Pet Nutrition: Beyond Taste And Appeal! New Innovations Attract Greater Sales Turnover!


The market for premium pet food is constantly changing as producers focus on innovating recipes. Freshpet, Inc. a new Bethlehem, Pennsylvania factory ran by its chief executive, Richard Thompson uses freshly harvested ingredients in every recipe. It’s the first to launch pet food that’s industrially refrigerated, a DailyHearld article reads. This strategy puts it among industry’s top players for pet food innovation. Traditional brands have long been formulating premium kibble without sacrificing nutrition. Blue Buffalo and Freshpet have managed to formulate recipes with a great consciousness of pet nutrition.

Meanwhile, key players like Nestle Purina with its Beneful innovations remain competitive. With lucrative acquisitions and innovations, it still prepares nutritious, wholesome kibble for all pets. In fact, it recently bought the industry’s first ever certified pet food supplier of organic recipes, Merrick Pet Care. With this alliance, Purina promises to bring a new speciality Beneful line. Furthermore, the pet food innovator had just released its scrumptious backcountry selection, including Pacific Catch and Game Bird a couple months before the acquisition.

Colgate-Palmolive, another pet food industry heavyweight is focusing on weight management. Its speciality pet food line promotes an impressive selection of recipes to help dogs maintain the correct weight. Surely, its success depends heavily on canines’ breed, age and other factors. Today, premium pet food sales have increased by about 45% since 2009. With the industry’s top performing brands promoting the “eat-like-your-owner” strategy for every pet food line; it’s no wonder they’re keeping ahead. Mars Petcare newly formulated farm-to-table recipes include a rich harvest of frozen dried cranberries and blueberries for pets.

Nestle Purina introduced Beneful, a producer of pet foods in 2001. It’s a specialist of dog treats and dry/wet recipes. Annually, Beneful turnover $1.5+ billion in revenue. Marketline Research highlighted that Nestle Purina openly recognizes Beneful among its best creations historically. Initially, Beneful focused on food appeal and pet nutrition, with hopes of originating recipes that wasn’t just about taste. With wholesome varieties that met pet nutrition standards and appetite, Beneful soon gained global recognition.

In 2006, it funded a $36 million renovation for its St. Joseph production facility in Missouri. It was already turning over $300 million yearly according to financial reports. Prior to this intervention, Beneful released its Healthy Harvest line in 2005. A year later, it introduced its Prepared Meals selection which includes eight awesome flavors. IncrediBites, another fascinating recipe line, which mimicked human food became a hit after its launch in 2010. Prior to this intervention, Beneful received the Pack-Expo-Selects award in 2007 for packaging innovations. Today, Beneful competes against the industry’s top-ranked pet food brands with revolutionary recipes.


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