Vintners and Wine in the UK

In today’s modern world, winemaking has become more of a scientific process than using natural means and has become one of the most rapidly booming businesses of the century. Vintners; wine makers and merchants have now taken up the form of large corporations. Nowadays, the vintner’s job is not just about overseeing the crushing of grapes or storing it but is a lot more science oriented. It involves an in-depth study of the science of wine i.e. oenology.

Though winemaking itself goes back to early civilizations where it came into being by a combination of accident and curiosity, today it is carefully studied and experimented within laboratories.

Today the UK wine industry has become about competition and evolution. Many vineyards have also become tourist spots. Most large vintner companies are in the business of buying and selling wine not only locally but also internationally. In fact, a Society of Vintners, which consists of independent enterprises in the UK, work together to get the best range of wine along with the most competitive rates.

Companies like the Vintner and UKV PLC do not just sell wine but also add other services such as input from wine connoisseurs or even aid in curating the wine. Each step from choosing the right kind of grape to the best type of soil is elaborated upon on their websites. Certain companies like Viader Vintners offer their events in addition to offering professional advice about choosing the right wine for specific events. Each company also specializes in the wine specific to certain areas so one can buy rare varieties of wine online with great ease.

These websites don’t just provide information about wine itself but are also used in the purchasing of wine i.e. by creating a membership account one can order any wine from these top tier companies. For some high-end companies like Merchant Vintner, you need to be a member to even view their exclusive list. Other companies like UKV PLC are more flexible and offer delivery and storage options. A&B Vintners offer a more personal interaction as its owner likes to keep in touch with his customers himself.

These companies are at the very top of the UK wine industry and cater not just to individuals but small companies as well. Per several reports, 2016 was a big year for sparkling wines in the UK, or rather outside the UK as it was exported to 27 countries – a record. Ecstatic merchants are gearing up for an even higher export in 2017.

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