The Academy of Art University: New York Fashion Week

For New York Fashion Week, Pier 59 Studios is welcoming The School of Fashion at Academy of Art University. The School of Fashion will be debuting a total of thirteen different fashion collections at the New York Fashion Week event. Two of the collections will be male clothing and the other eleven will be female collections. Out of the thirteen collections, three of which were made via collaboration with textile, knitwear, and fashion design. The Master of Fine Arts programs have chosen seventeen students to debut the collections at the globally recognized events. Pier 59 will be hosting the event at 8 p.m. on Saturday, the 8th of September.

The Academy of Art University has been located in San Francisco since 1929. The university prides itself on developing high-quality talent for the world to enjoy. The Academy of Art University finds it important to uphold strict standards as to how they accept and educate students. The university maintains a strong ethical stance and accepts applications from anyone who meets the minimum requirements. Race, religion, financial status, and other superficial traits have no impact on a student’s ability to enroll. Once at the university students are guaranteed to be taught by professionals, but through a different method than other educational institutions. The Academy of Art University encourages students to not only listen to their teachers and learn technical skills, but to develop their own style and use their own creative talents in class.

283 full-time teachers and 1154 part-time staff impart their expert knowledge onto nearly 13,000 students at the Academy of Art University. The university has been participating in the New York Fashion Week event since 2005 on a bi-annual basis. A great opportunity for those student who are part of the fashion curriculum and a substantial boost of recognition for the privately held school.

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