many other smaller companies, and has now partnered with various other smart minds in the technology industry.

Jason Hope is very ardent and regularly, he does research and writes on the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is what he terms as the next biggest wave that he foresees will hit the field of technology. As a futurist, he thinks it will bring a positive impact. Launching of new devices will broaden and increase connectivity hence increasing communication abilities. Among his advancements is the establishment of Jason Hope Tees. This is his company that is focused on making t-shirts. Read more articles at

The Philanthropist

Jason Hope’s philanthropy can be traced back to his passion in giving a helping hand to various organizations. One such impact that he has left on lives is his support of the research involving anti-aging. He supports companies that are concerned with giving a new spin on how they approach the issue on anti-aging. Traditionally, the concern has been to find cures to diseases but none has ever really paid detail to stopping these diseases from ever happening. His interest in anti-aging is just not based on wanting to live forever, but rather finding cures to diseases like Alzheimer, heart disease and lung disease that cause a breakdown of the skin and thus making people to age faster. He has directed contributions worth half a million dollars to fund this research, and is keen to see to it that it thrives through innovation.

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