Join the Herbalife Lifestyle

In today’s world, nutrition is one of the most important aspects of living. More people are becoming aware of their health and want a change. Thankfully, Herbalife is a globalized business that has been supplying supplements since 1980. Their purpose is to make the world healthier and happier. And what a good slogan to draw peoples attention. We all want to be happy, and being healthier can contribute to that.


To make it even better, Herbalife has decided to collaborate with the Fashion of Design and Merchandising to make a line of activewear for Herbalife. Participating students will put together a life that they think fits the Herbalife lifestyle; being healthy, fit, and happy. They will be presenting them to the members of FIDM and Herbalife, along with which fabric they want to use. It will be more like a group project, and along with the group activity, each student will have to opportunity to present their own idea.


In order to lead a healthier lifestyle, our new generation needs a sense of trust and security in fashion. With having students play the entrepreneur role, it will make people be inspired. It will lead them to having a healthier and happy lifestyle.

Herbalife is committed to helping obesity, and bad nutritional habits. Students must also win over the hearts of athletes around the world. There are so many athletes that use Herbalife in their daily diet. A lot of athletes are sponsored by Herbalife. They use athletes as “test.” Testing diets and products on celebrity athletes will present an example for others to join in. With Herbalife being available in over 75 countries, their outreach is nation wide.


Overall, this is a great opportunity for students to reach out to millennials. They also will have the opportunity to travel internationally and participate in sessions with Herbalife.

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