Saad Saad Stands with the Development of the Medical Industry through his Inventions.

Dr. Saad Saad has been on the frontline in ensuring that the medical practice in the pediatric sector has improved for the safety of the patients and the efficiency of operations. Over the years, doctors have been encountering a lot of drawbacks and obstructions that have been hindering them from delivering the best services that they need to offer their patients. One of the alarming issues that have been affecting the medical operations is the defective equipment that has been in use for decades. Although the devices have been useful to their level best, they have also been associated with some side effects that they cause to the patients.


One of the equipment that the physicians have been encountering problems while in operations is the endoscope. This device is commonly used by the pediatricians whenever they encounter cases where children have swallowed objects that can cause harm to them and that cannot be digested. Also where the object could have entered the body through other openings like the trachea and the colon. To avoid performing surgical operations on the children, an endoscope is used to trace the location of the objects and assist in removing them mechanically. However, the challenge cheeps in when fog forms on the lens of the endoscope after getting into contact with the body fluids. It becomes difficult for the doctors to focus on the target objects and hence they have to stop the operation and first remove the mist from the lens. This becomes tedious and inconvenient for the professionals and hence a lot of time is wasted.


To solve the problem, Saad Saad has developed an advanced version of the endoscope that is fog and mist-resistant. The endoscope can start and finish the operation without the physician stopping or worrying of any obstruction by the fog forming on the lens of the gadget. Another area that had been a headache to many physicians and especially the surgeons is the use of catheters. The equipment that is used in the performance of different roles on the patient’s body by the physicians had been for a long time posing challenges to the doctors. The gadget has to be inserted into the patient’s body for it to be useful in the treatment process. Over the years, the doctors and surgeons have been using the wire guides to insert the devices into the bodies. These have often caused some trouble for the patients especially when they break while inside the patient’s body.


On the other hand, the physicians have been using X-rays to detect the location of the devices in the bodies. These have been quite harmful to the patient’s health when used for a prolonged period. Saad Saad has come to the rescue of the patients by inventing a more advanced catheter that will be using electromagnetic energy to operate. Learn more :

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