Rocketship Education is a program that has been able to come up with schools whose aim is to provide quality education to those children who come from low income families in areas such San Jose. The institution works with already established community based organizations, willing parents and the tutors to ensure that children coming from needy backgrounds are able to access education from the point of entry all the way to college. It has been in existence since 2007 and so far it has a total of twenty five public charter schools .All this has been under the able leadership of the chief executive officer Mr. Preston Smith.


There are several unique traits that the school possesses and one of them is that the parents get to participate in the recruitment of the teachers .This is key because it helps the parents to exactly know the person who will be spending time with their children. The recruitment team is composed of families that the parents agree on and they are trained on how to conduct interviews and the aim being to get the best teacher(s) from the applicants. Rocketship is known for using the blended learning approach which involves the traditional teaching methods as well as technology and these results in reduced administration costs.


Parental involvement goes beyond recruitment as parents are encouraged to be part of the ongoing school development projects such as new facilities that are being built. Both current and prospective parents are allowed to tour the buildings and give feedback to the administration as this makes them feel part of the school and its happenings.


Rocketship Education is known to uphold four general core values namely: respect, responsibility, empathy and persistence. In addition each school has to add a fifth value that is unique to its environment and vision depending on the location. The students are expected to uphold on these values while in school and even later in life as they join the larger community.


The school aims at modelling a whole individual one who will not only excel in school but also later in life and that is why they place a lot of emphasis on character development. Given the background of the students the curriculum is developed in such a way that it majors on social emotional skills that will help the students fit well into the society.

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