Tips and Tricks for Online Reputation Management

This happens a lot these days. Trolls come online to steal your information. They take the information they gather and sell it to others. Darius Fisher and his team handle a company called Status Labs. Their goal is to use their resources to help you. Their goal is to make your digital world less of a threat. Their goal is to fix the online reputations for certain groups, as well as countless individuals in the area.

Some of their success is built on these few strategies. One, change your personal settings often. Two, Hide your personal information. Three. Change your passwords rather frequently. Your information is far too valuable to leave it vulnerable for others to see. If you’d protect your own life and details, who else will?

This is just a starting point for some of you. To read the article on this, click right here.


Darius Fisher is more than just the man behind Status Labs fight for saving online reputation. He is the man behind the growth of Status Lab’s Public Relations firms. He is also the man behind the growth of Stat’s Lab’s digital companies.

PR is his life’s blood. It’s his life’s work. He feels that if you can stop an attack at the core, you can stop anything. Darius has worked so tirelessly, that he will be honored for his work in San Francisco. He is being awarded the top PR award in the industry. It;s so well-deserved too.

Darius has made it his mission to help out others through his PR work and his work in technology.

“It’s not just a recognition of my work. It’s recognition for my team’s work. My team and I will never stop protecting our clients from online attacks. It’s in our blood.”

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