VIDEO: Thor Halvorssen Fights Dictators And The Reductive Host Of Fox News Interview

Thor Halvorssen shoots straight. All the man has ever cared about his equality and justice. The greatest obstacle to worldwide equality and justice, in Thor Halvorssen’s eyes, is centralized authoritarian power. He founded the Human Rights Foundation to fight the unilateral power of dictators throughout the world, and he is inspired by the actions of his own family.

Both of his parents were politically active and his father was captured by the socialist dictator of Venezuela, jailed, tortured and kept unjustly until humanitarian groups worked for his release. His mother was famously shot at a political protest voicing her opinion. This family history inspires Thor in his inexhaustible quest for justice around the world.

It was strange to see Thor Halvorssen on Fox news recently for a three minute interview about socialism. It didn’t even look like Thor Halvorssen knew that the interview would be about socialism. The interview went awkwardly as Fox News tried to pander to viewers by slamming socialism as evil, as an engine that automatically violates human rights. But according to this Huffington Post article, Thor Halvorssen does not care about political affiliations. All he cares about is justice.

He quickly retorts, saying that socialism, especially the democratic socialism that Bernie Sanders touts, is not evil. It is not something that violates human rights on its own. It is a form of government that can be driven for the good of all people or can be used as a weapon to commit humanitarian crimes. The Fox News anchor wasn’t having it.

Even the normally cool and collected Thor Halvorssen has a breaking point. He reached his at about the two-minute mark when he revealed his support for Bernie Sanders, saying he gave $2700 through the Bernie Sanders website. If Fox News was going to be reductive about socialism, he had to prove a quick and vital point — that even he, a world-famous human rights activist, supports the Democratic Socialist senator from Vermont. Fox News viewers must have come away confused. Follow Thor on Twitter to keep up with his involvement with the campaign for Human Rights.

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  1. She kept saying short blanket statements that socialism is bad. Some of the graphics underneath the interviewer and interviewee even read that socialism violates rights. It is the very reason why Top-Writers-Reviews have many things in common too with them.

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